Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Saturday Seven: Ways to Make the World a Better Place

I have always been a "glass half full" kind of guy (vs. the glass half empty view). My perspective when something goes wrong is "Well, it could have been worse". I was born with a positive outlook on life. I suppose I'm a bit old-fashioned in the sense that I like to think that most people have generally good intentions. I believe that all of our actions are interconnected, and almost have a karma to them. (Good deeds are returned tenfold, but negative energy whips back at us like a rocket. I also firmly believe that each person can make a difference in this world, in some way. This brings be to this week's edition of The Saturday Seven: Ways to Make the World a Better Place
#1 Volunteer in a Soup Kitchen

#2 Adopt a Dog or Cat

#3 Plant a Tree/Donate to a National Park

#4 Buy Organic Foods and support sustainable farming techniques

#5 Practice Random Kindness to Strangers (try it, you'll be surprised)
#6 Recycle as much as you can
#7 Send Flowers to someone you care about

Bonus: "Say Please" and "Thank You" as often as possible
So go ahead, why not try all of these ideas. Or if you have another idea, leave a comment and contribute to this post! Oh- and THANKS for reading my blog today!
-Rick Rockhill


Anonymous said...

great list rick- I'd add in holding doors for strangers.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Good list. Thanks for stopping by my blog....
Are you a real person, or is this just a commercial site that LOOKS like a blog?

Just wondering,

Big Pissy said...

That IS a great list!

Here in Hell, we say "Please" and "Thank you" all the time....followed closely by "Excuse Me" and "Bless your heart".

We are nothing if not polite. ;-)

Biddie said...

I do my best to live by the golden rule -Do unto others...Not always easy, but I do try.
I often think that just a moment, one little gesture of kindness can change someones life for the better.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Yes, you may add me to your blogroll. How did you find me, by the way?


Morgen said...

Great list, but for the bonus, can we just kill Barney instead?!?!

The Mo Show

Lori said...

I always try and do random acts of kindness everday.

Thanks for your visit to my blog.

t_cole said...

thanks for stopping by.
after reading this entry, it makes my last entry (the first one you read) seem almost evil.
but so you know - i do many of the things on this list and then some.
surely that balances out the 'nastiness' of my last post.
(sort of)

Canadian flake said...

Thanks for stopping in to my blog to say hi. Like the "blog addict" I am, as soon as I see a new visitor I fly to their blog to check it out. I love reading blogs of others. I like your list a lot. Bad manners are one thing that really irritate me and I do believe that "what goes around, comes around"..and karma can smack you in the butt if you aren't nice to

Kristi said...

While I am most certainly a "glass half-empty" kind of gal, this is a great list. I especially like #s 2 and 4.

And thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is very interesting, and I'll definitely be back.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I think good manners are highly necessary for success in life.

Great list!

Thanks for stopping by my place....I certainly enjoyed your blog! I will have to check back!

jillie said...

What a great list...does this mean in your random act of kindness to strangers, you're going to send me flowers? Please? I'll say thank you...I have two adopted dogs and I do!!

Have a great wknd and thanks for stopping by...

Anonymous said...

great list, I try to do most of the things on this list.
You're so right about positive energy coming back and so does the negative stuff.
Thanks for posting such a positive post and for visiting my blog.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

These ten things are easy enough unless someone has allergies to cats and dogs. But even that is fixable with a medication that helps with their dander.

I can think of a billion things at this moment we would could also do but the one that comes to mind the quickest would be fire all politicians and find ones that will do their jobs without complaining and do show up!

Also, nearly all of Brazil's cars run off ethanol made from sugarcane. They started this program about 30 years ago and now are no longer dependent on outside oil. To top it off ethanol from sugarcane burns cleaner than what we are trying to use, that being corn.

Now someone tell me why we are far behind if we are a leading nation and a superpower. Seems to me Brazil was looking to the future of their country whiile someone here was thinking lets fight in other countries, kill our own economy, and then blame it on everyone else but ourselves.

Now mind you, we have some obligation to help other countries but we need to fix our own broken horse first.

Just my thought. Have a good day.

R2K said...

: )

Blathering Idiot said...

My addition to the list is to just walk around with a smile. I feel good and the reactions I get from people are amazing. It is good to remind people we are never too busy to smile.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

just me said...

you know what else makes the world a better place?

Pushing rude people down small flights of stairs.

Jenny! said...

All are feasible excpet #5...I have attempted that and when it isn't returned back to kind of kills it! What ever happened to people making eyecontact, smiling, saying good morning, or just a nod while passing on the street. I hate walking in Chicago every morning on my way to work...all I think about is that it is the lonliest walk even though there are millions of people!

bunnygirl said...

What a great list! These are such obvious things, but they're easy to forget when caught up in the day to day.

I would add:

8. If you can't give time to a good cause, give money. And if you can't give money, give time.

9. Don't take things personally. Very little that happens has anything to do with you and everything to do with them.

Have a great weekend, Rick, and thanks for the blog visits!

Skittles said...

I love the picture of the dog with the sign. I'm going to "borrow" it if you don't mind, but when I use it I will give you credit. :)

Mimi Lenox said...

Great list. The only thing I might add (surprise surprise) is make a peace globe. You know I had to say it!

CS said...

Nice list - I am working on them all imperfectly. I would add, where you see an injustice, speak up!

Dan said...

Not sure if my comment got through. So here's another try.

First, I'm still marvelling at how many familiar faces I'm seeing on your blog. Second, you asked whether you can add my blog to your blog roll. Of course. No need to ask. Thanks!

Naomi said...

Great list Rick. I always try to live my life this way and treat others as I'd like to be treated myself. It doesn't cost anything to say please and thank you, do good deeds and be nice and kind to others.


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