Friday, June 15, 2007

What is she thinking?

"Name that Caption" is a popular past time in the blogosphere. Since I didn't have time to write a proper post this morning, I've decided to solicit help from you, the reader.

1. What is her name?

2. What is she thinking?

Go ahead, leave a comment and let's see where this goes...


Anonymous said...

Name: Mabel
Thinking: "I wonder if I can substitute wood chips for oatmeal"

suzie said...

Her name is Harriet.

She is thinking "Hmmm, if I put a little rum in this it just might make him a little friskie for me after dinner"

Wayne said...

Her name is Lois.

She is thinking, do I whip first? or do I stir.

Morgen said...

Her name is Dot.
She's thinking, "Hmmmm, where did my Lee Press On Nail go?"

Anonymous said...

Her name is Thelma.
She's thinking: "If I make an Angel cake for my husband's boss, that just might give us the extra $5 a week raise we need"

oultimocarioca said...


THINK: Should I go THE LESBUS sauna today ?

Anonymous said...

She is: Eunice
Pondering: "I'm flat broke. I wonder how I can pay the milkman today?"

Kim said...

Her name is Mary Jane.
She's thinking "Did I turn the iron off?".
I like this caption thing, it's fun!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Kerry and Rachel said...

Name: Bette
"Too bad I skipped Home Ec classes. Now, what the hell do I do?"

marlupe said...

name: Gertrude
thinking: "Now where did that prune juice go?"

Rah Kyndl said...

Betty paused for a second, wondering: "does the anti-freeze go in before the eggs...or after."


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