Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Saturday Seven: Things That Make Me Smile

I wouldn't exactly classify this past week as the worst week, or even the toughest ever, but for some reason is was a draining week at work. I was in meetings non-stop all day, even lunch meetings, so I barely had anytime to breathe or think. Everyone has their own coping mechanisms. I tend to think happy thoughts and splurge on the things that I enjoy. It usually helps get me through the day if, even for a brief fleeting moment, I allow my mind to wander. Photo above left: this is one of my nieces, Isabella. She makes me smile whenever I think about her. This brings me to another scintillating edition of The Saturday Seven: Things That Make Me Smile.
#1 Chocolate Chip Cookies- they almost have a mystical property to them. Not only are they are my weakness, but people tease me and say I could be drawn into a lion's den by a plate of them!

#2 Warm, Sunny Palm Springs. Living in a resort community can have the effect of feeling like you are always on vacation. The combination of sunshine, palm trees and beautiful mountain scape is a combination that makes me happy just to be here.
#3 A Nice Filet of Beef Tenderloin. My doctor would kill me for this, but a nice piece of beef does hit the spot once in awhile. It satisfies me on many levels, especially with a nice glass of Cabernet. Even just thinking about it makes me smile.
#4 Delicious Chocolate Truffles- Regular readers know how obsessed I am with chocolate, especially Fannie May candy. I'll probably order myself a Valentine's heart shaped box just because!
#5 Fresh Flowers- It's rough being a guy. Let's face it, most guys don't have fresh cut flowers on their desk at work. But in my case people at work know I'm a bit of a character, so I wouldn't have a problem if anyone wanted to send me some flowers to work. (hint hint, gentle readers.) They will definitely make me smile!
#6 Exotic Scented Candles- On one of my trips to Hawaii I ran across a shop called Island Soap and Candles. They had the most wonderful candles with exotic, tropical scents. I have a few that I burn when I get home from work to relax me. I close my eyes and the scent takes me back to Kuai
#7 A Good Book- I love to read. I usually have a book going in both homes, so whether I am at home in Palm Springs or at the beach house in San Diego I have something to read before I go to sleep. I mostly like fiction, mystery and travel writers.
Bonus Entry: My dog and cat- Koshimi and Owen are my good buds. As much of a pain in the butt they can be at times, they are part of the family and make me smile. There is nothing like coming home and having them run up to me to say hello, tails wagging and smiling back at me.

What things make YOU smile? Go ahead, leave a comment, I decided to waive all comment fees today.

-Rick Rockhill


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I just love your 7 plus Things that make you smile Rick....And understand ALL of them! Question: Do you have a favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie or are yours always homemade? (lol)
Chocolate Truffles....MmmmmmmGood!
There's a polace on the Net that makes the BESTEST Chocolate's called THE CHOCOLATE GARDEN....if memory serves, that is ALL tjey you have a completely devoted one item place!

Tod said...

I'm totally with you on the chocolate, the flowers and coming home to a loving pet. Even if it is marred by having to get cat yak off the carpet. Lol!

lime said...

things that make me smile:
1. watching little kids in public, catching their eye and trading silly faces with them.
2. truffles, oh yeah i am all over that with you
3.hugs & cuddles, something that makes me feel like dancing

here's hoping you have a weekend full of smiles

Anonymous said...

Chocolate fudge volcano cake.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

1. Dark chocolate.
2. A good book.
3. A good horror movie (especially if it involves zombies).
4. A good conversation.
5. Helping someone out or making them laugh/smile.
6. A day where I don't feel stressed or like crying.
7. Sleeping in.

jackie said...

good list. For me, I'd say country music, dancing, and my mom's home cooking.

Lewis said...

Undoubtedly you've seen my posts this last week on my favorite SMELLS and SOUNDS. This fits in perfectly. I think I went in that candle shop on Maui...loaded with candles. But, on with the show:
1. Quietness, peacefulness.
2. Poor people being given $$$ or a second chance...or a home makeover.
3. Hot men
4. Clean sheets
5. Money in the bank..just enough
6. A nice, warm, friendly person smiling back at me
7. Democrats in the White House

C said...

Oh my goodness! I must say that you are the male version of me! "Great minds think alike!" LOL...Hubby's in the background saying "Great minds think alike...and fools seldom differ!" ;)

I was surprised to read that your 7 choices are pretty much the same as mine! However, instead of the tenderloin, I'd have to say Pad Thai. Although I love truffles, I guess my husband should be one of my 7 things that make me smile! :)

Cheryl said...

A few of my favorite things:

the sound of my wind chimes
Aveda caribbean therapy body creme
Chance perfume by Chanel
a beautiful blue sky
Edisto Island
caramel lattes
hanging out at Borders

It was nice to think of some favorites. Good idea, Rick

Canadian flake said...

I was waiting for you to include your pets on this list...

I think other than the gnome and gremlins, the thing that can make me smile and feel peaceful is my river...I miss it so much still and get back whenever I can calm even the worst day for me

Desert Songbird said...

I'll take all of the above. And your niece is adorable.

Biddie said...

No comment fees?! THAT makes me smile!
Also, my pup, Ruby Tuesday, and a good book..My kids, my hubby, and, of course, choclate.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

No fair-- I have nine kids and I'm married to the greatest guy in the universe! OK, they are one choice!

I love clean sheets like Lewis said, and like lime, I love seeing children in the store and exchanging funny faces with them. I love getting jewelry-- not just expensive stuff, but things that the give chose to make me think of them. I have a wooden bead bracelet that one of my daughters found at a yoga type store that I have worn every day since I got it. An engagement ring that my husband bought for me instead of a really nice stereo system for his car-- these things have meaning to them. I smile when my two year old mimes feeding me while I am talking to her, then how she waits for me to chew and swallow and she says, "It is good, yes?"

I smile thinking about the massage school I will go to this summer.

I smile thinking of the great state that I live in!

Mags said...

Well, since they are free...

My niece makes me smile-she's 5 and is fantastically wonderific. :)

Garlic bread also makes me smile-though I haven't had it in a LOOOONG in Boston, fresh pastries on Sunday and hearing people laugh.

There are tons more, but that will do for now. :)

Sheila said...

You have some great ones but I love to watch two dogs playing chase. I really miss having a dog which I hope to remedy by summer.

Dumdad said...

I'm right there with you on the beef and books.


If only I was reading you about 4 years ago, there was this type of candle by candlenuts that were sold at my mother in law's high end furniture design store in west Palm florida..the candles, actual coconut shells carved out and poured with the most amazing and scented and well burning wax..the favorites in our home back then? Creme brulee, coconut (naturally) and ocean breeze...I too love candles that have wonderful scents and styles (have you seen the sushi candles? smell divine-uh, not like sushi-but in the shape of different sushi-) anyhoo, I recently went looking for their website and they're or you ever see anything like that, please let me know, and buy some for you..amazing!

I hope this next week isn't so frenetic!
P.s> who doesn't love Crusty buttered Beef?
And cookies? if you and my husband spoke, he'd have to say that the most melt in your mouth chocolate chip cookies he's ever had (and I've had many tell me this) are mine...maybe cookies would stand for a nice delivery. :)
sorry for this long ramble.

Anne said...

I'm with you on 5 out of the 7 plus the bonus!

Olivia said...

2. Ooh I need that sunny vacation feeling. It's grey and wet and windy here and the bad weather for the past year, actually, is really getting to me.

Is Kashimi a shiba inu? My friend has a cream coloured one called Zucchero. Such a lovely temperament.

Steven said...

In regards to #2, you have to take into consideration Chicago. :-) You won't run into all the vacationers during the winter season. And making gay snowmen is a plus. Forget the scarf. Frosty looks better in a boa. But I definitely love the four seasons.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Enjoyed reading things that make you smile. Switch the cookies to peanut butter and the place to some little village across the pond or a romantic city and that`s me.
Have a great weekend Rick!


LouLou! said...

Oooh.....Well, truffles I have to agree with, but they're on the list below my son and his wonderfully dark sense of humor, my husband and my pug.....


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