Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Bit of Wednesday Humor: 'The Haircut'

My brother sent this to me yesterday, I thought it was worth sharing.

One day a florist went to a barber for a haircut. After the cut, he asked about his bill, and the barber replied, 'I cannot accept money from you, I'm doing community service this week.' The florist was pleased and left the shop. When the barber went to open his shop the next morning, there was a
'thank you' card and a dozen roses waiting for him at his door.

Later, a cop comes in for a haircut, and when he tries to pay his bill, the barber again replied, 'I cannot accept money from you , I'm doing community service this week.' The cop was happy and left the shop. The next morning when the barber went to open up, there was a 'thank you' card and a dozen donuts waiting for him at his door.

Then a Congressman came in for a haircut, and when he went to pay his bill, the barber again replied, 'I can not accept money from you. I'm doing community service this week.' The Congressman was very happy and left the shop. The next morning, when the barber went to open up, there were a dozen Congressmen lined up waiting for a free haircut.

And that, my friends, illustrates the fundamental difference between the citizens of our country and the politicians who run it.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Calling All Clever Captions, Please

Last month while in New York City, I stumbled on this rather interesting art exhibit. I've been saving this photo for just such a day as today is. I'm looking for some clever captions or even comments on what it makes you feel or think. Go ahead, give it a whirl...  

Monday, September 27, 2010

Social Media Show Delivers Fun and Fundamentals with Cheryl Lawson

With Cheryl Lawson at Bark World Expo
Learning about social media has never been so fun. On yesterday's Palm Springs Savant & Co radio show, my guest was event specialist and social media expert Cheryl Lawson. Ms Lawson is known among Anipals, pet lovers and social media users as the voice behind @ImaJackRussell 'Precious Lawson' who is Cheryl's Jack Russell Terrier! Ms Lawson is also the author of the children's book series 'The Adventures of Precious the Dog'. I met Cheryl at the BarkWorld Expo social media conference in Atlanta last month- I knew then that she would make a good guest for the show. In fact, Cheryl was a great guest! I think what will resonate with listeners is her energy and passion for what she does. She was able to articulate her own approach to social media in a way that was easy to understand and fun too. We only took one call, who asked a few questions about getting her fledgling photography business in Washington state. Cheryl provided several real, tangible examples of social media in practice and gave the caller a few handy tips. Particularly for people just starting out, this show has plenty of ideas to get started with social media marketing. You can listen to this show with Cheryl anytime on demand from BlogTalkRadio, just click here.  I truly enjoy hosting this radio show and hope you will enjoy listening. Thanks to Cheryl, for being on the show!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Which Poodle Note Card Do You Prefer?

Card #1 a gift from my deal friend Candy
 Some time ago a very dear friend gave me a set of note cards with a standard poodle on them. I liked them so well, I was careful not to use them up until I found a source to re-order them (which I did). Yesterday I was shopping on Palm Canyon Drive in downtown Palm Springs and stopped into Cold Nose, Warm Heart, a shop with great gifts for dog and cat lovers. Whenever I go into a store with pet related anything, I search for poodle-anything. 
Card #2 I just bought this one
I was thrilled to find some new note cards with a standard poodle. I thought I'd ask your opinion on which note card you prefer before I buy more. You see, I *love* to send hand-written notes to people. I suppose I'm a bit old fashioned that way. Being a standard poodle fan, I just love both note card styles. Although both feature a black poodle, so poor Duncan is not represented I'm afraid. Oh well. Anyway, which note card style do you prefer?
-Rick Rockhill

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hone Your Social Media & Marketing Skills

Are you interested in honing your skills in social media and marketing? Tune into The Palm Springs Savant & Co #121: Social Media with Cheryl Lawson on Blog Talk Radio. Listen live Sunday 9/26 or anytime later on demand online from here. Learn tips to develop basic and advanced strategies for integrated social marketing. Learn the importance of leveraging a combination of social media tools. Learn about the often-overlooked aspects of online media such as the importance of person 2 person connections for robust social marketing. Special guest Cheryl Lawson, social marketing expert and event coordinator will provide valuable insights into the exciting world of social media. During this show, learn about:
  • Myth-Busters about Social Media & Marketing
  • Developing an online personality & brand
  • Finding your voice
  • Creating a strategy for integrated social marketing
  • Combining multiple social media tools for success
If you enjoy Blogging, Tweeting, Face Book, MySpace or virtually any online social space, this is a show not to be missed!

Ms Lawson is well known within the Twitter community as @PartyAficionado, @socmediatulsa, and as the human voice behind @Imajackrussell. She founded, a new social media community in her home town of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Cheryl Lawson teaches social marketing
at the University California, Riverside, lectures at social media conferences and a social marketing coach. She is an event planning professional and the creator of the Event Mobile Application for smartphones. She assists companies to develop social marketing strategies, both online and Face2Face. Ms Lawson is also the author of 'The Adventures of Precious the Dog' childrens book series. Read more at

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Friday is the Last Day to Donate Online for Guide Dogs

Regular readers know that I've already written several posts these past few weeks about National Guide Dog Month. The past few weeks we've been actively fund-raising across more than 1,000 Petco's and local pet stores nationwide. Our goal is to raise $1 million dollars, but we're still shy of that goal and need your help for one last push. If you have not already made a donation, you can still donate online through tomorrow, Friday September 24th. Its fast and easy, just click here to donate. As little as $1, $5, $10, $20 or more will really make a difference. Please consider posting this on your own blog, as we need to get the word out that Friday is the final day to donate.
Nicollette Sheridan for Guide Dog Month
Want to learn more? Well read on:
Guide Dogs improve the lives of the blind by creating opportunities for life-changing independence. They provide safe mobility, loving companionship and truly the miracle of independence to the visually impaired through the use of a guide dog.
  • Every 7 minutes, someone in America becomes blind or visually impaired.
  • 13% of our active military return from war with eye injuries.
For many, blindness means being shut off from society, stuck at home, or moving about with a walking stick, tapping ahead to find a clear path in the darkness.  

Guide Dogs can literally change the life of a blind person, restoring confidence, providing freedom to return to work, and resume a normal routine that those of us who are sighted take for granted every day. Check out this message from our spokesperson, actress Nicollette Sheridan and Dick Van Patten:


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Pseudo James Bond Assassin Scene in Las Vegas

Last week while in "Fabulous Las Vegas" I went to dinner at a restaurant called Mixx. It's on the 64th floor of "THE Hotel",  a really nice hotel attached to Mandalay Bay Casino, where my customers were staying. I wanted to take them to a nice restaurant with a great view, and Mixx sure delivers, in spades. This one photo is from the roof top, looking at the hotel sign, at the 64th floor. You can see some of Vegas down below in the reflection of the building's mirrored windows. Everything was twinkling, it looked so serene. I just love city-scape scenes. 
After dinner we left the restaurant and walked past the lounge which had a small dance floor- it was completely empty, as the hour was still young. We looked at the light pattern on the dance floor and someone remarked at it looked sort of like a scene from a James Bond movie, or a a classic crime drama. We took turns making cracks, taking photos and telling stories as we killed time waiting for the elevator that seemed to take forever. For some reason I was inspired to take this photo, posed to look like one of those victims in a 007 movie. I sprawled out in the center of the light pattern, as someone snapped the photo. We all laughed about it and thought ourselves terribly clever. Fortunately the elevator finally arrived and away we went back down to the ground floor. I don't know why I felt so compelled to post this photo, but it still seemed funny to me, nearly a week later. I'm guessing the casting agents of the next James Bond film won't be calling me if they happen to see this photo. Not only is it cliche and over-the-top but I wasn't wearing a tailored suit, so I'm afraid I just look dead common. Oh well, so much for my big cinematic moment.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Liberace Museum to Close its Doors

I saw this press release in Saturday's New York Times. It saddened me. Liberace is part of Palm Springs history, he lived here in the desert, in fact his beautiful home is just a stone's throw from where I live (see photo above left). Maybe we can get the Las Vegas Museum to relocate it to Palm Springs...Here is their press release:
 Las Vegas – After 31 years of operation, the Liberace Museum will close its doors Sunday, Oct. 17, 2010 to focus its monetary contributions on the Liberace Foundation.
Due to the economic downturn and the decline in the number of visitors, the Museum is forced to close the space and focus primarily on its dedication to the Foundation and the donation of scholarships.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, we feel it is important to close the Museum to ensure the future of the Liberace Foundation and to keep the legacy of Liberace alive through its continued scholarship program,” said Jeff Koep, chair of the Liberace Foundation. “Since the inception of the foundation 34 years ago, more than $6 million in scholarships have been awarded to 2,700 students, and we will continue to award scholarships to deserving individuals.”

The memorabilia at the Liberace Museum will be maintained. A national touring exhibit is planned, and details will be announced at a later time. The board will also continue to research options for a location change to make the Museum more accessible to potential patrons.

“The traveling exhibit is an exciting way to share the life and legacy of Liberace while providing an income stream for the Foundation,” said Koep. “In no way do we intend to close the doors and not continue to explore options that will allow us to reopen at a later date.” The Museum hours will be extended until the closing date, which will be announced at a later time.
About the Liberace Foundation:
The Liberace Museum is a non-profit organization that supports the mission of The Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts which has funded scholarships since 1976. The scholarship program has provided nearly $6 million in scholarships, touching the lives of more than 2,700 students from 120 of the nation's premier institutions. For more information, to make a donation and to become a supporter of the Liberace Foundation, call 702.798.5595, visit the website at, or email

For old time's sake- watch this quick video clip of the great Liberace performing:

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Award-winning screenwriter/filmmaker Rob Williams to appear on The Palm Springs Savant & Co

On today's Palm Springs Savant & Co show, I'll be interviewing the award winning screenwriter/filmmaker Rob Williams about the new independent film 'Role/Play'. It is a film about a soap opera actor who is "outed" as being gay. The film is suitable as PG-13, however it is intended for mature audiences with open minds. It may not be suitable to all my readers but please read my review below and tune into the show to hear Mr Williams.

I had the opportunity for a private screening of this film to prepare for today's show. Role Play is a romantic drama, with two lead characters (with very different life perspectives from each other) who learn they have much more in common they they initially realized. It opens with TV soap opera star "Graham Windsor" (Steve Callahan) who has just been outed as the result of a gay sex tape scandal. He has taken refuge at a Palm Springs resort (filmed at the beautiful Alexander Inn) to escape from the media. Windsor meets "Trey Reed" a marriage-equality activist (Matthew Montgomery) who has his own issues stemming from a public divorce. 

The story unfolds with revelations, disclosures, and self-discovery,  as a budding romance develops. The film tackles issues such as gay marriage, the judgmental/prying mainstream and gay media, and the challenges of trying to live a lie while being in the public eye. 

Role Play has an entertaining plot line that could easily have been about a straight couple. In essence, it is a story about the importance of being honest with oneself and finding love in life- that has broad appeal for both gay and straight audiences. Montgomery and Callahan give solid performances that hold the viewers attention. TV's "Too Close For Comfort" Jim J Bullock also appears in this film as Windsor's protective agent, "Parker Ryland". Fans of indie films and alternative lifestyle topics will enjoy listening to Sunday's radio show online anytime or via podcast from iTunes.

Here is the news release about today's show:
PALM SPRINGS- September 19, 2010 -- Rick Rockhill, host of The Palm Springs Savant & Co is pleased to welcome award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker Rob Williams, co-founder of Guest House Films, to his radio show on Blog Talk Radio. Listeners will hear Mr Williams, (head of Guest House Films, a premier independent and gay niche-oriented film production company) discuss his latest feature film project "Role/Play'.

'Role/Play' is a dramatic narrative feature film about a recently outed actor (played by Steve Callahan from 'East Side Story' and 'Nine Lives') and a recently divorced gay marriage activist (played by indie gay film star Matthew Montgomery from 'Redwoods', 'Socket', 'Pornography: A Thriller', 'Long-term Relationship', 'Back Soon' and 'Gone But Not Forgotten') . Hiding out from negative media coverage, the two meet at a secluded Palm Springs resort soon find common ground as they explore the fickle nature of fame in the gay community and the issues facing gay celebrities in the media. 'Role/Play' is a narrative drama that deals with hot-button issues such as a outing gay celebrities, the price of fame, how the press treats gay celebrities, and the LGBT press in general. The film also stars Jim J. Bullock ('Too Close for Comfort'), David Pevsner ('Naked Boys Singing'), Brian Nolan ('The Lair') and Matthew Stephen Herrick.

Rob Williams was named to Instinct Magazine's "Leading Men of 2008" list for his contribution to independent cinema, has won dozens of awards for his films, and will be featured for his work on NBC television. 'Role/Play' is Rob Williams' fifth film in four years. His last film was the hit of 2009, the gay Christmas comedy, 'Make the Yuletide Gay', an Indie blockbuster, sold out countless festivals. Mr Williams is now working on his next films: 'Make the Yuletide Gay 2' and 'The Mystic Chord', the screenplay adaptation to Jim Tushinski's book, 'Van Allen's Ecstasy'.

'Role/Play' is the feature film at The Palm Springs Gay & Lesbian Film Festival: Cinema Diverse, a program of the Palm Springs Cultural Center held from September 24-26, 2010. It is dedicated to advancing education, to nurturing community-wide participation in the cultural arts, and to sponsoring scholarship awards for deserving individuals. For tickets and more information visit

The radio show will broadcast live Sunday September 19th 2010 from 10:00 to 11:00 AM PDT and can be heard live or on demand anytime online at:

The episode will also be available via podcast from iTunes.

For more information about The Palm Springs Savant & Co radio show visit

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Meet Mason the Poodle Guide Dog

Meet 'Mason' a standard poodle guide dog from the Guide Dogs of the Desert. Mason is a guide dog ambassador who has been very busy lately. Mason has been out visiting Petco stores to help raise awareness of National Guide Dog Month. Being the smart poodle he is, Mason knows that it takes two years and costs more than $40,000 to train a single guide dog. I've written about guide dogs before, for more details, check out this prior post. My employer, Natural Balance Pet Foods has teamed up with Petco to raise $1 million this month for accredited guide dog schools across the United States. You can donate at any Petco store today or online at through September 24th. Donations are a little behind where we would like them to be, so we need a last push to get the word out. That's why 'Mason' is out visiting stores. Help me spread the word. You can donate any amount $1, $5, $10, $20 online, it is fast and easy. Thanks for your help.
-Rick Rockhill

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shifting Your Perspective a Bit

Sometimes one's perspective can change everything. I learned that a number of years ago. Things can look very  different when you open your mind to see them from another side. Just for the sake of having a visual for this post, I went into the garden at home and took these three photos. This top left photo is a bit difficult to sort out at first, because its not clear exactly what is going on. This first photo is looking top down onto a cactus. The eye and brain work in milliseconds to observe, evaluate and determine what we see.
Then there is this perspective, where I  positioned my camera underneath the base of the main cactus looking up toward the sky (You can see a little bit of me, peeking in the photo). This angle has strange view as well, and oven provides a glimpse into the "underbelly" of the cactus, revealing some ugliness of the growth scars. Something you wouldn't have seen from the first view.
And finally, the side view that most people have of this very same plant. It is what is expected of a cactus. I can't say that I've adequately conveyed my thoughts here through these photos, but being the enlightened reader that you are, you most likely see where I am going. How we chose to view things in life can make a huge difference on our happiness and attitudes. Sometimes things are not what they seem. Being open to considering other perspectives can be an eye opening experience. So whether you are having a tough time understanding someone else in your life, or maybe you are going through a difficult time in your own life, try to see things from another perspective. You just may be surprised. Next week on my radio show, I'll have another Spiritual Enlightenment show, with Joy Meredith of Crystal Fantasy store in Palm Springs. We'll explore this topic of shifting your perspectives to help see things more clearly. I'll post info about the show in a few days, you can listen on demand anytime, so don't worry about the date of broadcast. In the meantime, think about these cactus photos.
-Rick Rockhill

Saturday, September 11, 2010

YOU Can Make A Difference This Weekend

We're smack in the middle of the National Guide Dog Month fundraiser and still need to get the word out about donations. For those of you who have already made a donation, THANK YOU. Our goal is to raise $1 million and we're only half way there. The next 10 days will be critical in reaching that goal. You can donate in two ways: 1. Go to any Petco store and donate at the registers or 2. Donate online right now, just click here its fast and easy to do. You can donate $1, $5, $10, $20 or any amount to help provide guide dogs to the blind. In this photo above, I'm with "Mango" a guide dog puppy-in-training from the Guide Dogs of the Desert in Palm Springs. If you have not seen it yet, check out this video of me with Natalie from Petco about Guide Dogs.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Expecting Mary Premiere in Palm Springs

Jim Casey, Lainie Kazan, Della Reese, Linda Gray and Kim Waltrip
Last night was the official Palm Springs premiere for the brand new film 'Expecting Mary'. It was held as a benefit to the Desert Aids Project, a non-profit organization that provides medical care and comprehensive support services to people living with HIV/AIDS in the desert community. Expecting Mary has close ties to the desert; J&J and Wonderstar Productions are both based here in Palm Springs.
Members of the supporting cast of Expecting Mary
Expecting Mary was completely sold out for this special viewing, just one day before the official opening Friday September 10th in select cities. Principal cast members attended, including Linda Gray, Della Reese and Lainie Kazan. If you missed my interview with Linda Gray, you can still listen to it on demand here. In addition, a broad group of supporting cast were also on hand to support this presentation, including Duncan Bravo, Kathy Lampkin, Kinsey Packard, Matt Kaminsky, Mandell Butler, & Larry Bates. I've seen Expecting Mary multiple times, having attended screenings in several cities. The audience reaction to the film was electric; people were experiencing the full range of emotions that the script so masterfully elicits. 
After the film, the key stars were on stage for a Q&A moderated by local personality Gloria Greer from Palm Springs Life magazine and CBS2 TV. The stars happily answered questions from an enthusiastic audience for about 20 minutes before attending a lovely reception held outside under the clear desert sky.

Until you see the film, this yellow VW bug won't mean much, but once you've seen it, it will make you laugh! The reception had an array of delicious cupcakes and cookies with various movie logos on them.

Della Reese and I chatted for awhile and caught up since we last saw each other in New York. She is such an incredible lady, and a true talent on many levels. Della's role in Expecting Mary is a scene-stealer for sure. Della plays 'Doris Dorkus", the grumpy owner of trailer park where much of this story takes place. She punctuates the screen with a bold, direct sense of humor, and draws in the viewer wondering what made her become so cantankerous and surly to the ditsy and innocent Darnella whom she encounters several times. But soon, even Doris has a transformation, along with several characters making her a lovable woman with great appeal. This film is filled with great characters, each colorful and likable. If you live in one of the cities where this opens for its initial run, please go check it out this weekend (see yesterday's post below for cities). Strong openings are very important to the success and sustainability of independent films. Go see the film and tell me what you think. With a dash of good luck and your support, it will expand to additional screens in time for Thanksgiving...stay tuned!
-Rick Rockhill

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Want FREE Tickets to See Expecting Mary?

At long last, Expecting Mary opens nationwide in select cities for its official release tomorrow. I'm offering FREE tickets (for this opening weekend only) to the first 100 of my readers who contact me by noon Friday Sept 10th. Look below to see if it is opening in a city near you. If so, let me know if you want to go, courtesy of The Palm Springs Savant. If you need more information about the film, check out my radio show from this last Sunday. My guests included actress Linda Gray ("Sue Ellen Ewing" of TV's Dallas). Linda is one of the major stars of Expecting Mary and speaks extensively of her role as Darnella Dare. Listen to the show, then go see the film!

Look below to see if there is a theater near you:

The River 12
Century Theaters
Rancho Mirage, California
Rancho Stadium 16
Rancho Mirage, California
The Camelot
Palm Springs, California
Coconut Point 18
Estero, Florida
Merchants Crossing 16
Fort Myers, Florida
Belltower Stadium 20
Fort Myers, Florida
Hollywood Stadium 20
Naples, Florida

Cinemark 20
Merriam, Kansas
Great Mall 16
Olathe, Kansas
Palazzo 16
Overland Park, Kansas
Westglen 18
Shawnee, Kansas
Legends 14
Kansas City, Kansas
Barrywoods 24
Kansas City, Kansas
Town Center 20
Leawood, Kansas
Studio 30
Olathe, Kansas

Kansas City Stadium 18
Kansas City, Missouri
Northglen 14
Kansas City, Missouri
Eastglen 16 Lee's
Summit, Missouri
Independence 20
Independence, Missouri
Ward Parkway 14
Kansas City, Missouri
Kickingbird 8
Edmonds, Oklahoma
AMC Crossroads 16
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Bricktown Cinema 16
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Moore Warren Theatre
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Penn Square 10
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Quail Springs Mall 24
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Spotlight 14
Norman, Oklahoma
West End Pointe
Yukon, Oklahoma

Clarksville 16
Clarksville, Tennessee

Rocky Top Cinema 10
Crossville, Tennessee

Roxy 8
Dickson, Tennessee

Thoroughbred 20
Franklin, Tennessee

Streets of Indian Lakes
Hendersonville, Tennessee

Roxy 10
Lebannon, Tennessee

Providence Stadium
Mt. Juliett, Tennessee

Wynnsong 16
Murfressboro, Tennessee

Thouroughbred 20
Nashville, Tennessee

Hollywood 27
Nashville, Tennessee

Green Hills Stadium 16
Nashville, Tennessee

Malco Roxy
Smyrna, Tennessee

Cinemark 12
American Fork, Utah

Cinemark Bountiful 8
Bountiful, Utah

Tinseltown 17 USA
Layton, Utah

Megaplex 8 @ Thanksgiving Point
Lehi, Utah

Cinemark Tinseltown 14
Ogden, Utah

Megaplex 13 at the Junction
Ogden, Utah

Megaplex 17 at Jordan Commons
Sandy, Utah

Century 16 Union Heights
Sandy, Utah

Cinemark 16
Provo, Utah

Wynnsong 12
Provo, Utah

Carmike 12
West Jordan Utah

Cinemark 24 Jordan Landing & XD
West Jordan, UT

Megaplex 20 at The District
South Jordan, Utah

Ritz 15
West Valley City Utah

Be sure to let me know ASAP, either with a comment here, or just send me an e-mail at

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Counting My Blessings On This Day

Today is one of those days that only happen once a year. I'm never been bothered when my birthday comes around, I just tend to ignore it. Its sort of like New Year's Eve to me, for some people, NYE is a night to be wild and be out all night. For me, New Year's Eve has become a more solemn event. In fact, the passing of time is something I tend to view with great reverence and a touch of melancholy. The very second you took to read this last sentence is a moment in time gone forever. Life is of course, far too short, and we must cherish every moment. Rather than get worked up over passages of time, I try to count my blessings and live in the moment. 

On this day I took time to slice up some fresh, organic, locally grown strawberries. I had some heavy cream in the fridge, which I whipped up in the Kitchen-Aid mixer, which was calling out to be used, as it had been neglected for several months. I served up my strawberries in a crystal martini glass and topped it off with a generous dollop of fresh whipped cream. Oh it looked so delicious. Even Sheldon walked over to check it out. As I sat enjoying my special treat, I paused to reflect on all the blessings I have been given. I am appreciative for everything I have, especially my health and full physical faculties. Having been so involved with National Guide Dog Month I've had the opportunity to see first hand how challenging life can be when you cannot see. I hope we do raise our million dollars this month. If you have not yet donated, you can do so online, just click here. (You can't blame me for working that plug in, can you?) In the meantime I shall savor this day that comes once a year and long after my strawberries are gone will remember the sweet taste of the life with which I have been blessed.
-Rick Rockhill

Monday, September 6, 2010

Spiritual Enlightenment on The Palm Springs Savant & Co Show

Today was the first episode of a new "Spiritual Enlightenment" series on my radio show, The Palm Springs Savant & Co on Blog Talk Radio. The mission of this new series is to provide listeners with a gateway to the Universe for self improvement. Throughout this series, I will welcome guests to discuss a range of topics, including psychic intuitives, mediums, spiritual counselors, healers, angel therapists, authors, artists, musicians, Astrology, tea leaf, Palmistry, Tarot, Chakras, aromatherapy, Reiki, aura colors, healing jewelry, crystals, reflexology and numerology. I do not claim to have any intuitive abilities, nor do I practice or follow every one of these methods. My role as show host is to present topics and provide listeners with the information to make their own decisions and choices in life.  The objective is to provide tools to help us improve our lives. What path are you on in your life? Learn what you can do to make a positive change for yourself, tune into this inaugural show and look for new show episodes.
My guest today was Joy Meredeth of Crystal Fantasy shop in Palm Springs, California. Crystal Fantasy is the leading destination in the California desert for gifts and serves as a spiritual center with an amazing array of information, crystals, books, jewelry, music, incense and so much more. If you want to understand all about Joy, check out her Attitude of Gratitude page on her website. This reminds us that it is important to count our blessings everyday. Remember that the Universe is always listening to us- when we send positive thoughts and words out, they attract positive energy.

During today's show, Joy also shared information about the 3rd annual Palm Springs Body Mind Spirit Retreat and Expo, October 2-3. The event features a "life changing weekend of inspiration and enlightenment" which features over 15 classes and workshops and 20 exhibitors including spiritual counselors, healers, wellness professionals, Reiki, Theta Healing, mediums, astrologers, tea leaf, palmistry, tarot, massage, aura photos, authors, artists, musicians, aromatherapy, jewelry, crystals, goddess wear, and more. Visit for more information.

Happy Labor Day

Enjoy your holiday, wherever you may be.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Special Guest Actress Linda Gray on Sunday's Palm Springs Savant & Co Radio show

Tune into The Palm Springs Savant & Co radio show on Blog Talk Radio for my special guest, actress Linda Gray. She spoke about her upcoming film, Expecting Mary set for national release September 10. Of course millions of people know Ms Gray for her role as Sue Ellen Ewing on TV's long running hit show Dallas. She is an award winning actress, an accomplished director and a United Nations Ambassador. Ms Gray earned an Emmy nomination for Best Actress, won several achievements including Germany's "Bambi Award" (similar to the US Academy Award), Italy's "Il Gato" for Best Actress, and voted "Woman of the Year" by the Hollywood and Radio Television Society. Her stage work includes "The Graduate" in London's  West End theater district as well as "Terms of Endearment", and started her career in "Love Letters". She has appeared in numerous other TV series and programs throughout her professional career.
I am honored to welcome Linda Gray to the Palm Springs Savant & Co radio show. Listeners will get an inside glimpse of her new role in Expecting Mary, due out in select theaters nationwide starting September 10th. Linda's fans will be delighted to know her radio interview can be heard around the world, on demand any time from the internet on Blog Talk Radio, or on podcast via iTunes. A special screening of Expecting Mary will be held here in Palm Springs Sunday September 9th at the Camelot Theater to benefit the Desert Aids Project. Be sure to tune in to this show and get the scoop on a film that is sure to impress audiences everywhere. Read the press release here.
-Rick Rockhill 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Visit from Miss Dragonfly

Yesterday I enjoyed my morning coffee on the back patio while doing a bit of work on my laptop. It was still nice and cool- the desert sun had not yet begun to bear its full force. I first heard the quiet hum of a pair of wings, delicate- yet fluttering at high speed. I turned my head gradually, and suddenly noticed a winged insect hovering over a plant in the garden. Admittedly, entomology isn't my specialty, so instead I'll just call this Miss Dragonfly. This creature was busy doing its job, but oddly enough when I noticed its presence, "Miss Dragonfly" fly over to me and hovered just 10-12 inches in front of my face. I sat still like a statue, watching and listening. The sound of her delicate wings were like a song. It was as if she were speaking to me. Then almost as suddenly as she appeared, she flew away to a nearby plant. I reflected for a moment on the beauty of what I saw and decided it was a good omen. I like to pay attention to the omens in this world. They are like guides, helping us along the path of life. This omen told me to listen to the universe. There are messages for us all, all we need to do is slow down and listen. This Labor Day weekend I intend to do just that. 
-Rick Rockhill

Friday, September 3, 2010

Three Lost Dogs Who Wandered into My Yard

Imagine my surprise the other day when three strange dogs wandered into my driveway. Sheldon and Duncan were outside, playing in the garden on the other side of the front gate. Luckily they hadn't seen these four-legged furry visitors. I was able to shoo them into the house before anyone got all barky at each other. John and I were very cautious around these three dogs, as they were unknown, but also because one was a Pit Bull. I like Pit Bulls, but some people train them to be aggressive. Not knowing how they had been raised, we were initially very careful. None of the dogs were wearing collars or identification, they looked healthy with nice shiny coats- these clearly were not stray dogs. After a few minutes it was clear that all three dogs were from the same home. They played with each other and knew each other well. They must have escaped and went on a stroll together exploring Palm Springs.
Sounds like fun, huh? Well not really. You see, it's 110 degrees here, not a hospitable climate for dogs to be wandering the desert. If they had been out all day it was very possible they could have died from heat exhaustion or dehydration. The dogs already looked thirsty, so I put out a bowl of water, which they quickly lapped up. 

John drove around the neighborhood to see if anyone was out searching for a dog, but with no luck. We took photos of the dogs to make signs about "Found Dogs". Soon, the city animal control arrived to pick up these three sweet dogs. We drove around the area, posting our signs to let someone know the dogs were safe and how to locate them. As luck would have it, while out posting signs in a nearby neighborhood, a young teenager saw us putting up the sign and realized it was about his three dogs! A sense of relief came over me, as the fate of the dogs became clear, they would be reunited with their family again. As an animal lover, I hate to see things like this. I always blame the humans for not properly looking after their pets. In the end, it turned out alright, but I couldn't help wonder what if...
-Rick Rockhill

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Why More Guide Dogs are Needed

I mentioned in a prior post that September is National Guide Dog Month, and that I would be blogging regularly about it over the next few weeks. We're trying to raise one million dollars this month to help provide more guide dogs to people who cannot see.There are over 20 million people in the US alone with some kind of visual impairment. Being legally blind shouldn't mean a person has to move in fear, hoping not to stumble. The leading causes of blindness are cataracts, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration & diabetic retinopathy. In addition, 13% of our active military return home from war with eye injuries. Despite all this, only a very small percentage of legally blind people ever get a guide dog. Thankfully there are several accredited guide dog schools around the country who provide guide dogs to the blind for FREE. I've been involved with a local school here in the Palm Springs area, Guide Dogs of the Desert. They place guide dogs all over the country, although primarily within the South west region of the US. I visited their facility a few weeks ago to see the latest guide dog puppies, ready to be placed in the home of a volunteer puppy raiser for 18 months. Then they are returned to the guide dog school for formal guide dog training. I cannot imagine giving up a puppy after raising it like my own pet. I have such respect for the puppy raisers who can do that. I'd like to share this incredible video with you about guide dogs. It is 7 minutes, so settle in with a nice cup of cawfee and enjoy it. It's well worth your time to watch. 

If you would like to help and make a donation in any amount ($1, $5, $10, $20...) just go to to donate online. Its fast and easy. Please consider helping today. I'd really appreciate it if you would also consider posting a link on your own blog to this post so that others can see this video. I need help to get the word out quickly so we can reach our million dollar fund raising goal this month.
-Rick Rockhill


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