Sunday, September 19, 2010

Award-winning screenwriter/filmmaker Rob Williams to appear on The Palm Springs Savant & Co

On today's Palm Springs Savant & Co show, I'll be interviewing the award winning screenwriter/filmmaker Rob Williams about the new independent film 'Role/Play'. It is a film about a soap opera actor who is "outed" as being gay. The film is suitable as PG-13, however it is intended for mature audiences with open minds. It may not be suitable to all my readers but please read my review below and tune into the show to hear Mr Williams.

I had the opportunity for a private screening of this film to prepare for today's show. Role Play is a romantic drama, with two lead characters (with very different life perspectives from each other) who learn they have much more in common they they initially realized. It opens with TV soap opera star "Graham Windsor" (Steve Callahan) who has just been outed as the result of a gay sex tape scandal. He has taken refuge at a Palm Springs resort (filmed at the beautiful Alexander Inn) to escape from the media. Windsor meets "Trey Reed" a marriage-equality activist (Matthew Montgomery) who has his own issues stemming from a public divorce. 

The story unfolds with revelations, disclosures, and self-discovery,  as a budding romance develops. The film tackles issues such as gay marriage, the judgmental/prying mainstream and gay media, and the challenges of trying to live a lie while being in the public eye. 

Role Play has an entertaining plot line that could easily have been about a straight couple. In essence, it is a story about the importance of being honest with oneself and finding love in life- that has broad appeal for both gay and straight audiences. Montgomery and Callahan give solid performances that hold the viewers attention. TV's "Too Close For Comfort" Jim J Bullock also appears in this film as Windsor's protective agent, "Parker Ryland". Fans of indie films and alternative lifestyle topics will enjoy listening to Sunday's radio show online anytime or via podcast from iTunes.

Here is the news release about today's show:
PALM SPRINGS- September 19, 2010 -- Rick Rockhill, host of The Palm Springs Savant & Co is pleased to welcome award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker Rob Williams, co-founder of Guest House Films, to his radio show on Blog Talk Radio. Listeners will hear Mr Williams, (head of Guest House Films, a premier independent and gay niche-oriented film production company) discuss his latest feature film project "Role/Play'.

'Role/Play' is a dramatic narrative feature film about a recently outed actor (played by Steve Callahan from 'East Side Story' and 'Nine Lives') and a recently divorced gay marriage activist (played by indie gay film star Matthew Montgomery from 'Redwoods', 'Socket', 'Pornography: A Thriller', 'Long-term Relationship', 'Back Soon' and 'Gone But Not Forgotten') . Hiding out from negative media coverage, the two meet at a secluded Palm Springs resort soon find common ground as they explore the fickle nature of fame in the gay community and the issues facing gay celebrities in the media. 'Role/Play' is a narrative drama that deals with hot-button issues such as a outing gay celebrities, the price of fame, how the press treats gay celebrities, and the LGBT press in general. The film also stars Jim J. Bullock ('Too Close for Comfort'), David Pevsner ('Naked Boys Singing'), Brian Nolan ('The Lair') and Matthew Stephen Herrick.

Rob Williams was named to Instinct Magazine's "Leading Men of 2008" list for his contribution to independent cinema, has won dozens of awards for his films, and will be featured for his work on NBC television. 'Role/Play' is Rob Williams' fifth film in four years. His last film was the hit of 2009, the gay Christmas comedy, 'Make the Yuletide Gay', an Indie blockbuster, sold out countless festivals. Mr Williams is now working on his next films: 'Make the Yuletide Gay 2' and 'The Mystic Chord', the screenplay adaptation to Jim Tushinski's book, 'Van Allen's Ecstasy'.

'Role/Play' is the feature film at The Palm Springs Gay & Lesbian Film Festival: Cinema Diverse, a program of the Palm Springs Cultural Center held from September 24-26, 2010. It is dedicated to advancing education, to nurturing community-wide participation in the cultural arts, and to sponsoring scholarship awards for deserving individuals. For tickets and more information visit

The radio show will broadcast live Sunday September 19th 2010 from 10:00 to 11:00 AM PDT and can be heard live or on demand anytime online at:

The episode will also be available via podcast from iTunes.

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KathyA said...

Sounds like a film worth seeing, Rick. Exciting that you get to interview such a cutting edge person.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Thanks Kathy, it is an honor to have such esteemed guests on my radio show. I've focused on Independent films and festivals, which has drawn a whole new audience, so its exciting.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I just got on the Net---Some kind of Horror Show problem with my Modem...or something...Grrrrrrrr.
So...sounds like a very interesting film, Rick and one I will surely see, once it is on DVD....!


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