Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday Promotion that Benefits Animals in Need

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving....I am in Miami, Florida for the holiday weekend enjoying the beach life for something different this year. Yesterday I had a traditional Thanksgiving feast, and ate way too much turkey. However, I did leave room for apple pie and some See's Candy (no surprise there for my long time readers). Later we went to see the new Peanut's movie, because I've been a Snoopy fan since I was a kid. It totally lived up to my expectations!

Anyway, as part of my pledge to do more for animals this year, here's a great Black Friday Sale that gives back to help animals. Lucy Pet Products is having a Black Friday sale, you can save 20% off everything, site wide, plus get free shipping. There are some terms and conditions, but it is still a fantastic deal.

Lucy Pet Products are all Products with a Cause, because all profits go to support the Lucy Pet Foundation. If you are looking for a unique gift for the dog lover in your life, check out their Black Friday Sale. I'm more than happy to post this here today because animal advocacy is near and dear to my heart, and of course it is not a paid post. Hope you enjoy your weekend, whatever you are doing. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Holiday Pet Gifts With A Cause

Dog Shampoo Gift Baskets from Lucy Pet Products
Now here's a neat gift idea for the dog lover in your life...giftbaskets with dog shampoo and conditioning spray, all wrapped up in a nifty bow. I love stuff like this because it is easy and doesn't take a lot of time to shop. The folks at Lucy Pet Products have assembled these baskets locally in Thousand Oaks, California just in time for the holidays. The baskets have their signature shampoo and conditioners which are made in a solar powered plant in California and are packaged in colorful recyclable metal bottles. 

The best part of these baskets is that they are all "Products With a Cause" so you can make a difference for animals in need. Lucy Pet Products are luxurious shampoos and leave-in conditioners, and all the proceeds support the Lucy Pet Foundation mission of providing free or low-cost spay/neuter, adoption, rescue and vet services in disadvantaged areas. I like how they make it easy to "pay it forward" with your purchase to help pets in need. Check out the full selection of Holiday Gift baskets for Dogs here.

Lucy Pet Products Sampler Pack has 12 trial size bottles
Personally, I like the Blue Lightning Blueberry formula, and The Big Apple Oatmeal one too. They both smell SO good. They also have a sampler pack with all six varieties, which is a perfect way to try all of the different ones to decide which full size ones to go back and buy later.

In full disclosure Lucy Pet Products is one of my clients, but this is not a paid post. I'm happy to share this information because I like the mission of the Lucy Pet Foundation and animal advocacy is one of my personal passions. Thanks for reading and letting me give a personal plug for a cause I really believe in.

Friday, November 13, 2015

'The Road to Happiness* Is Always Under Construction' by Linda Gray

Linda Gray's new book "The Road to Happiness"
A few weeks ago I received my copy of a new book by the lovely and iconic Actress/Producer Linda Gray.  "The Road to Happiness*  Is Always Under Construction" is appropriately titled, as Ms Gray shares anecdotes, stories and advice from her life and storied career. I was delighted to have my own autographed copy, although I can speak first hand as to what a lovely and genuine individual Linda is, truly a gem of a person. Linda is talented, down-to-earth and naturally beautiful as well. 

Linda is very transparent with her story and journey of life; its ups and downs, trials and tribulations, joys and sorrows. The book is packed with advice and lessons to appreciate life.  One of the things I've always appreciated about Linda is that she has always been very genuine and warm, which shines through the pages as you read her book. For sure, Linda Gray is well known for her iconic role as Sue Ellen Ewing on TV's "Dallas", and numerous other TV, film and stage appearances, and appearances on London's West End stage. Linda is also an accomplished Director, former United Nations Ambassador, and is actively involved in many charitable fundraising programs. 

with the lovely Linda Gray 
I've had the pleasure of knowing Linda with some fundraising events with the SAG Foundation for Children, the Steve Chase Awards events, and through one of her films 'Expecting Mary' (which was also released under the title "A Very Mary Christmas"). Linda also was guest on my radio show a few years back. She is a lovely person and so talented too. If you are looking for a great holiday gift, check out Linda's new book, it is available everywhere right now.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Keeping Busy and Loving Life

Earlier this year my professional life expanded deeper in Asia with the appointment of Chairman of RJT Holdings Limited. RJT Holdings Limited-- based in Hong Kong, was founded by a team of seasoned pet industry business executives with more than 50 years management experience in retail operations, merchandising, sales, distribution, business development, brand management and innovation. 

We provide global experience in sales of pet products: food, treats, dog apparel, grooming products, toys, scratchers and much more. The firm has deep knowledge of the U.S. pet product industry enables us to seek out the very best manufacturers and brand of consumables, apparel, and hard goods supplies categories.

Today through our strong partnerships, RJT Holdings Limited enjoys an excellent reputation for always operating with full integrity and honesty, with fair, open and transparent business practices. We worked hard to develop this reputation, through many deep long standing relationships across Asia for the past decade. It is an honor and pleasure to serve as Chairman, leading our Asian operations. I truly love what I do and enjoy my work life immensely.

I made myself at home in Hong Kong.
Just yesterday I was reflecting on reviewing my calendar I discovered that so far this year I have spent 82 nights in Hong Kong, which does not include time spent in Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan or Thailand. Yes, 2015 has been a wonderful year, blessed with incredible experiences and success in business. From co-founding my consulting company Zarhill Partners Group two years ago and founding RJT Holdings Limited this year, I had seen my professional life develop beyond my imagination. I enjoy splitting my time between Hong Kong and Los Angeles, with a bit of London and Palm Springs mixed in for good measure.  It is truly remarkable what a difference a year makes. Without question life is significantly better when you are master of your own destiny. My advice to anyone reading this is to pursue and follow your dreams. Plan, plot and work hard. Be diligent and focused. Never give up. Always think positively. It has worked for me and it can work for you as well.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Influencing for Cause Can Build Your Own Brand Equity

This past week I attended BarkWorld Expo in Atlanta, Georgia.  I've been attending BarkWorld for several years and always enjoy meeting fellow social media pet professionals. I was at BarkWorld with one of my clients, Lucy Pet Products, and their spokes-dog, Surfin Jack. Surfin' Jack was a huge hit and made lots of new friends and fans- two legged and four legged-furry friends especially!

Influencing for Cause Can Build Your Own Brand Equity
On Saturday I participated in one of the educational sessions as a speaker, co-presenting on the topic of 'Using Your Influence for a Cause'. The session focused on how bloggers can promote causes they are passionate about by leveraging their followers and readers. Here are a few highlights and advice I gave to the attendees of our session:

  • Choose causes that are near & dear to you.
  • Learn about the cause…volunteer, get involved.
  • Use your social presence to help share the message across all platforms, and be consistent with the message.
  • Be authentic & genuine. (Authentic conversations have more of an impact on Millennials in particular.)
  • Focus on true stories, and leverage other people's content or media, with permission.
  • Consider forming strategic partnerships to help magnify your voice.
  • Existing followers will be more loyal from your passion.
  • New followers will find you more easily.
My closing advice to the attendees was that if you are working for or passionate about helping a cause be sure to get out there at least once and volunteer, help or work with the organization so you can speak first-hand, from the heart. This will help your authenticity and more importantly will enrich your life along the way.


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