Friday, October 26, 2012

Barkworld is Bark-tacular!

Without a doubt, Barkworld 2012 day two was a big hit. Lots of awesome networking, great sessions,  reconnecting with friends and making new ones too. In fact, here is a great photo of two pals I met at the first Barkworld several years ago...its Diane (@ToDogWithLove) her talented 'Cosmo'(@CosmoHavenese) and Vicki (@BunnyJeanCook). Diane has been a guest on my show, she is wonderful. Both she and Vicki regularly use their social media network to help animal charities.

One of the reasons I come to Barkworld is because it really is a true social networking conference that offers great educational content blended with fun events. It draws a nice blend of full-time and part-time bloggers, and folks who are new to the world of social media. Founder Denise Quashie has done an excellent job attracting sponsors and exhibitors who together make the event interesting, educational and fun.
Hey do you love puppies? Check out this super cute English Bulldog puppy "Jazzy", here with her humom Wendy (@SirMacLadyAlley). What's not to like about a pet social media conference where you can network with puppies?
 And how about this SUPER COOL poodle named Linus (@LittleDogLinus) who looks rather dashing and intelligent in his bowtie and glasses, don't you think? I was so impressed to learn that Linus is actually a therapy dog. How cool is that? 

Tonight's 'Block Pawty' turned out to be really terrific. Attendees mixed and mingled for most of the night, meeting sponsors, networking about business opportunities and enoying some great tunes from the DJ. Kudos to Denise and her team for pulling off a very successful day. I'm so pleased to be attending along with my company Natural Balance Pet Foods. I can't wait for tomorrow!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Arrrrgghh Pirate Attack at Barkworld

My how time passes so quickly. Its already time for the BarkWorldExpo annual social media conference kicked off today in Atlanta, Georgia. Well, actually at the Westin in Buckhead, a lovely suburb of Atlanta.  I've attended this social media conference for several years now and always find it interesting and stimulating too. 
This year I was delighted to serve as emcee at the opening event for Barkworld. I introduced 'Norman the Scooter Dog' as he performed at Barkworld, kicking off the Howl-O-Ween Costume Contest. I decided to dress up in a costume, so as host I would fit in with all the contestants. I chose a pirate costume, which was kind of dun actually. Here I am with Norman before he went out on stage for his opening performance. He really is one amazing dog. There were some really fun costumes, and great prizes too. Sponsors for the evening included Petco, Bayer, ASPCA, and The Atlanta Dog Spa.

I was happy to represent my company, Natural Balance Pet Foods as the emcee for the evening. If you are attending Barkworld, please stop by our booth and say hello. Or send me a tweet @RickRockhill or @NaturalBalance using the hashtag #Barkworld I'd love to say hello and meet you.

If you are not attending Barkworld this year, checkout their website to follow along, there are some live stream opportunities. You can also follow the stream of posts by following the #Barkworld hashtag.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Obama's Broken this!

Video clips of actual promises made by President Barack Obama, which he didn't keep. We can do better.

Sheldon Gryffindor for President

Campaign Poster by Sir Mac & Lady Alley (SirMacLadyAlley)
The Presidential election in the United States is here whether we like it or not.  I've decided to vote for my very own Sheldon Gryffindor for President in 2012, from the D.O.G Party. I think he would make a fabulous president. His platform makes the most sense of any candidate I've seen in years. He has the best Pawlitical sense of any candidate in years. For starters, he is
committed to nominate the following Canines & Felines to these Cabinet Level Positions:
  • Department of State: Irish Wolfhound
  • Department of Defense: Bulldog
  • Department of Treasury: Basset Hound
  • Department of Justice: Doberman Pinscher
  • Department of Interior: Labrador Retriever
  • Department of Agriculture: Australian Cattle Dog
  • Department of Commerce: Maine Coon Cat
  • Department of Labor: Border Collie
  • Department of Health and Human Services: St Bernard
  • Department of Housing & Urban Development: Alley Cat
  • Department of Transportation: Dalmation
  • Department of Energy: Jack Russell Terrier
  • Department of Education: Standard Poodle
  • Department of Veterans Affairs: Rottweiler
  • Department of Homeland Security: German Shepherd

 Sheldon Gryffindor's Platform:
  •  Right to Pursue Happiness: Supports free belly rubs for everyone
  • Job Stimulus Package: Endorses programs to recycle plush toys, putting countless seamstresses and stuffing people back to work. 
  • Supports new Yappy Hour legislation in all 50 states
  • Taxes: The only tax increase in his budget is a mere $1 per person to feed homeless pets in shelters.
  • The New Deal: Sponsor of the "Done Bone Stimulus Initiative" (DBSI) which puts a new bone in every dog house, donated by private citizens.
  • Health Care: Promotes Spay & Neuter Programs with Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinics. 
  • Health Care: Supports a bill to provide access to elect affordable vet care insurance funded by the money saved by reducing the IRS Staff by 20%.
  • Health Care: Supports new anti-hairball legislation which will help millions of cats.
  • Business Friendly: Supports Responsible Breeders who also support breed rescue. 
  • Peace Talks: Suggests unilateral peace talks between Petco and Petsmart
  • Equal Rights: Believes in equal rights for small and large breed dogs
  • Mental Health Programs: Suggests a ballot initiative to require mandatory "Take Your Dog To Work Day", everyday
  • Anti-Discrimination: Seeks to overturn anti-pet friendly laws and to allow pets into all restaurants.
  • Low Income Citizens: Supports subsidized dog houses for low income humans, funded from savings by the elimination the unnecessary pennies currently minted and circulated by the Treasury.
  • Marriage: Supports the right to mixed species marriages, dogs + cats would be free to marry.
  • Education: Seeks education reform for humans on proper pet handling and etiquette.
  • Civil Rights: Supports the addition of a new category to dog shows for "Best Mixed Breed Rescue Dog"
  • Commitment to the Environment: Supports Recycled cat litter and recyclable dog poop bags.
Does this sound like a candidate who should be in the White House? VOTE: SHELDON GRYFFINDOR in 2012
special thanks to Sir Mac & Lady Alley for designing the campaign poster!


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