Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Saturday Seven Complete Archive

People often ask me about my weekly Saturday Seven posts so I decided to maintain this one complete master archive list of every Saturday Seven post I've ever published. This is intended as nothing more than a reference post. Enjoy.
-The Palm Springs Savant
4/4/09 Provocative Magazine Ads That Will Turn Your Head
3/28/09 Favorite Paula Abdul Songs
3/21/09 Famous Sidekicks That Matter

3/14/09 Visual Metaphotors for Being Down
3/7/09 Weirdest Natural Stuff I've Seen Today
2/28/09 Doo-Dahs, Doo-Hickies and Thingamajigs
2/21/09 Favorite Vacation Spots...(so far)
1/31/09 Birds That Will Make You Smile
1/24/09 Ways to Change your Mood at Home
1/10/09 Fun Coffee Commercials
1/3/09 Vexations About Facebook
12/27/08 Favorite Cheeses
11/29/08 Favorite Breakfast Selections
11/22/08 Corny Expressions I Still Use
11/15/08 Random Things Found At Home
11/8/08 Facts About Cary Grant
11/1/08 Things Produced in Palm Springs*
10/25/08 Facts About The Moon
9/20/08 Nifty Sights of Providence
9/13/08 Favorite Clocks in My Collection
9/6/08 Favorite TV Shows of the 80’s
8/30/08 Presidential Dogs
8/23/08 Ways I’m Connected Online
8/16/08 Favorite Italian Foods
8/9/08 Favorite James Bond Theme Songs
7/26/08 Simple Pleasures
7/19/08 Vice Presidents Worth Remembering
7/12/08 Magazines I Read
7/5/08 Interesting Magical Creatures I’ve Known*
6/27/08 Funny License Plates
6/21/08 Things Named Sierra
6/14/08 Retailers I Respect and Love
6/7/08 Top Tips to Save Gas
5/31/08 Reasons I’m Glad to be Home
5/17/08 Favorite Things in London
5/10/08 Worst Chores Ever
4/26/08 Favorite Retro Commercial Characters
4/19/08 Tips to Go Green With Your Pet
4/12/08 Interesting Facts About Color
4/5/08 Most Beautiful Mountains in the US
3/29/08 Facts About Julius Caesar
3/22/08 Celebrities Who Bore Me
3/15/08 Super Foods I Love
3/8/08 Interesting Things Found In My Closet
3/1/08 Most Interesting New Pet Products
2/23/08 Favorite Things That Could Make Me Spend $25,000
2/16/08 Favorite Cartoon Animal Characters
2/2/08 Naughty-Named Bond Girls
1/26/08 A Few Favorite Authors
1/19/08 Things That Make Me Smile
1/5/08 Reasons To Support Independent Films
12/29/07 Best Ballroom Dances
12/22/07 Strangest Christmas Gifts Ever
12/15/07 My Favorite Christmas Songs
12/8/07 Delicious Vintage Cocktails
12/1/07 Things I’ll Do At Sea but NEVER Ashore
11/24/07 Chinese Funny Fortunes, Part 2
11/17/07 Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dishes
11/10/07 Favorite Villains Foiled by Batman and Robin
11/3/07 Over-The-Top Glitzy Entertainers
10/31/07 My Favorite Witches
10/20/07 Scariest Horror Films I Know
10/13/07 Reasons Why Dogs Make Life Better
10/6/07 Funny Female Friendships
9/29/07 Funny Dead Comedians
9/22/07 Rules for Good Manners
9/15/07 Favorite Comic Book Ads
9/1/07 Favorite Creature Comforts
8/25/07 Favorite Foods I Crave
8/18/07 Retro Toys I Liked As a Kid
8/11/07 My Worst Phobias
8/4/07 Embarrassing Moments of Life
7/28/07 Memorable TV Characters from Way Back
7/21/07 Favorite Super Heros
7/14/07 Gone and (nearly) Forgotten Stuff
7/7/07 Favorite Circus Acts
6/30/07 Things I Collect
6/23/07 Ways To Make The World A Better Place
6/16/07 Classic Movie Lines
6/9/07 Best Games Growing Up
6/2/07 Sexiest Men Alive
5/26/07 Favorite Female Vocalists
5/19/07 Favorite Male Crooners
5/12/07 Chinese Funny Fortunes and Prudent Proverbs
5/5/07 Best Reasons to Take Cruise
4/28/07 Best Ways to Relax
4/21/07 Things NOT to do While at Sea
4/14/07 Useless Retro Personal Junk
4/7/07 Funny Double Entendres
3/31/07 Best Stevie Nicks Songs
3/24/07 Best Movie Quotes
3/17/07 Best James Bond Villains
3/10/07 Reasons to buy Organic Stuff
3/3/07 Top Useless Gadgets
2/14/07 Favorites For the Oscars
2/17/07 Best Black and White Films

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