Saturday, January 5, 2008

Palm Springs Film Fest: Friday Film Fun

Friday was the first full day of the Palm Springs Film Festival. It was a full day of film screenings, forty two in fact! The city was quite busy all day. I went out to dinner at The Purple Palm restaurant with friends, and it was jam-packed with film fest attendees who were clearly from out of town. It's always good to see visitors to our fair city, although being a resort city we are quite used to it really. Earlier in the day, on my way to a lunch appointment, I saw a number of film-fest goers posing or photos downtown in front of the festival banners holding up their badges or film tickets with a huge grin for their camera. People seem to be enjoying themselves so far.
Saturday is THE BIG STAR STUDDED AWARDS GALA, so I'll have loads to write about late Saturday evening. But as a wrap up for Friday, I am featuring three films from Friday that might be of interest. One from Germany, one from France and one American film. There are some incredible films being screened here, my intention is to highlight a few for you. If your community has an "artsy theatre", be sure to support it and check out the foreign films and independent films when they come to town.
The Edge of Heaven (Auf der Anderen Seite) Is a German drama with humanist themes intertwining the lives of six people as they seek love in their lives. The lead character is a college professor who goes to Turkey in search of a woman, ultimately raising intense questions about sexuality, patriotism and role of family. The film was directed and written by Fatih Akin, and produced by Fatih Akin, Andreas Thiel, Klaus Maeck. The primary cast members were: Nurgül Yesilçay, Baki Davrak, Hannah Schygulla, Patrycia Ziolkowska, Nursel Köse & Tuncel Kurtiz
Cosmic Radio is an American film-drama, with a bit of politics and romance thrown in for good measure. It was filmed in a place called Idyllwild, CA (a town close to Palm Springs) and is about an anti-establishment radio station that is basically going out of business, causing the station owner's dreams and passions to be shattered. Things heat up when he runs into the daughter of a conservative US Senator who arrives on the scene with plans to prevent the destruction of a nearby forest. The story unfolds with an impact beyond the town, radio station or forest. It is written, directed and edited by Stephen Savage and produced by Ryan R. Johnson. The primary cast members are: Jonathan Sachar, Irene Bedard, Seymour Cassell, Michael Madsen & Wes Studi.
Conversations with my Gardener (Dialogue avec mon jardinier) is a French dramatic comedy about two men; an artist and a gardener who gain a new perspective on life by seeing the world through the eyes of each other. It is written and directed by Jean Becker, and produced by Louis Becker Editor. The primary cast include: popular French stars Daniel Auteuil and Jean-Pierre Darroussin, along with Fanny Cottençon, Alexia Barlier.
above: The Camelot Theatres are just one of five locations hosting the Palm Springs Film Festival.
-Rick Rockhill


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

looks like a great event! have fun rick!

smiles, bee

Marlupe said...

well I sure hope these films come to my local theatre that shows these kinds of films. Thanks for the tip.

Desert Songbird said...

When I was home in Indy last April, I was so impressed to find a multi-plex that showed only independent and arts films. You'd think in a city as big as where I live there'd be one as well. Nope.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I'll keep my eye out for these films.


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