Monday, March 29, 2010

Your Tap Water is Dangerous for Showers!

Most of you know that I rarely, if ever pitch products or stuff on my personal blog. I never write paid posts or accept any gifts to promote a product. I do tend to write about things I am passionate about, or if I want to help out someone with a great idea. Today's post is a bit of both. I consider myself a major advocate of natural health products (food, personal care, pet products, household materials, etc). But it was only recently that I learned how dangerous the public water supply is for many millions of Americans. Rather than re-invent the wheel, I "borrowed" much of the following content below from the Neutra-C website so I could explain it all.

The Chlorine and Chloramine used in public water supplies has been clearly established to be dangerous to the health of your skin and hair when you shower, but in an interesting manner. People unknowingly expose themselves to this every time we shower. The chlorine gases released in the warm shower have been shown to be irritating and damaging to the mucuous membranes of your eyes and sinuses as well as potentially damaging to your lungs. You are exposed to more harmful free-radicals in your shower than throughout the rest of your day.

of course, chlorine is necessary to disinfect our municipal water supply to make it germ-free and safe to drink. However, water with residual chlorine or chloramine in it is not safe to drink and even more hazardous to bathe in. The solution to this paradox is to remove the chlorine from your water after it leaves the plumbing system but before you use it.

Although there are many good products available to purify drinking water, that doesn't solve the more dangerous health problem of showering in chlorinated water. In the confined space of your shower the hot mist of chlorinated water is absorbed directly into your lungs, your skin and your hair exposing you to many times more chlorine than you get from all the water you drink.

As you might expect, there is a product that can solve this problem easily. It is called "Neutra-C natural chlorine neutralizer". It is a low-cost and easy to install water treatment system that uses the natural power of Vitamin-C to completely neutralize all of the toxic chlorine and chloramine in your shower water. According to the website, Neutra-C works at any water temperature and does not reduce the flow rate of your shower.

This Neutra-C chlorine neutralizing filter works by a simple, natural chemical process, in which Vitamin C is used to interact with the chlorine and chloramine present in your municipal water supply. This natural chemical reaction essentially leaves the strength of an acid (ph) relatively unchanged from the mild ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) solution in your Neutra-C filter to another very mild acidic solution which neutralizes the free chlorine rendering it harmless to your skin, hair and lungs.

Using a Neutra-C Natural Chlorine Neutralizer to treat the water in yoru shower benefits your health in three different ways:

1. Completely neutralizes chlorine and chloramine to protect you from their toxic effects.

2. Balances the pH of your shower to protect your skin and hair.

3. Gives you many of the health benefits of a topical Vitamin-C treatment.

I'm not an investor of this product nor do I make any money from it. But I do highly recommend using this. Especially ladies who have dry skin or have their hair colored. Using this will help extend the amount of time your hair color before it fades too quickly. I was surprised it is only $34, which seems quite reasonable, so I ordered it for both the house in Palm Springs and the place in San Diego. Don't you need one too?

-Rick Rockhill

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Travel Tales, Part V: Phones, What a Drag

I’ve just returned from a week long trip attending the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida. I’ve had a fair amount of travel the past few months, most of which without any unusual circumstances, until yesterday. It was on the flight home when I found inspiration for another installment of Travel Tales.

It all started with the belligerent man who would not hang up his cell phone. This was a guy probably in his early thirties; certainly old enough to know how to behave properly. All passengers had been seated, the cabin doors, closed and the flight attendants were conducting pre-flight checks preparing the cabin for departure. The usual series of announcements had been made, including the “Ladies and gentleman the cabin door has now been closed, please put away all electronic devices, cell phones, computers, laptops, blackberries, anything with an on/off switch”. Actually this was the second such announcement, and third if you count the one just before the doors closed stating that it was time to begin shutting down, ending calls, etc. Now for me, when I hear those initial announcements, that’s usually my indication it is nearing take off time. Considering the fact that I chose to be on this flight to get somewhere, I also want to get to my destination on time. So anything that keeps the flight on schedule is good. As far as the concept of not using cell phones or electronic stuff at take-off and landing, I’ve heard it may not actually interfere with airplane communications, but the way I figure it is I’m really not an expert, and besides it’s the airline/FAA rules so who am I to argue? And further, if it helps prevent pilot error or other equipment problems that seems like a good enough reason for me to follow orders, so I have no problem turning it all off. Apparently not for the fellow passenger who is the subject of this first story. There he sat in front of me, jabbering away on his cell phone ABOUT NOTHING. Believe me I know, as I was eavesdropping on the entire conversation- well he was speaking loudly, well that plus the volume on the earpiece was so loud I could hear the person on the other end of the call. A flight attendant walked by and saw him still on the phone and she asked him if he was ending the call, to which he just nodded but continued talking. She walked away and returned a minute later but this time said to him: “You’ll need to say good bye now on that call” and walked away a second time. A full minute later she returned to find him still talking- she stopped and firmly said to him: “Sir, Two words, Good- Bye”. Apparently he must have owned the airline or be king of the Universe because he ignored her and waved her off dismissively. She started walking away but I saw her stop dead in her tracks, as if she processed what he had gestured to her, and decided to herself she was not going to take that from him. She returned to confront him- and he was STILL ON THE PHONE. He looked up and mumbled something to the flight attendant, to which she replied: “Excuse me, sir?” He replied, “You know what I said”. I was thrilled, this was quite titillating, suddenly I wasn’t feeling sleepy anymore. The flight attendant was revving the volume of her voice, yet was still professional and explained that as a passenger of this flight he was required to observe all crew direction and announcements, and if he refused to do so would be removed from the flight. The man was was belligerent and nasty to her, and they continued to exchange remarks. Finally another flight attendant came to the scene, and then a co-pilot. And then finally I heard the cabin door re-open and on walked an air marshal. And with that, the man was ejected from the flight. It was quite swift. I was thrilled. What a fool, all because of some precious phone call that he would not end. This did delay departure a bit to complete some paperwork, but only a few minutes, so I thought it was well worth the wait.

Once the flight was in air and reached cruising altitude, in-flight service began. I had taken a little nap and hadn’t really paid much attention to the attendant who was now working the section where I was seated (this was a different person from the earlier story). She seemed sweet enough and was doting on the passengers darting about from row to row. I noticed her movements seemed a bit jerky, which is what first caught my attention. Before I go any further with this story, I feel compelled to state that I am not criticizing, or making fun of this person in any way. The attendant was rather tall, slender, lots of make-up and had a big poof of dirty blondish hair. She had an awkward smile, and a nervous habit of running her fingers through the puff of hair parted over her forehead. I studied her for awhile, from afar. There was something quite unusual but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was about her. When she began serving drinks, it appeared as if she was fumbling a bit, darted her eyes back and forth between the passenger and the glasses with which she was working. Things were flying in every direction- lime wedges slipping from her fingers, napkins bursting open from the plastic package and fluttering outward like butterflies. She was jittery for sure. But that wasn’t it, there was something else but soon I was pulled into my music playing and distracted yet again. When it was time for the meal service she returned with her little trolley. I took one look and it hit me. She looked like Dorothy Michaels. In case the name Dorothy Michaels doesn’t ring a bell, it was the name of the character Dustin Hoffman played in the film “Tootsie”. I was fascinated. I immediately corrected myself, thinking, no, it can’t be. I must be imagining things. Maybe it was just a hormonal imbalance. That seemed plausible. At all times I maintained absolute discretion, but I felt compelled to look closer. Now on inspection, it was as if everything pointed in that direction. My mind shifted what I was seeing and convinced me that I was right. Now It does not matter to me either way- I always say live and let live. It may not be my cup of tea, but far be it for me to judge, comment or draw attention to the situation. But it struck me how good she did look and I don't think anyone else had noticed anything different about her. What drew attention my to her was her exaggerated movements, seemingly designed to be extra convincing that she was a woman, almost a motherly figure. I began looking up and down the aisle at the other attendants, to observe their movement and manner. perhaps I was just imagining things. Nope, nothing unusual there. Ours was different. She must have been nervous about something, I began to wonder, was this perhaps a first day “out” working again after the change? Or had someone been unnecessarily cruel earlier that upset her? There was no way to know, of course. Then something else caught my eye- her legs. I leaned down to get my computer bag while she was standing behind me. Her stocking covered legs were long and smooth, okay seems normal. But then I saw it. A distinct patch of leg hair, and not just a little stubble, they were full curly hairs. It looked as if these legs recently had full grown leg hair on them and were recently shaved smooth- all but one little patch that was missed. Ah-ha. I felt like Sherlock Holmes, cracking the case of the Flight Attendant in Question. Once I had solved the mystery I smiled to myself, having satisfied my own curiosity. I settled back into my chair, closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep, humming "Maybe It's You" by Stephen Bishop to myself. It was indeed worthy of a Travel Tales episode.

-Rick Rockhill

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Palm Springs Savant & Co #105 "On Broadway"

I usually prepare for my weekly radio show The Palm Springs Savant & Co at least five days in advance. I draft an outline, do a bit of research and have the full show's content on my laptop. If I have a call in guest, I prepare their questions and often have a pre-interview screening with the guest. This week I had a little snafu that had me hopping. The show's topic was about Broadway plays. I scheduled my friend Jimmy Van Patten to call in at ten minutes past the hour. I had prepared all sorts of research and information to discuss about Broadway as an intro to the show, and then switch to Jimmy' segment. Just as I was going live on air, my laptop crashed and I had to reboot. The show went live and there I was with no script or notes from my research. I had to wing it, and speak from memory trying to recall my notes. Me rambling on air for ten minutes just doesn't make for good radio, but I pulled it off. I was grateful when Jimmy called in at his scheduled time, as I was out of things to say. Jimmy Van Patten is an accomplished actor, writer, producer in his own right, and also son of Dick Van Patten. (Incidentally, Jimmy mentioned that Dick Van Patten will have a part in a new HBO TV series called "Luck", by David Milch, starring Dustin Hoffman. He also has a new book called Eighty is Not Enough.) Jimmy has been working on a new Broadway musical called The Flunky, in collaboration with the lovely and talented Deborah Gibson. Jimmy shared insights from his early career as a child actor; his first job was working with Jack Klugman and Tony Randall on TV's The Odd Couple. He was a great radio guest, sharing anecdotes of his father's long career on Broadway, film and TV, which was a treat. Jimmy also discussed the process of bringing a play to Broadway and the importance of persistence and patience. He had some advice to young playwrights and actors too. He also shared a great story of how he met Deborah "Debbie" Gibson at the famous Playboy Mansion and how they began working together. It was a great show, thanks to Jimmy! You can learn more about his new play from his website: The Flunky The Musical.

On Tuesday April 27th, Jimmy will be with his dad in Palm Springs for "Dinner with Dick Van Patten" at Melvyn's restaurant at the Ingleside Inn. Reservations must be made in advance by calling Melvyn's restaurant at 760-325-2323. You can learn more about Dick Van Patten's book at

If you are someone who enjoys Broadway or wants to someday get involved, this is a show not to be missed. You can listen to the show anytime from the archives on or on podcast from iTunes for free.
-Rick Rockhill

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mary Occhino and Angels on Call

Regular readers of this blog know that I am a spiritual person. Although I do not attend church as often as I once did, I do consider myself a Christian. I am also a person blessed with an awareness of things on many different levels. Call it what you want- being in tune with the energy in the Universe, intuitive or just a good listener. I'm a firm believer that there are no coincidences in this Universe- everything, and I do mean everything happens for a reason. We all have free will and a choice to make decisions with what is presented to us. The challenge is to be aware of what is going on around us and listen to our angels who guide us along the path of life. Last week I discovered someone who not only believes in these same ideals, she has a daily radio show to talk about it. Now, I'm like most people in that I am a creature of habit. I rarely vary from the familiar routines of daily life- and like it that way. But for some reason, last week I changed the channel from my usual morning routine on Sirius satellite radio and stumbled on "Angels on Call" radio show, featuring Mary Occhino. Mary calls herself a "psychic medium-intuitive explorer of the universe". She is not your typical psychic; a Long Island Italian-American from New York, she has a way of speaking that makes listeners feel comfortable- I was immediately drawn in to her show. She has a great line that sums up her outlook: "Karma can either kiss you or kick decide." She promotes the power of positive thinking and helps people find their own solutions when troubled with self-doubt. After a week of listening to her program, I finally went to her website to learn more about her.

As a young girl, Mary claimed she knew was able to “see” future events and communicate with people who have passed over. For more than two decades she has been conducting readings and found her abilities have become more pronounced over the years. In 1992 she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which had a magnifying effect on her intuitive abilities.

According to her website, she conducts seminars nationwide, phone readings and e-mail readings. Listening to her radio show, callers ask for help with relationships, career paths, health and family issues. She also helps people who lost a loved one, providing closure to the grief-stricken. I especially like her"rapid fire" segment when she allows callers to ask one question in 20 seconds. Many calls are people asking things like "when will so and so find a job" or "I am pregnant, will it be a boy or girl" or things along that nature. I actually called in one morning and happened to get through- again, not a coincidence given the hundreds of callers who don't get through.

Mary has written several books, including "Beyond These Four Walls: Diary of a Psychic Medium, "Sign of the Dove" and "Awakened Instincts: Seven Keys for Enhancing Every Aspect of Your Life". She just announced a new show on the Sy-Fy Channel, premiering July 25th

If you subscribe to satellite radio, and have even a remote interest in psychics, I highly recommend Mary’s satellite radio show. “Angels on Call” which airs Monday through Friday from 7 a.m.-10 a.m. EST. on Sirius-XM’s Stars 102 channel and also on XM 155. Even if you think some of it is nonsense, it will help you start thinking more positively in your own life.

-Rick Rockhill

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hot Trends and the Inside Scoop at Natural Expo West

Herein are the ramblings of an exhausted participant of the Natural Products Expo West. Over the past 10 years I've been involved with the natural products industry in a variety of capacities. I've attended hundreds of seminars, conferences, or trade shows, and served on numerous panels, or made presentations to various professional organizations. It has been well beyond just pet products, these experiences include human food, supplements and personal care items too. I was happy to serve on a panel and also give a presentation at the Natural Products Expo West this year in Anaheim, California. Expo West is much more than the premier trade show for the healthy products industry. It attracts more than 53,000 natural industry professionals from across the globe sharing, learning and exchanging ideas and information with one another. It incorporates the Nutracon conference, the Healthy Baking Seminar, the Fresh Ideas Organic Marketplace, and the Supply Expo, which together represent the entire life-cycle of healthy products. Thirty years ago, Expo West was a tiny show, regarded as an event for hippies and the fringe. Today, Natural Products Expo West ranks in the top 100 shows in the US and one of the fastest 50 growing trade shows in all of North America. This year it covered 300,000 square feet of the Anaheim Convention Center and featured over 1,900 exhibitors from over 30 countries. The reach is so huge because it includes natural and organic specialty foods, supplements, health and beauty personal care, natural living, household products, everything organic and pet products too.

This week's episode of The Palm Springs Savant & Co radio show covers highlights of the Expo West. It's all about the current and hot trends for healthy living, from my perspective. This year's Expo has even more energy and buzz than usual. The education and events were heavily attended, with people using social media activities, posting comments live via Twitter and Facebook. Personally, I found tweeting boosted the experience and interaction levels. I engaged in online discussions with people attending the education sessions or expo, despite having not met them in person.

What is it about the health and wellness industry that continues to experience such growth and fascinate consumers? Well part of it is that the concept of health and wellness has evolved to mean everything is connected. From the earliest ages, what we eat, the environment in which we live, even interactions with other species all have an impact. Despite advancements in modern medicine, there is an even greater interest in healthy and alternative lifestyle management. During one of the sessions I attended, it was discussed that most physicians still practice disease management, instead of proactive optimal functioning living.

The panel experts discussed that healthy living must be introduced at the earliest ages in life rather than when "health problems arise". The notion is that long before the onset of age-related diseases, such as obesity, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s or diabetes, people can affect their health starting at childhood. Some experts believe that many diseases begin to germinate in childhood, which is why they urge consumers to start making changes early in life. Reducing exposure to pesticides and toxic chemicals is perhaps one of the most important, but a close second is to start with a healthy diet of foods minimally processed, without artificial colors, flavors or ingredients. Fresh foods are best. Prioritize what foods you can select as organic, and do your best to wash produce thoroughly before consuming. Carefully select vitamins and supplements for quality and potency. Most of all, read labels and ask questions. The Natural Products Expo West is an important annual industry event because it continues to bring forth product innovation-and discussion about what can help promote healthy living naturally. I hope you take the time to look at what you consume and read labels. Regardless of your budget, my advice is to avoid pre-made foods (usually anything in a box), reduce sugar intake, and consume more fresh vegetables and fruits when possible. I'm not a doctor, nutritionist or health professional, nor do I suggest this post is complete in its health advice. It is merely my opinion on the benefits of consuming natural products in your life. Oh- and don't forget your pet too. Better nutrition makes a huge difference in a dog or cat's life.
-Rick Rockhill

Friday, March 12, 2010

A Day of Zany Fun at the Natural Products Expo West

Every year I attend the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California. It's a huge industry trade show for manufacturers, retailers, distributors, media and service organizations within the natural and organic industry. This year I was a speaker at one of the conference sessions, and gave an address about trends in Pet Health and Nutrition. I also sat on a panel discussion with three other industry experts discussing regulations, pet nutrition and the vitamin/supplement products too. I really enjoy participating in conferences and try to speak at a few each year. For me, today was all about getting around to all the trade show booths. Like everything I do, I try to have fun and look for interesting things along the way. Well either that or strange things seems to find me. In any event I almost always have a camera handy. Take this first photo, above left. It was for a company that makes all kinds of things with ginger- cookies, candy, etc. The people working the booth all had their faces made up to look something like ginger root- all flaky and layered. It struck me as amusing. Click on the photo above left to biggify it and check out their faces more closely.

above: Then there was this cute bumble-bee girl who was so bubbly. I just had to get a photo with her.

above: And then the cow-girl. Or should that be cow-woman. Or bovine-female? ah, fugget-about it. I just like finding creatures like these for photo-ops for the blog.

above: and then there was this smokin' hot blond chick, wearing a skin-tight black patent-leather body suit. The guys walking by were all bumping into each other, as their heads were turned watching her as she stood in her booth.

above: these are always so corny, but I got a kick out of it for some reason.

above: who says just because its natural and organic that it can't be fun or taste good? These samba girls were dancing up a storm and attracted quite the crowd, too. Tomorrow I'm back at Expo West to make my way through the show floor. Still plenty more to see, and miles to go before I sleep.

-Rick Rockhill

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Palm Springs Savant & Co Radio Show

The week's edition of The Palm Springs Savant & Co radio show featured guests Kim Laidlaw from the Guide Dogs of the Desert, and Jim Casey, Executive Producer of the new independent film Expecting Mary. Click below to listen now or download as podcast from iTunes.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cupcake Quest: Dulce Cupcakery

The Cupcake Quest continues yet again. I recently discovered Dulce Cupcakery, based here in the Coachella Valley. They are quickly becoming a popular provider of positively palatable cupcakes. (Dulce is the Spanish word for sweet, and is pronounced "dool-say"). In this photo above left, is a variety of mini-cupcakes, they are packaged so nicely here in this box, don't you think? I placed the box on the passenger seat as I drove home. As I stopped at one of the traffic lights on the way home I reached over, picked up the box of Dulce cupcakes and stared though the window pane. My mind ran away for a moment as I dreamed about their flavor...HONK!! HONK!! blared the car from behind. The light had turned green. I carefully placed the box down again and continued driving. I could hardly wait to get home and dig in. Using my hand-free heads set, I called home and reported that I had the cupcakes in my possession. "Don't eat any before you get home" John scolded me. I told him there was no way I would do that anyway, as I still had to take photos of them for the blog. Welcome to my world of nonsense. Anyway, here are a few close-ups of these wonderful mini-cupcakes from Dulce:

above: As soon as I got home I put a few on a serving plate so I could savor them. They all looked delicious. I first had one of the chocolate ones, which was quite good.

above: then I had a "Dulce Corazon" which was a vanilla cupcake with raspberry filling and butter cream frosting. It was really delicious, especially considering I am a chocolate fiend.

above: I went to the Dulce website to look around. Check out this Mermaid Cupcake they have on their website, now doesn't that look fun? As always, this is not a paid post, but I should thank Loretta from Dulce for letting me taste her delicious cupcakes. It was hard to decide which ones I liked best.
If you live in the Southern California, particularly the Palm Springs area, Los Angeles or San Diego, Loretta told me she can deliver her delectable cupcakes to your home or event. I was so impressed with the variety of cupcakes Dulce makes, I went to their website and copied their menu so I could share it with you. Call Loretta if you live locally and want to order some. All photos and descriptions below are from the Dulce website:
Dulce Cupcakery Menu:
• la crema -vanilla cupcake with buttercream frosting
• muy chocolat! -chocolate cake with lots of chocolate chips & buttercream frosting
• el coco-nut -coconut cupcake with coconut buttercream frosting topped with coconut flakes
• citron - orange cupcake with cream cheese frosting topped with white chocolate
chocolate pretzel – a little salt & sweet twist on a chocolate cake
• polka dots – this cupcake has both chocolate and vanilla chips!
• dulce’s red velvet –we don’t want to be like everybody else, so we add chocolate chips to our red velvet! Just want to make sure these are extra rich!
• the maya -chocolate and chipotle - sweet and spicy! dulce’s signature cupcake!
• el bon bon - chocolate cupcake filled with a creamy chocolate center, topped with buttercream frosting
• cola & chip – cupcakes for a movie night in! Real coca cola baked right into the cake and topped with a chocolate covered potato chip!
• dulce corazon - chocolate or vanilla cupcake filled with a cherry or rasberry center & buttercream frosting
• pb no j -yes, that would stand for peanut butter - no jelly :-) (unless you reeeeeally want it, we can add it just for you!). topped with peanut butter buttercream!
• chocolate orange -chocolate cake, mini chocolate chips and and an orange stick smack dab in the center. orange butter cream topped with an orange stick chunk - (are you kidding me?!!!) we would never kid you about chocolate! It is the bomb!!
• the bada bing – rich chocolate cake with a bing chocolate covered cherry on in the center and on top!
• moon pie - this one is oooey, gooey and oh so good! Chocolate cupcake, marshmallow in the center, covered in more chocolate and topped with more mini marshmallows, a moon pie!
whopper crunch - bite into this cupcake and crunch right into that ol' candy favorite, a whopper! It’s in the center and on top too!
• banana cream pie – heavenly! banana flavor galore and topped with a chocolate covered banana chip!
• the betsy (as in ross!) – simple and sweet; white cake, chocolate dipped blueberry and strawberry slice on top. dulce’s red, white & blue! this sweet thing is seasonal~
coffee espresso - perfect for breakfast! coffee and chocolate baked together and topped with a chocolate espresso bean!
captain crunch -remember that?!! captain crunch with crunchberries! a saturday morning cereal type of cupcake.
bacon & chocolate -if you luv salt & sweet, this is your cupcake! rich chocolate cupcake baked with bacon bits and topped with a nice bite size bacon piece that has been dipped in chocolate on one side. Makes my mouth water!
  • cupcake sandwiches "a cupwich" - yes that's right, a sandwich! pick a flavor of cake and we shmear the center with buttercream filling and dip it in chocolate - yyyyyyum!
  • cupcake pops, "popcakes" -the dessert on a stick! mini's made into a pop or "paletas" in spanish, dipped in chocolate! A HUGE hit with the kids :-)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Adventures of Sheldon & Duncan: The Floor Plant Monstrosity

It's been awhile since I've written about the antics of the poodles. Until now. Welcome to The Adventures of Sheldon & Duncan: The Floor Plant Monstrosity. We went out for a few hours and returned home to find two stalks on one of our floor plants had been chewed down to stubs.

We walked over to the sofa and found the following evidence:

and then I looked to the side chair and saw more carnage:

The poor plant had been gnawed off and left for dead...

above: Can you guess who is the guilty party in this monstrosity?
-Rick Rockhill

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Book Review: The Color of Style by David Zyla

On this week's broadcast of The Palm Springs Savant & Co, I started the show with a brief segment about a new book called The Color of Style, by David Zyla. Following the broadcast I received a few e-mails asking more about the book, so I thought I'd write a brief post about it here. This book is a fun read, particularly for women seeking fashion advice. Zyla states his mission as showing the reader how to select colors to "attract love, enhance your power, restore your energy, make a lasting impression and show the world who you really are". Zyla claims there is a secret to knowing what to wear; I must admit to agreeing with his theories. Of interest, the author explains the eight basic colors- five express who you are and three neutral colors that complete your wardrobe. Among key points to consider are knowing yourself and what colors work with you and who you are. Zyla counsels the reader on how to shop and select clothing, for example, not to look at a dress, but to look at a dress on you (while wearing it). Consider factors such as the occasion you will be attending (job interview, an important meeting versus a relaxed meeting). The color of the garment is an important factor to help determine the success of the event. Having started my career in men's ready-to-wear fashion, I share the same opinion on making purchasing decisions as they relate to fashion: Zyla recommends that if you have to think too long, the garment needs to go. He states that if you don't get the instant wow, then pass. When I was in the apparel industry, I would often ask clients: "Do you LOVE it?" When they hesitated, even for a second, I yanked it out of their hand and barked back: "If not, then forget about it. we'll find something else" This often startled shoppers who expected me to be pushing any garment just to make a sale. As a sales professional, I never wanted to sell something unless it was just right. Regardless of the budget you may have for apparel, consider picking up a copy of The Color of Style, it is a handy book and a pleasant read too.
-Rick Rockhill


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