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The Saturday Seven: A Few Favorite Authors

Regular readers of this blog may recall that I am a voracious reader and usually have at lest two books going at any given moment. Back in June I did a post called "A Peek Into The Library" about some of the books in my library at home. I do not profess to be an expert or authority, but I enjoy the escape that books offer, particularly when I need the distraction. This is not intended to be a definitive list of "the best" authors. Almost certainly after I publish this I'll remember someone else that I like better than one on this list! I like an author who makes me yearn for "just one more chapter" in all of their books; you know, the book that you don't want to end. So this brings me to another scintillating edition of:
The Saturday Seven: A Few Favorite Authors
#1 Kristen Gore- A young, budding author with a sharp sense of humor and unique perspective of politics, having lived it from the sidelines.

#2 Paul Theroux- A tried-and-true versatile author with a long list of really enjoyable books. He is a travel writer, but has also written some laugh-out-loud books like Hotel Honolulu too.

#3 Patricia Cornwell- I've been reading her for over 15 years and still enjoy her books.

#4 Jim Collins- Ok, a little stuffy here, but his insights into corporate America actually inspired me to work smarter.

#5 JK Rowling- What needs to be said? She is a modern literary genius.
#6 John Grisham- This guy packs a powerful punch with nearly every book. Very prolific, always reliable.
#7 Ken Follet- I like Ken's perspective on things. His writing style stimulates my mind and leaves me thinking long after I've finished his book.
Who are some of YOUR favorite authors? I'm feeling generous today, so ALL COMMENTS ARE FREE TODAY.
-Rick Rockhill


Anonymous said...

Kathy Reichs is great. Think Patricia Cornwell, with a little more humor and not quite so dark.

Dumdad said...

Great selection of books.

Grisham, Rowling, Cornwell are always satisfying reads.

Interesting you should mention Follett and The Pillars of the Earth. What an immense book (about 1,000 pages in paperback if memory serves) and what an absorbing read. My son also read it when he was 12 - I thought the weight alone might have put him off!

I kept a note of all the books and movies I read in 2007 and did a post about them (if you're interested!):

Incidentally, I've never heard of Kristin Gore (although you refer to her as Kristen). I'll keep my eye out for her. Thanks.

C said...

Oh! I love Ken Follett's writing as well! Pillars of the Earth is one of my favourites!

In no particular order, here are some of my favourites:

1. Ken Follett (Pillars of the Earth)
2. Jean Auel (Clan of the Cave Bear)
3. The Brontë sisters (Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights)
4. Ben Okri (The Famished Road)
5. Nino Ricci (Lives of the Saints)
6. Margaret Atwood (The Handmaid's Tale)

There are so many others that I really enjoy, but I won't monopolize your comment space! ;)

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

JK Rowling is great. She deserves a medal for getting kids to read again.

As for me I have too many to list.

lime said...

john steinbeck and bill bryson are two of my favorites. what divergence there huh?

Marie said...

John Irving, Kurt Vonnegut, Marian Keyes, Toni Morrison, Nicholas Evans.

EBEZP said...

Think of those John Grisham would be my fave, mainly because of how well they transpose to movies.

WAT said...

I'm sorry to be so mainstream, but Stephen King is terrific. Doesn't always quite have good endings to his novels, but he is most gripping and fascinating a writer, and of course has provided Hollywood with great material.

Olivia said...

I like your Art Deco bergere chair, where did you find it?

My favourite authors are Thomas Hardy, the Bronte sisters, Jane Austen, George Eliot, Michael Crichton, Agatha Christie, P.G. Wodehouse...

kenju said...

If you like Cornwell and Grisham, you'll love David Baldacci! He is an attorney who now writes. start with "Absolute Power"; it will knock your socks off!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Your list is very interesting and there are authors there that I have not heard of, as well as authors I am very familiar with....! I LOVE your enthusiasm Rick...!
My favorite author (He wrote many many books, but is gone now) Lawrence Sanders.....An easy-to-read, fascinating writer....great for Airplanes and Vacations, and just for the fun of it! The first nooks I read of his were the "Sins" books....starting with THE FIRST DEADLY SIN....and then the next three.....His main character in these books was a Police Captain..(Or something equally important) in New York City...WONDERFULLY written and scary, but always there is humor in all his books! One of my favorite things about Lawrence Sanders was his LOVE of food....I think a small recipe book could be compiled of ALL the many wonderful sounding sandwiches his main character created and ate....But in every book of his there are great meals that are talked about and examined....A Bonus, as far as I am conceerned....He wrote two or three other series of books using a main character--McNally, a Private Eye, in Florida....(More great meals, too...)
If you have never read any of his books---they are great fun and as I said, in some cases, quite scary...!

Tod said...

Hotel Honolulu was a great book. I enjoy most of Theroux's work. Have you read Sir Vidia's Shadow, about his friendship with the famous author? It is a good read.

Of course JK Rowling is one of my faves too.

My list would always include Armistead Maupin, he has an easy going writing style that I really enjoy.

LouLou! said...

Ken Follett is wonderful (I loved Eye of the Needle), Steinbeck, DH Lawrence, Vonnegutt..and I have a weakness for murder mysteries (Lawrence Sanders writes a good one, I must agree) because they're usually a fast read AND I can read them in a hot bubble bath - my only bit of privacy!


Betty Smith
Anita Shreve
Mitch Alboum
James Patterson
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (can't recall author, but the book, oh wow!!)
Klahed Hosseini,
.,Gregory Maguire,
Lots of others..
Jody Picoulet
Vince Flynn

so so many!!
Grisham too!

and any self parenting help books fit those in my shelving too!

Good Reading!

Canadian flake said...

I love to read also...but I often think my tastes are too "fluffy" for lack of a better word. I want to be transported to another world where I can forget my troubles...I want a bit of romance and of course I always need a happy ending..

but that's just

Naomi said...

J K Rowling gets my vote every time Rick.


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