Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pleasurable Picnicking

It seems that life today is so complex. So many distractions, commitments, obligations and such. Technology connects us to what seems like the entire world everywhere we go. Constant stimulus through a smart phone, iPad or some such device.  At times I do miss the days of the past, when families could unplug for the day, pack a cooler and basket and go picnicking at a park, field, or beach. 

Springtime was always a joy. Fields of wildflowers in bloom,
fresh grass, and pleasant weather served as the idea setting for a picnic. I'm the first to embrace the modern conveniences of today's age. Aside from technology, there are a multitude of goods that made life easier. Packing for a picnic for example is far easier than say even 25 years ago. A simple picnic basket can be packed with fresh veggies, cheese, fruit, a loaf of crusty French bread, wine and bottled water. If you are in the Palm Springs area, the L'Atelier Deli has the most wonderful French food, from sandwiches, salads, quiches, etc. So even if you don't want to prepare food yourself, L'Atelier can make it even easier for you.

Add refreshing slices of melon with thinly sliced prosciutto ham is a fantastic and refreshing addition to any picnic. Prepare a variety of sandwiches: cucumber, brie cheese, egg salad are all ideal. Depending on the season, fresh cherries are a nice treat too. Oh, and don't forget the chocolate...even homemade fudge is a nice touch.

Pleasurable picnicking may be a lost art to some, but it is easy to revive. It starts with a picnic basket, and a desire to get away and enjoy life. Don't let life pass you by, we only life this life once.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

You can have all the privacy you desire

It would seem that the notion of privacy is becoming rather a rare concept these days. The news sites are filled with stories of government monitoring, spying, tracking phone calls, online activity, even analyzing credit card purchases. Virtually all public places in urban areas are monitored with surveillance cameras. Indeed, everywhere you go, nothing is private. The world has become a complex place during the past twenty years in particular. Governments are expected to keep its citizens safe, yet without the surveillance tools, it becomes quite difficult. Mind you, it is ironic that while the previous US Administration was in office, there were cries from the left about the republicans usurping freedoms, excessive monitoring, etc, and yet under the current US Administration they have authorized the widest expansion of surveillance and monitoring of private citizens in the history of our great nation. Amazingly, a swath of the political population remains quiet about it. But I digress. This is actually not intended to be a political post.

The key to keeping your privacy is to simply choose how you consume things. First off, move to the rural countryside and work off the land. Second, don't use the internet.  Go back to subscribing to a paper newspaper delivered by a paperboy. Third, don't make any phone calls. Fourth, pay cash for everything. Don't use a bank or investment account, just stuff the mattress with cash. With these simple choices, you can "go off the grid" and have all the privacy you desire.

So you see life is all about choices.

Now if you want to enjoy the rights and privileges of most citizens of the western world, you will need to understand that there is no privacy.

There is one very important and final thought I wish to convey. Even if you are being monitored, as long as you have nothing to hide, then there is nothing to worry about. People who do bad things need to worry. People who don't, don't.

But Wait! There is one other option...
As I mentioned, life IS all about choices. Choose your path wisely. Have faith in God. Live life as a good person, be nice, help others. Avoid temptation. Sound like old fashioned values? Not to me. You can have all the privacy you desire, just stay out of trouble and be a good person. None of the government agencies and law enforcement officials are interested in people just doing good deeds. You will be swimming in privacy, as long as you have nothing to hide.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

These Are Nice...

Thought you might enjoy these photos of the beautiful Spring flowers in bloom in St James Park, London. They are marvelous, aren't they?

Saturday, May 18, 2013

I Have A Thing For...

the first pair of Golas I came to love
While it is true that I have a fair number of dress shoes in my closets, I've never thought myself to be much of a shoe-hound. Last year however I bought a pair of sneakers  ("trainers" as my UK mates call them) that I came to love. They were a pair of retro-style Gola brand sneakers. Gola is an English company founded back in 1905 and today seems to be enjoying a bit of a resurgence in popularity. Until  last year I had not heard of Gola, or if I had I didn't remember them. Anyway the pair I bought in London last year are so comfortable I enjoy wearing them. Moreover, it seems that whenever I wore that first pair, I received numerous complements from admirers about the style, design and color combinations. They were zippy enough to be worn with casual pants as well as jeans. So to make a statement I would wear my brown and light blue Golas whenever I could. Soon I decided that if one pair was good, two pair would be even better.

these are the ones I just bought
I set off on a mission to buy more Golas. First, I bought a "reserve" pair of the brown and pale blue ones I had grown to love. Then I bought a pair of green and tan ones, and decided I was quite happy. Later, while shopping I stumbled upon another pair of black suede sneakers with a tan leather stripe...from some unknown brand. I decided to pick up these as a trial. They  have the right look I've come to like, but in truth, they are not the same quality of the Gola brand. That being said, I am happy with my three new pair of suede retro-sneakers.

The only question remaining, is which ones do I get next? Yes, I'm afraid I have a "thing" for suede retro sneakers. Oh dear...

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Could this mean a future ABBA reunion?

Anyone who has known me since childhood knows that I've long been a massive ABBA fan. Wait, no that would actually be an understatement.  

Anyway, when Agnetha decided she had enough, and went into seclusion in her native Sweden the band ended. For decades, I've dreamed of the day when Agnetha would be tempted to return to the studio, perhaps for a full ABBA album. It's not like any of them need the money. The music of ABBA continues to be popular to this day, through original albums, but also in thanks to the West End London play and NY Broadway play Mama Mia...and then the film of the same name. Despite rumors of offers of a billion US dollars, the members of ABBA have, as yet declined to do a reunion tour.

My hopes have been raised with the new album from Agnetha Fältskog. She was the one member who wanted nothing to do with being back in the limelight. I've pre-ordered her new album on iTunes, and downloaded the single When You Really Love Someone. I love the song and can hardly wait until the rest of the album is released.

I'm in London at the moment, and as it turns out, Agnetha was here doing some promotional visits for her album. WOW. Life is but a dream at times.

If you are an ABBA fan, visit her website and check her out on Facebook too. Holy Smokes. If ABBA ever did reunite, I might have to become a groupie and travel the world to attend every concert. You have no idea what a huge ABBA fan I am...I'm seriously happy to hear from Agnetha again.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Good Life

They say happiness is a state of mind, and I have always believed this to be true. There are lots of things that can bring happiness or feelings of contentment, one just needs to look to the things around oneself. I saw this t-shirt design the other day and it made me smile. The notion of a dog wearing a cap and driving a golf cart seemed just perfect. Below the image were the words "The Good Life, Palm Springs".

This shirt captured my state of mind on a few levels. My dogs are a source of continuous happiness each day, they are good pals and have so much energy. Living in Palm Springs is also good for my soul. In particular our beautiful San Jacino mountains are so peaceful and serene. The warm sunshine and clear blue skies most days also give me reason so smile. Just seeing this simple t-shirt reminded me of how happy I am. The secret to a happy life is to always find things around you to celebrate and embrace. I consider myself fortunate that this t-shirt was all it took to remind me of it all.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Looking Back on Things...

Not long ago, in a far, far away land, I met with a Buddhist monk in a temple high up in a mountain. After a long discussion and some meditation, he had me write a bunch of information on a piece of paper, and hung it from one of those colorful rows you see in this photo. He offered to pray for a year, which amazed me. I stumbled on this image and it reminded me of that kind monk. Looking back on things, a great amount of good fortune has come to me since that day. Who knows the reason, but I am indeed grateful. Today I can close my eyes and find myself back at the top of that mountain, and almost smell the incense burning at the temple. Yes, part of me is still there. Looking back, it was one of those days that ended up being more special that I could have ever imagined.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

How much is too much?

Throughout my life, entertaining at home has been a cherished tradition, for dear friends and new acquaintances. From London, Boston, New York, Chicago, San Diego to Palm Springs, I've always enjoyed hosting parties, dinners and intimate cocktail parties. Despite over 25 years of experience at it, I still struggle at one key component: how much food to serve

I suffer from what I call Italian Guilt. I loosely define it as the shame of running out of food, or even worse--what would someone say if I didn't have enough of a spread. Of course, in truth, noone in my social circle would truly be that judgmental, but being of Italian heritage, even the thought of embarrassment is enough to motivate me to bring out more food than can be consumed. 

But how much is too much? Take for instance, a normal dinner party. Before dinner, I usually serve cocktails, and have some snacky things on the coffee table. Cashews. Pistachios. Almonds. Cheese. Crackers. Salami. Is that enough? Well maybe some grapes for good measure. Oh and how about some sliced veggies? A few hot hors d'oeuvres as well? What if someone can't make it until dinner is served? The realization that I've gone too far usually happens sometime between when I squeeze it all on the table, and when my guests protest at the thought of anything further.

I truly enjoy entertaining, I just wish I could shed this Italian Guilt, even after 25 years of doing it.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St Patrick's Day

I'm not Irish, but I enjoy celebrating St Patrick's Day every year. Mind you when I say "celebrate" it doesn't quite have the same meaning as when I was in college. Now those were celebrations....but that's another day's blog post I'm afraid. I recently had a guest on my radio show who claimed he was a leprechaun. Technically I suppose he meant he was a descendent of a leprechaun, but either way one doesn't often meet a leprechaun. I'm not an investigative journalist, my radio program is purely for light entertainment, so I went along with it.

Despite my skepticism, it turned out to be a decent segment, just in time for St Patrick's Day. During the interview we had a live caller from Ireland who happened to see the "on air" tweet for Blog Talk Radio and actually phoned in to speak with a real life leprechaun. She just wanted to be able to say she "spoke" with a leprechaun, and didn't have much to say. Apparently he has his share of photo ops with folks wherever he goes. I was disappointed that he couldn't produce any magic, nor could he produce any tales of finding s pot of gold. But he was full of funny stories, none the less. It may come as a complete surprise to you, but he also sells t-shirts and buttons about his magical Irish heritage.

After the interview, my magical guest with the brogue sent me a lucky four leaf clover charm as a way of saying thanks. I'll carry it around in my pocket this St Patrick's Day and see what good luck comes my way. Well that and maybe some green beer too. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

An Evening at Palm Springs Air Museum

I love living in Palm Springs. There is so much to see and plenty to do. One hidden gem is the Palm Springs Air Museum, located adjacent to the Palm Springs International Airport. I was there to attend a private dinner party held in the museum hangar, in the midst of the most beautiful warbird aircraft, light dramatically in the desert night. The San Jacinto Mountainscape was the perfect backdrop for these works of art that once liberated Europe. The air museum boasts one of the world's largest collections of flyable WWII aircraft and Warbirds. Their mission is "to educate and honor World War II combat aircraft and the role the pilots and American citizens had in achieving this great victory."
If you have the opportunity to visit this museum, do so--it is quite impressive. It's a great place to take your dad, uncle or any veteran. Last night I toured the Bob Hope war exhibit within the air museum, which was really cool. Learn more about this fun museum from their website.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Life in the Wild West...sort of

I've lived in Palm Springs so long now that I've grown accustomed to the surroundings. Cactus plants, aloe, palm trees, tumbleweeds, olive trees, and smoke trees, all used to seem foreign to me. When I would see these things they never phased me. Until recently...I was visiting Smoke Tree Ranch and came across this old wagon. It made me feel like I was living in the Wild Wild West. Well at an historic ranch anyway. Smoke Tree Ranch dates back to the 1930's and has operated as a resort now for more than 60 years. I love places like this. They still have the old wild west charm, character that makes you feel as though you are living in the wild west. I didn't set out to write a plug post for the Smoke Tree Ranch, but I have to admit, I am smitten with the place. I've driven past it for well over a decade and never thought much about it, but I'm happy that spending time there brought a smile to my face.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

I'll take it...

I just saw this week's weather forecast for Palm Springs. The nice warm weather is returning after a few days of a cold snap. It sure is nice to see mid 80's in the forecast...although it looks like it will be climbing as high as 96 on, March sure is early to hit high 90's. Mind you, there is a 10% chance of rain, so that means a wispy cloud will float overhead and dry up before any precipitation could even think to sprinkle on our fair desert sands. We'll see how it shakes out but I'm just glad I can re-pack my sweaters again until next January.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Miss Piggy and Kermit

Since I was a kid, I've loved Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. Their on again, off again relationship was always such fun. Miss Piggy, aggressive and pushy is always pursuing poor shy Kermit. It's not easy being green. Both are lovable and memorable. Maybe that's why I was so excited to see these collectable figures at Memento Gift Shop the other day. I don't normally buy things like this but they are so cute...and they made me smile. Which one do you prefer, Kermit or Miss Piggy?

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Are you a Wine Aux?

Are you a ‘Wine Aux’?
The definition is: “A lover of wine who uses a glass”.  Well, that’s the definition according to this popular t-shirt at Memento Gift Shop in Palm Springs. I do love much so that we have not one but two wine cellars, both of which are brimming with wine. So I suppose that means I should buy one of these t-shirts!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

My solution for dry hands...Crabtree & Evenlyn

OK I admit it. I have dry hands. In fact super dry hands. It's my own fault. Party because I'm germaphobic, and partly because I don't want to catch a cold or some stomach flu. So I wash my hands many times throughout the day. Right or wrong it is what I do. I don't use those alcohol-based hand sanitizers much, just regular hot water and soap. The next result is my hands dry out. However I found a great skin care lotion that works a charm on my dry hands. 

Crabtree & Evelyn has a line of "Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy" in a tube. They have lots of scents, but I like the Avocado, Olive & Basil variety. According to their website, it is infused with macadamia nut oil, shea butter, avocado butter, and basil and olive extracts. Lucky for me, I know just the place to get some. Memento Gift Shop in the heart of downtown Palm Springs is the exclusive retailer in downtown Palm Springs for the entire Crabtree & Evelyn line. If you have dry hands, check out their hand therapy lotion. They have lots of other scents, like Orange, Lavendar, etc. Your hands will thank you.
This isn't a paid post, just my own opinion and experience in solving dry hand issues.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Another Modernism Week Wraps Up

Here in Palm Springs, our annual Modernism Week is about to draw to a close; after a very busy calendar of events. All accounts estimate that this year's activities drew record crowds to our fair desert community. The website for Modernism Week describes it as: "...the only such event in the country, is an exciting 11-day celebration of mid-century modern design, architecture and culture. This design aesthetic, originated in the 1950s and 60s, was typified by clean, simple lines and celebrated elegant informality which came to define desert modernism."

Modernism is alive and well, it would seem. In particular, folks around the globe seem to have a fascination and appreciation for Mid-Century Modern style, and in particular architecture. According to our friends at Wikipedia, Mid-Century Modern is defined as follows: "an architectural, interior, product and graphic design that generally describes mid-20th century developments in modern design, architecture, and urban development from roughly 1933 to 1965".

This year's events were much more than just home tours and bus tours of historical architecture throughout the city of Palm Springs. Car shows, fashion shows, concerts, lectures, films, trailer shows, and a dizzying array of fabulous cocktail parties. The Modernism Week blog was well written, too with great content.

Retailers-- purveyors of both vintage and new goods carried a marvelous variety of goods, from authentic vintage clothes, classic home decor accessories, to fridge magnets. It was, a modernism bonanza for fans of the Modernism style. The Uptown Design District, in particular did a brilliant job hosting events, featuring goods and services and consulting for inquisitive minds. There is even a handy app for your mobile device.

A special thanks to everyone who hosted, organized, lectured, sponsored, volunteered and most importantly--attended the events here in Palm Springs these past days. It has been a fantastic experience once again.  

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wouldn't You Rather Be a Left Handed Flea?

Wouldn't you rather be a left handed flea
A crab on a slab on the bottom of the sea
A newt on the root of a banyan tree
Or a fig on a twig in Galilee
Than a man who never learns how to be free
Not til the day
Not til the day 
Not til the day 
Not til the day he dies.
It's easy to free your mind, if you allow it to happen and savor life
There are some really good lessons embedded within the the Broadway musical 'Pippin'. Take these lyrics above, from the song 'Simple Joys', or consider these next lyrics from another song in Pippin "No Time at All"

When you are as old as I, my dear
And I hope that you never are
You will woefully wonder why, my dear 

Through your cataracts and catarrh

You could squander away or sequester
A drop of a precious year
For when your best days are yester
The rest'er twice as dear....


What good is a field on a fine summer night
When you sit all alone with the weeds?
Or a succulent pear if with each juicy bite
You spit out your teeth with the seeds?

Before it's too late stop trying to wait
For fortune and fame you're secure of
For there's one thing to be sure of, mate:
There's nothing to be sure of!


Oh, it's time to start livin'
Time to take a little from this world we're given
Time to take time, cause spring will turn to fall
In just no time at all....


I've never wondered if I was afraid
When there was a challenge to take
I never thought about how much I weighed
When there was still one piece of cake

Maybe it's meant the hours I've spent
Feeling broken and bent and unwell
But there's still no cure more heaven-sent
As the chance to raise some hell


Oh, it's time to start livin'
Time to take a little from this world we're given
Time to take time, cause spring will turn to fall
In just no time at all....

So my message today is don't let life pass you by. Savor every single day. Don't be a slave to things that really don't matter, and free your mind of the trivial matters while you are young enough to still enjoy life.  Otherwise you might as well just be a left handed flea. Or a crab on a slab on the bottom of the sea...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gong Xi Fa Cai

To my friends in Asia celebrating Chinese New Year:

Gong Xi Fa Cai 恭禧發財

In the Chinese Lunar Zodiac calendar, 2013 is the year of the snake. Read more about it from our friends at Wikipdia.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Love Blogging? Watch this TV Show

My work life has crossed over into my personal life for nearly 25 years. By that I mean I like what I do at work and it bleeds into what I do at home. I've been blogging for years, and frequently my work life appears here in some fashion. Usually I keep things separated, but with the TV show I've been working on, it is difficult not to share the fun news with you.

Who Let the Dogs Out is such a fun TV show. It is part of Hallmark Channel's original programming, daytime on Fridays. You can get information on the show from the network website, or from the show website

This Friday's episode features the Blog Paws blogger conference from last summer. Sheldon and I attended, on behalf of my company, Natural Balance. Also in attendance were Norman the Scooter Dog and Tillman the world's fastest skateboarding bulldog. The producers of Who Let the Dogs Out filmed the conference, and Blog Paws is the feature story of this week's episode of Who Let the Dogs Out. They interviewed a bunch of pet bloggers, including an amazingly inspirational story of a dog whose battle with cancer changed the lives if his two human parents. It is a story you'll want to see. It might inspire you to become a pet blogger too.

Tune in this Friday on Hallmark Channel 1 pm/12 central. Or just set your DVR to record it.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Valentine's Day in Palm Springs

I wouldn't consider myself a "hopeless romantic" but I'm a firm believer in the importance of those "magic moments" that kindle new relationships and keep the fire in existing ones too. The everyday opportunities are what matter most, but it is hard to resist "the Biggies" on the calendar, such as Valentine's Day. Even as a kid, at an early age I developed a fondness for the Valentine's Day customs. Perhaps it was the heart-shaped boxes at Fanny Farmer and Fannie May Candy shops. I'm sure their heart-shaped chocolate marshmallow treats had nothing to do with it...but I was also a fan of sending--and receiving Valentine's cards in the mail. I can even remember cutting out  hearts out of red and pink construction paper and taping them all over the kitchen for my mom. Yes, Valentine's Day has strong memories for me that have carried through my entire life.

Perhaps that's why every year I celebrate Valentine's Day in my own way. I've always bought myself a heart-shaped box of chocolates, just to carry on the traditions. I've helped plenty of clueless friends who have sheepishly asked my opinion on what to do for Valentine's Day with their girlfriends/boyfriends/spouses. Of course, living in a popular vacation spot and tourist destination like Palm Springs, plenty of friends end up coming to visit as the ideal weekend get-away for a romantic weekend. There is plenty to do here in Palm Springs. I read the Top 10 Things to Do in Palm Springs post over at the Memento Gift Shop blog for some ideas, and couldn't think of anything to add, so I'd suggest reading that list of ideas.

The nice thing about visiting Palm Springs this time of year, is the weather is just starting to warm up again. The "worst" of our ever-so-brief winter weather is generally behind us already.  Days warm up nicely, but not too hot yet. Evenings still have a slight chill, but nothing a sweater or a bit of cuddling can't find. Visitors who come to Palm Springs in February are delighted to find the city brimming with things to do. Aside from shows at the McCallum Theatre, Annenberg Theatre, Palm Canyon Theatre, or the many casino attractions and shows, Palm Springs has frequent weekend Art Walks. If art is your thing, check out this website, which has a really good list of art destinations in Palm Springs.

Aside from the vast array of golf, tennis, bike tours, and such, there is great shopping and sightseeing to do here. Most people marvel at the really good variety of dining options. There are some awesome restaurants here, from casual to fine dining. I tend to enjoy the restaurants that combine good food with good atmosphere. Whether you dine outdoors, or in a special dining room, the experience remains etched in your memory. These are all what can help make a special Valentine's Weekend in Palm Springs. The goal is to create memories of the time you will spend together here.

Go places where the stunning views will make you smile. The Palm Springs Tram is one such example. Rent bikes and explore the city's marvelous neighborhoods to see the mid-century modern gems tucked away. Take a leisurely stroll through downtown and explore the Walk of Stars. Do things you might not do at home, like visit a day spa, go hiking, drive out to Joshua Tree National Park. The options are endless.

Come to Palm Springs and plan a Valentine's Day getaway that you and your sweetheart won't forget. You'd be surprised at how easy it is do to.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hallmark Channel to Premiere Who Let the Dogs Out, Season II

Tomorrow is the premiere of season II of Who Let the Dogs Out which will broadcast nationally daytime on Fridays at Hallmark Channel. Check your local listings, and set your DVR to record the entire season.

This Friday's premiere will feature two brand new, back to back episodes to kick off the season. The shows will feature the back story on how Tillman became an honorary Marine to help raise awareness of military working dogs, and leads right up to the Rose Parade that featured several military working dog teams on the Natural Balance float.

During this week's episode, Tillman goes to Dallas to attend Skyball, and the ceremony where he was inducted as an honorary Marine. The episode also features Lucca, the hero military working dog who lost a leg while on duty in Afghanistan. This is an hour of really enjoyable television, and truly honors our military working dog teams- canine and human. I hope you can check it out. I sure am proud to be a part of this program, it is inspirational and fun too. 

The following press release was issued on the wire yesterday about Who Let the Dogs Out TV show:

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Everyone's favorite canines are back for another season of the wildly popular reality show that scours the country in search of the most fascinating, jaw-droppingly talented pets. "Who Let The Dogs Out" Season II, presented by Petco and Natural Balance Pet Foods, will air weekly on Fridays from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM (12:00 PM to 1:00 PM Central/Mountain) on Hallmark Channel beginning February 1st. Check local listings for full show details. 
Charlie Sheen, Dick Van Patten & Jimmy Van Patten in a PSA
Season II of "Who Let The Dogs Out" will continue to follow Tillman "The World's Fastest Skateboarding Dog," and his friend Norman "The Scooter Dog," along with their puppy posse as they roll across the country with their human cohorts. Each episode follows these world-famous canines as they travel the highways and back roads of America in search of new recruits, unusual places to visit and fun experiences. The show will continue to delight animal lovers with laughs and provide interesting and helpful tips for pet owners to care for the physical, mental, social and emotional aspects of their best friends' health. Viewers who thought they saw it all last season are in for a surprise when they notice that the level of canine talent has been turned up a notch, featuring more crazy antics, history-making moments, and even some four-legged bike-riding. 

This season of "Who Let The Dogs Out" will also take audiences behind-the-scenes and into the minds of the creators of the first-ever national monument for an animal: The Military Working Dog Teams National Monument. The monument, which will honor our country's canine veterans, was replicated by Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Pet Foods during the 2013 Tournament of Roses Parade and will be the first national monument to go on tour later this year. The monument will be dedicated this October and will be installed at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX.

With over 50 million hits on the internet and counting, Tillman was voted by TIME Magazine as one of the top 50 YouTube videos of all time. He and his pal Norman have a tremendous fanbase of Facebook and Twitter followers whom they engage with via live viewing parties.
For more information, visit Audiences can join the conversation on Facebook ( and Twitter (@TillmanSkates using hashtag #TillmanTV).

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Just Take A Moment

Before the day passes by, just take a moment and look closely at this photo. I took this photo myself, just using my iPhone last year. I stumbled on the photo this evening and found inspiration from it. Look closely at the flower...did you notice the tiny bees? Slow down. Look and can almost hear them buzzing. The photo was taken at a special, sacred place, and speaks to me even now. I hope this photo brings inner peace and joy to you today.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Getting Better at Home in Palm Springs

Whoa, it has been a rough week. I had been winding down a cold and just had the tail end of a little cough, but nothing too bad. Then I had a bad case of food poisoning/flu, which led to bronchitis. I woke up one night having a hard time breathing I decided it was high time I went to Urgent Care. The good doctors there got me all set up on medicine and I'm on the mend. But wow did this knock it out of me. I could barely get out of bed, or keep my head up. A few days I had a headache so bad that it felt like someone hit me over the head with a cast-iron skillet (you know, like they do in the cartoons?). I think for about two full days I laid in bed groaning. I barely ate for three full days. One full day was spent shivering no matter how many layers I wore. Crazy, nasty stuff.

I'm happy to report that I am on the mend. I feel better but I get tired very easily, even a phone call wipes me out. But I'm fine- not to worry. Through it all, the one thing I can say I enjoyed was the view from my bed. I love living in Palm Springs...I've always thought it was therapeutic for me. The climate, the light, the air pressure who knows. But desert life agrees with me. I agree with this t-shirt, "Palm Springs is Paradise Found'. For me, it was comforting just to stare out the window and gaze at our beautiful San Jacinto mountain range.
So despite being physically ill, my mind has been at peace and happy through it all. Back in the '20s through '40's people with respiratory health problems would flock to Palm Springs because of our dry climate. Scores of people with various health ailments still come here to partake in the "miracle" hot springs, claiming a myriad of health benefits. I can't personally speak to those claims but I can say this, Palm Springs is a good place to recover from just about anything.


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