Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shifting Your Perspective a Bit

Sometimes one's perspective can change everything. I learned that a number of years ago. Things can look very  different when you open your mind to see them from another side. Just for the sake of having a visual for this post, I went into the garden at home and took these three photos. This top left photo is a bit difficult to sort out at first, because its not clear exactly what is going on. This first photo is looking top down onto a cactus. The eye and brain work in milliseconds to observe, evaluate and determine what we see.
Then there is this perspective, where I  positioned my camera underneath the base of the main cactus looking up toward the sky (You can see a little bit of me, peeking in the photo). This angle has strange view as well, and oven provides a glimpse into the "underbelly" of the cactus, revealing some ugliness of the growth scars. Something you wouldn't have seen from the first view.
And finally, the side view that most people have of this very same plant. It is what is expected of a cactus. I can't say that I've adequately conveyed my thoughts here through these photos, but being the enlightened reader that you are, you most likely see where I am going. How we chose to view things in life can make a huge difference on our happiness and attitudes. Sometimes things are not what they seem. Being open to considering other perspectives can be an eye opening experience. So whether you are having a tough time understanding someone else in your life, or maybe you are going through a difficult time in your own life, try to see things from another perspective. You just may be surprised. Next week on my radio show, I'll have another Spiritual Enlightenment show, with Joy Meredith of Crystal Fantasy store in Palm Springs. We'll explore this topic of shifting your perspectives to help see things more clearly. I'll post info about the show in a few days, you can listen on demand anytime, so don't worry about the date of broadcast. In the meantime, think about these cactus photos.
-Rick Rockhill


KathyA said...

Perspective IS everything: you are so right!!

Anonymous said...

I totally get it!

We are having some issues right now, but I won't change the experience for all I've learned through it. I guess I feel that life is one long lesson.

We choose how we react to things. Even the negative has a positive.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Those last two pictures are of a Euphorbia...not really a "Cactus", but very compatible with Cacti, none-the-less. It certainly is true what you say Rick...It All Depends On Your Point Of View, In Life And Everywhere Else, Too, I!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Actually---the First Picture is the same!


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