Saturday, March 31, 2012

Awesome Agility on Who Let the Dogs Out TV Show

Today's episode of Who Let the Dogs Out TV show, the dogs try their paw at an agility course and have a blast. Sully and Norman turn out to be pros...but Rose is another story! She just couldn't get the hang of the agility courses.
I was amazed at how easy it was for Norman to mange his way around the course. I love this action shot of Norman navigating the jump here. You can see the clips on the episode from the Who Let the Dogs Out TV show website.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

This Week on Who Let the Dogs Out TV Show

This Saturday March 31, the gang from our Who Let the Dogs Out TV show head to fabulous Las Vegas. They check out Gregory Popovich's Comedy Pet Theatre, at Planet Hollywood, visit Smarty Paws agility school, and also meet celeb pooches Uggie (from The Artist) and Cosmo (from The Beginners). Check out these two preview clips from this week's show:

Sunday, March 25, 2012

NASCAR AutoClub 400 with Greg Biffle

Sunday I went to the Auto Club 400 race in Fontana, California to see driver Greg Biffle. NASCAR events are really incredible and a lot of fun. I was lucky enough to be hanging out in the Garage and Pits with a 'Hot Pass", thanks to Greg's hospitality.

It was the first time I had been to a NASCAR race, so it was all new to me. Everyone I met was really cool and explained things to me along the way. I learned a lot about the sport and experienced the passion for racing that millions of NASCAR fans share. I'm a fan of the Greg Biffle Foundation, which "aims to create awareness and serve as an advocate for the well-being of animals by engaging the power and passion of the motor-sports industry." I got to know Greg through his involvement with the Natural Balance Pet Foods Rose Parade float, and his appearances in our Who Let the Dogs Out TV show on Animal Planet. 

Sunday was an incredible experience; I have a new found appreciation for NASCAR. Here are just a few cool photos from the garages and pit areas I saw while hanging out:
FedEx race car in the garage
this is what they use to measure the car
car being inspected before race
Greg Biffle's 3M awesome car in the garage
Greg Biffle's car under carriage
Cockpit of Greg Biffle's race car WOW
The Pit Crew at work!

it was awesome to be right in the pit with the crew

Here is a video I took with my iPad of Greg's Pit Crew. It was really awesome to see it up close!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sheldon Gets an iPawd

Many of you know that Sheldon Gryffindor my black standard poodle has quite a following on Twitter. He tweets under the handle @SheldonGryffin and loves all the attention. But with fame comes a price. Sheldon has been besieged by fans who want to hear from him more frequently. So under duress, I broke down and bought Sheldon an iPawd. For a busy social media pup like him, an iPawd is just what he needs to keep up. The touch screen is much more responsive for his paws, instead of the keys on a keyboard. He can see the screen better too. So if you have a chance, say hi to Sheldon on Twitter @SheldonGryffin. 
He has been helping out to promote Who Let the Dogs Out, so he's a Hollywood dog living in Palm Springs. Amazing. These dogs live quite the life.

Friday, March 23, 2012

This Saturday on Who Let the Dogs Out

This Saturday's episode of Who Let the Dogs Out truly has something for everyone. Lexi takes Wally to a psychic, as only can happen in LA. Wally seems to enjoy the psychic vibes, not to mention the attention and extra pats on the head.
Then Tillman heads to Roush Fenway in Charlotte, NC to see his good pal, NASCAR driver Greg Biffle. With Greg's help Tillman's skateboard gets some "special adjustments to help him skate even faster. There, Tillman breaks his own speed record. Sure is great to have friends in high places.
Then the gang meet an amazing dog named Bardot, who likes to dive to the bottom of her swimming pool to fetch toys. This dog really is incredible. You have to watch the show to appreciate what she can do.
Even Tillman's personal assistant Eric Presnall can't quite believe it. He decides to challenge Bardot to a diving competition race. So he strips down and jumps in the pool. His two legs versus Bardot's four legs. You have to tune in to see who wins. Want to watch a few preview clips? Look no further:

You can watch Who Let the Dogs Out TV show on Animal Planet, Saturday morning, 10 am Eastern, 9 am Central. For west coast be sure to check you local listings.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

On Being Mentioned in New York Magazine

A few days ago I received a Tweet from one of the tourism groups here in Palm Springs informing me I had been mentioned in an article about Palm Springs in New York Magazine. I clicked through to the article which was geared toward New Yorkers considering a visit to our fair desert community.
The article teaser headline was featured on the home page of the New York Magazine website. In all honesty I hadn't visited the in quite awhile, so I took some time to reacquaint myself with their format. News, food, theatre, travel, home...all the usual sections in a publication for a thriving mega metropolis like New York. Being a former New Yorker, I used to read New York Magazine regularly but as I've been gone (as a resident) for over 20 years I lost the habit of reading their publication. Needless to say, I was delighted to find how much I enjoyed reading their site. Now that I've book-marked it, I can regularly keep up with all the terrific features they run.
Of course I visit NY regularly so it is nice to have some inside scoop and info. Anyway, lo-and-behold I found the article entitled "Get Lost in Palm Springs" by By Carrie Nieman Culpepper and read through it in great detail. I was delighted to see she featured one of the newest hotels in town, The Saguro which only just opened after an extensive renovation of a former property brand at that location. The writer does a nice job offering a broad range of tips and suggestions on what to do here in Palm Springs. From where to stay, where to eat and what to do there are plenty of tips to get someone started. She also-- quite generously mentions yours truly, this very blog as follows: "Find out what celebs have been in town recently on local radio host Rick Rockhill’s Palm Springs Savant." It was a very nice treat and pleasant surprise to be mentioned in her article. So to Ms.Carrie Nieman Culpepper, should you read this post, I say "thank you" for the very kind mention. You just gained one more reader :-)

Friday, March 16, 2012

March 17th Episode of Who Let The Dogs Out TV Show

Tomorrow's episode of Who Let the Dogs Out TV show on Animal Planet will be quite interesting. Eric takes Rose and Sully on a road trip to Squaw Valley to meet Avalanche Rescue Dogs, and gets buried in snow in an avalanche rescue simulation. Later Rose snowboards and has a fun. Then of course the search for America's Most Talented Dog continues with a host of new auditions. One dog in particular will make you howl with laughter. Be sure to set your DVR to record it and tune in tomorrow morning.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

On Location Filming for Who Let the Dogs Out

We just wrapped major filming for season one of the Animal Planet TV show 'Who Let the Dogs Out'. The season finale was shot at Universal Studios in Hollywood, California. Universal's City Walk always has a great crowd, but it was especially busy that day while we were shooting. As judges Ron Davis, Karen Cobb, Lexi Beerman, Eric Presnall and Jimmy Van Patten  assembled on set, excitement grew in anticipation of what the judges would see from the dog auditions that day.
One of my favorites was Jasmine of the blog 'My Favorite Pup Jasmine'. You may have seen some of her awesome videos on YouTube. She is a an internet sensation, thanks to her mom CJ who I had time to briefly meet while at the taping that day!
It was so nice to finally meet CJ in person. I'd only ever chatted with her online through Twitter, where she is known as @MyFavPupJasmine and has a great following there too. I'm so psyched that Jasmine was featured on one of the early episodes of Who Let the Dogs Out. All she did was submit a video online and in no time at all the show producers contacted her to compete in the season one finale competition.
If you have never been on a hot set of a TV show taping it is always interesting to observe what goes on behind the camera- literally. There are all kinds of people running around handling all the details from lights, cameras, and props to the canine and human talent. The live audience members need to be hushed, and coached on how and when to respond with applause, etc. Having a live audience also makes the taping interesting because in many way the dogs auditioning pick up the vibe and respond to the audiences cheers. I'm enjoying being a part of the production team for the Who Let the Dogs Out TV show. If you have not seen it yet, set your DVR to record it, Saturday mornings on Animal Planet. If you love animals I think you'll really enjoy it.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Raising Money for Animals in Need...with Betty White

Saturday evening I attended the Petco Foundation Hope Gala in San Diego, California along with members of the cast of the Who Let the Dogs Out TV show. Tillman and his dad Ron Davis,  Norman the Scooter Dog and his mom Karen Cobb, and Tillman's Personal Assistant, Eric Presnall. The cast met up with Betty White who was the honoree of the Gala. 
The event was a benefit for Actors and Others for Animals, a Los Angeles based animal charity that does so much to help animals in need in Southern California (and beyond). Betty White is a long time animal advocate, and has been associated with and active with Actors and Others for Animals. Tillman attended the event to make a $5,000 donation to the benefit, and spent time with Betty White.
It had been a few years since I last saw Betty--she looks great, especially considering she is 90 years old! I am amazed by her energy and sense of humor, and more important her continued passion for helping animals. Betty was drawn to Norman and Tillman, and couldn't take her eyes off of them I don't blame her, as the dogs are always more interesting than a bunch of people in tuxedos. It was a fun evening that raised a bunch of money for a great animal charity. 
Having celebrities attend charitable events helps sell tickets and encourage people to attend, and spend money on the auction items. It was great to hear a national treasure like Betty White speak so casually sharing stories from the heart. I consider it a real treat. I was proud to attend on behalf of Natural Balance and 'Who Let the Dogs Out'. We filmed some terrific scenes with Betty with Tillman, Norman and the cast of the show. Stay tuned through this season, you'll probably see the segment with Betty White in one of the episodes. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Inspirational Dogs Have Fun on 'Who Let the Dogs Out'


I've had a few e-mails from readers asking more about the dog surf dog Ricochet who works with disabled kids in Southern California. Ricochet is featured on tomorrow's episode of Who Let the Dogs Out on Animal Planet. But you can go to her website if you want to learn more. She also has a facebook page too. Hope you can tune in for the show tomorrow! http://WhoLetTheDogsOut.TV

Thursday, March 8, 2012

This Saturday on Who Let the Dogs Out

This Saturday, March 10th another new episode of 'Who Let the Dogs Out' airs on Animal Planet. This week's episode feature The Natural Balance gang meets Ricochet, a dog who helps a quadriplegic young man realize his dream to surf. Also in this episode Tillman teaches Norman the Scooter Dog learn how to surf and the entire gang surfs the massive Natural Balance float in the Tournament of Roses parade. Even NASCAR driver Greg Biffle joins in the fun with Tillman and Friends and rides on the float in the Rose Parade.
Set your DVR to record Who Let the Dogs Out TV show on Animal Planet Saturday March 10th. 10 am Eastern, 9 am Central. For West coast, check local listings.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Preview Clip of March 10th Episode: Who Let the Dogs Out

This Saturday on "Who Let the Dogs Out', watch Tillman surfing, and teaching Norman the Scooter Dog how to surf, as they prepare to surf in the Rose Parade. Also see an amazing dog named Ricochet who helps a physically disabled guy named Patrick surf. It is an amazing and inspiring episode of how incredible dogs are. Tune in this Saturday March 10th on Animal Planet.10 am Eastern/9 am Central. West coast check local listings.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Putting Away the Day with LPGA Pro Golfer Irene Cho

Jimmy, Irene Cho and me
Last week I was in Orlando, Florida attending the Global Pet Trade Show with my company. It was a great week with lots of cool things happening in the pet industry. The show was especially fun because I was able to spend some time with my new pal Irene Cho, the amazing up-and-coming golf pro with the LPGA. Irene is one of the nicest people I've met in a long time. She has a great personality, super friendly and loves the game of golf! She was on hand signing autographs, Titleist golf balls and giving putting tips too. Being a trade show we had many of our retail and distributor customers stopping by to conduct business. But it was a real treat for many of them to meet Irene and talk golf for awhile. Living in Palm Springs I am surrounded by the most incredible golf courses. I must admit that after spending a few days with Irene I am a new fan of the LPGA and will be watching Irene play on tour.
my awesome golf balls autographed by Irene Cho
I'm especially proud of the new Titleist golf balls that Irene autographed. She inspired me to get back to the course a little more often and work on my drive (it needs a lot of help). Maybe you'll be seeing more of my golf game down the stay tuned!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Konstandinidis Bakery in Athens Greece

click to enlarge
In a recent visit to Greece, I stopped by a local bakery in Athens called Konstandinidi's or at least that what I think the name it in English. Their website takes forever to load, so be patient if you click through. It is one of those old fashioned bakeries that still make everything they did when the family first started. The bakery was wonderful. The shop had the most incredible aroma that it was impossible not to buy something.  
click to enlarge
Gazing over trays and trays of cookies I was gaga. One of the bakers let me taste these white powdered sugar cookies, which were like the "butter ball" cookies my grandmother used to bake. They were so delicious that i bought 2 pounds...or should i say 1 kilogram size box of them.
You only have to look at this photo to see what I mean. It was a veritable feast for the eyes. Drizzles of chocolate, swirls of honey, sprinklings of sliced almonds, it was all so delicious. Baked goods are my kryptonite. Cakes, cookies, breads, pastries, that is the secret weapon to disarm me in seconds flat. Or at least get me to part with my Euros. Needless to say that it was one of the best bakeries I have ever visited. So if you are ever in Athens, Greece, stop by. I can't even tell you the website because it is all in Greek! 
If you can read Greek, maybe this will help you identify the bakery!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Reflections and Introspections

Every so often I get introspective about life. It usually happens after  wrapping up a particularly busy stretch of time in life. At present I seem to be in the midst of a very busy decade--but that's just what happens during one's mid-forties I reckon. I tend to travel extensively, partly for work and partly for pleasure. I enjoy travel. As much as being home in Palm Springs makes me happy, somehow I end up going here, there and everywhere. Regardless of where travels lead, or however hectic the pace, making time for myself is always a high priority. When something or someplace strikes me as having a certain type of energy or spirituality it stops me in my tracks. Like a warp core engine shut down, my attention span crawls to slow-motion, allowing my mind to pause and reflect. This isn't an A-D-D moment--those I'll willingly admit to when they occur. What I'm referring to are those moments when something stops me and that inner voice says "stop and check this out". I'm quite grateful to have learned early in life to always listen to my inner guiding voice. Without fail I shut down my "warp core engines" and listen to the Universe speak. This is especially true when I travel to ancient lands, or places with a deep long history.

Some places seem to have more energy or vibrations than others. The pyramids of Egypt, the ancient city in Ephesus, Turkey, parts of Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Wales, Montenegro, Nuremberg...well I could go on and on but you get the gist. I've just had those moments in such places where I've had to just stop and reflect.

It is quite amazing what one can hear and see when one truly listens. I'm a firm believer that things in life happen for a reason. How we respond, react or handle things is our free will I guess. We truly are the sum of our life experiences. But perhaps I'm just being too deep. Helps me unwind anyway, and for that I'm grateful.

Anyway I had the most interesting experience just a few days ago while away from home. I was chatting with someone about a fairly mundane topic, when I noticed the subject matter grew more deep and almost philosophical. I nattered on freely, until I sensed mid-sentence, that the other person seemed to be much more engaged than I realized. It was the strangest sensation, as if everything went into slow-motion. I could hear the person talking, but what I also "heard" and "saw" was something much more deep. 

I didn't even realize it but soon I was waxing philosophical, sharing stories and advice that I sensed this person needed to hear. I believe I was simply a conduit at that moment. This person needed some validation and almost spiritual direction. Of course by spiritual I does not mean religious, it refers to more of an inner compass of life. Sometimes we can "be there" for someone without realizing it. That's exactly what occurred in this situation. 

Afterward I was mentally exhausted and had to close my eyes and reflect. It was as if my energy was drained from that conversation, but in a really good way. I didn't question it, I accept that this is all part of the human experience of life. Fortunately for me, I'm back home in Palm Springs and able to ground myself and recharge the battery of my mind and soul. A fresh sunrise on the San Jacinto mountains is just what I need. Life is good.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

This Saturday on Who Let the Dogs Out

Last week I wrote a preview post of the upcoming topics on our new TV show 'Who Let the Dogs Out' on Animal Planet. Turns out, it was a popular post, attracting a fair amount of traffic. So of course I wanted to do it again this week, except a full day earlier. This week's episode has some really special stuff in it...I wrote about it a few days ago, so I'll start with something else first. Tillman and Friends are in Washington DC to skate at the White House and in the Halls of Congress. Afterward they go on a DC Duck Tour, to see all the major sights in our capital. The bulldogs loved the DC Duck Tour and the show segment shows the dogs having tons of fun. 
Then there is a fun segment of one of the talent search auditions we held to find the most talented dog in America. Some really nice people auditioned with their pets, including a woman named  Judy Garland, as well as others named Kira Sundance, Sherri Robinson and Princess Mancilla. All their dogs were featured in this week's segment.
Then of course there was Tillman's visit to the 3rd US Infantry Regiment of Military Working Dogs, where you can see dogs being trained for truly heroic tasks to serve our country.
Perhaps it is the segment about the Monument to Military Working Dogs that got me so pumped. I love working for my company, because Natural Balance gets it. We're not a big stuffy corporate type company. We are a family owned and operated business that tries to connect with the community. Being able to help raise money for a monument in Washington DC to honor military working dogs? Well that just makes me proud to be an American. I hope you can tune in to watch this week's episode on Animal Planet. To view the promo clip, click here.
Saturday morning, March 3rd, 10 am Eastern/9 am Central. For West coast check local listings. Set your DVR or TiVo to record the whole season of Who Let the Dogs Out.  


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