Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Day Brunch

January 1st, 2008 was a beautiful sunny day in Palm Springs. I was invited to a New Year's Day brunch at a friend's elegant estate in the legendary Las Palmas section of Palm Springs. The Las Palmas neighborhood is comparable to Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, but the homes here have much more land. That was the one thing that irked me about many of the homes in Beverly Hills- they cost a fortune, and they are right on top of each other. Anyway I digress. Since this was a private affair, I am limiting my photos to respect the privacy of the hosts and the guests, some of whom are titans of industry and dignitaries who relish their privacy.

above: the view from the house looking west, toward the beautiful San Jacinto mountains. The tables were beautifully set with linens and flowers throughout the grounds and around the pool. guests could meander and relax. I enjoyed a Bloody Mary by the rock water fountain in the far corner of the property, enjoying the music that was piped throughout the grounds.

above: the patio was an inviting and comfortable place to chat with some
shade from the mid-day sun.

above: Chef extraordinaire. This is Marilyn from St Louis, a faithful reader of this blog. She is the cousin of the hosts and is visiting Palm Springs over the holidays. She was cooking for days and did a marvelous job. Her apron reads: "Because I am a culinary DIVA, this kitchen was designed for Moi". (Mags, I think you need one of those too)

above: I couldn't wait to dig into the brunch, which was delicious. The white hydrangea floral centerpiece was stunning.

above: My favorite part of any meal. Dessert. I was mostly good and only had a few but I literally had to leave, otherwise I would have emptied the table! It turned out to be a wonderful afternoon filled with stimulating conversation and lots of laughs. I made a few new friends and celebrated old friendships as well. A perfect way to ring in the new year. Steve, thanks for a wonderful party!
-Rick Rockhill


LA said...

Happy New Year, darlin'!

jackie said...

looks like a great party. some guys have all the fun. what type of orange food is that onthe lettuce that the woman is holding? Just curious.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

There is a place a few miles away where i drive just to buy a single petite four at a time. The owner offered to make me a giant box of them but I would eat them all in one sitting! I have a sleepy child on my lap who just reached up and pretended to grab a petite four from the picture!

What I love with you is that while you are surrounded by so much wonderfulness, you don't take it for granted. It's like you wake up and wonder what great things the day has for you! Cheers!

WAT said...

I swear Martini Man, you have some of the most unbelievable fun, food, and good times over there yonder in Palm Springs. I envy you to be honest.

Have a great new year, but it looks as though you already are.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

rick you sure do get around honey!

smiles, bee

Marlupe said...

that house looks like it is right out of Home and Garden magazine or something. It is incredible.

Desert Songbird said...

Gorgeous views. We have some estates like that around here; unfortunately, the views are of mountains covered with other homes!

Mags said...

Hey-I recognize the guy in red! (JK)

I saw the apron and thought, "I need one of those" and then read your comment about me needing one of those and pretty much cracked up. :)

As always, this party looks delightful and delicious. I especially love the dessert table too.

Seraphine said...

I'm suspicious of desserts are are only "mostly good". The neighbor's across the street have a boy who is "mostly good" which means he's trouble, spelled with two bees.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Seraphine- no, the desserts were scrumptous, I meant I was "mostly good" meaning that I behaved myself and didn't eat the whole table of sweets!

C said...

Dang! I should have crashed your New Year's Day brunch! It looks much more impressive than ours was! :)



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