Saturday, May 18, 2013

I Have A Thing For...

the first pair of Golas I came to love
While it is true that I have a fair number of dress shoes in my closets, I've never thought myself to be much of a shoe-hound. Last year however I bought a pair of sneakers  ("trainers" as my UK mates call them) that I came to love. They were a pair of retro-style Gola brand sneakers. Gola is an English company founded back in 1905 and today seems to be enjoying a bit of a resurgence in popularity. Until  last year I had not heard of Gola, or if I had I didn't remember them. Anyway the pair I bought in London last year are so comfortable I enjoy wearing them. Moreover, it seems that whenever I wore that first pair, I received numerous complements from admirers about the style, design and color combinations. They were zippy enough to be worn with casual pants as well as jeans. So to make a statement I would wear my brown and light blue Golas whenever I could. Soon I decided that if one pair was good, two pair would be even better.

these are the ones I just bought
I set off on a mission to buy more Golas. First, I bought a "reserve" pair of the brown and pale blue ones I had grown to love. Then I bought a pair of green and tan ones, and decided I was quite happy. Later, while shopping I stumbled upon another pair of black suede sneakers with a tan leather stripe...from some unknown brand. I decided to pick up these as a trial. They  have the right look I've come to like, but in truth, they are not the same quality of the Gola brand. That being said, I am happy with my three new pair of suede retro-sneakers.

The only question remaining, is which ones do I get next? Yes, I'm afraid I have a "thing" for suede retro sneakers. Oh dear...

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Could this mean a future ABBA reunion?

Anyone who has known me since childhood knows that I've long been a massive ABBA fan. Wait, no that would actually be an understatement.  

Anyway, when Agnetha decided she had enough, and went into seclusion in her native Sweden the band ended. For decades, I've dreamed of the day when Agnetha would be tempted to return to the studio, perhaps for a full ABBA album. It's not like any of them need the money. The music of ABBA continues to be popular to this day, through original albums, but also in thanks to the West End London play and NY Broadway play Mama Mia...and then the film of the same name. Despite rumors of offers of a billion US dollars, the members of ABBA have, as yet declined to do a reunion tour.

My hopes have been raised with the new album from Agnetha Fältskog. She was the one member who wanted nothing to do with being back in the limelight. I've pre-ordered her new album on iTunes, and downloaded the single When You Really Love Someone. I love the song and can hardly wait until the rest of the album is released.

I'm in London at the moment, and as it turns out, Agnetha was here doing some promotional visits for her album. WOW. Life is but a dream at times.

If you are an ABBA fan, visit her website and check her out on Facebook too. Holy Smokes. If ABBA ever did reunite, I might have to become a groupie and travel the world to attend every concert. You have no idea what a huge ABBA fan I am...I'm seriously happy to hear from Agnetha again.


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