Monday, September 6, 2010

Spiritual Enlightenment on The Palm Springs Savant & Co Show

Today was the first episode of a new "Spiritual Enlightenment" series on my radio show, The Palm Springs Savant & Co on Blog Talk Radio. The mission of this new series is to provide listeners with a gateway to the Universe for self improvement. Throughout this series, I will welcome guests to discuss a range of topics, including psychic intuitives, mediums, spiritual counselors, healers, angel therapists, authors, artists, musicians, Astrology, tea leaf, Palmistry, Tarot, Chakras, aromatherapy, Reiki, aura colors, healing jewelry, crystals, reflexology and numerology. I do not claim to have any intuitive abilities, nor do I practice or follow every one of these methods. My role as show host is to present topics and provide listeners with the information to make their own decisions and choices in life.  The objective is to provide tools to help us improve our lives. What path are you on in your life? Learn what you can do to make a positive change for yourself, tune into this inaugural show and look for new show episodes.
My guest today was Joy Meredeth of Crystal Fantasy shop in Palm Springs, California. Crystal Fantasy is the leading destination in the California desert for gifts and serves as a spiritual center with an amazing array of information, crystals, books, jewelry, music, incense and so much more. If you want to understand all about Joy, check out her Attitude of Gratitude page on her website. This reminds us that it is important to count our blessings everyday. Remember that the Universe is always listening to us- when we send positive thoughts and words out, they attract positive energy.

During today's show, Joy also shared information about the 3rd annual Palm Springs Body Mind Spirit Retreat and Expo, October 2-3. The event features a "life changing weekend of inspiration and enlightenment" which features over 15 classes and workshops and 20 exhibitors including spiritual counselors, healers, wellness professionals, Reiki, Theta Healing, mediums, astrologers, tea leaf, palmistry, tarot, massage, aura photos, authors, artists, musicians, aromatherapy, jewelry, crystals, goddess wear, and more. Visit for more information.

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KathyA said...

Very, very interesting! I have an additional one for you, too -- Bowen Work! It's amazing and I know a practitioner who might be willing to call in. Google it to see if you're interested.


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