Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Saturday Seven: Things I Collect

Last weekend I misplaced something at home and spent the better part of the day searching for it, with no luck. So today I decided to retrace my steps in an effort to find what I had been searching for. As I moved through the house in my quest, I stumbled across all sorts of things that I collect. While I don't consider myself actively collecting anything, apparently I suffer from a several obsessions as well as an opposition to discard things. This brings me to another edition of The Saturday Seven: Things I Collect at home.
#1 Wine: I love big, full-bodied red wines, primarily from Sonoma & Napa. I don't think this is an obsession, but there are a few hundred bottles in the wine whatever that means.
#2 Postcards: I've been collecting these since I was 12 years old, and still have every single one after all these years. In all I have over 200 postcards saved...the explanation for these is that I'm a pack rat and nostalgic as well.
#3 Refrigerator Magnets: These are just a few...I literally have hundreds, but only a few are on the fridge door at any given moment now. Not sure what is driving this collection, but they do remind me of places and people.
#4 Shoes: My secret & unacknowledged obsession. What can I say, I like shoes. I have tons here in Palm Springs, and another whole bunch at the beach house in San Diego as well.

#5 Foreign Currency: Over the years I have collected all sorts of foreign currency. I like to save them for some crazy reason. This is all about nostalgia and memories of my travels.

#6 Clocks: I really am a collector of clocks. I have loads of them all around the house. I enjoy hearing them all chime every 15 minutes, and when its really quiet I can hear them all ticking. My only explanation is that I am obsessed with clocks, particular those that chime and need to be wound weekly.
#7 Bacarrat Crystal: Believe it or not, I started saving money for Baccarat crystal glasses when I was only 14. Where I got the idea to buy expensive crystal I'll never quite know, but I now have an extensive collection of Baccarat rock glasses, perfect for cocktail hour!
Bonus item: Cuff links: I love to wear French cuff shirts. A few years ago, I started buying all kinds of cuff links to match my mood and personality. I have loads of different styles, shapes an colors.
What do YOU collect? Oh go ahead, leave a comment, its completely FREE today!
-Rick Rockhill


Naomi said...

Great post Rick. You must have a big house to accommodate all your collectables! I share your love of postcards and have a large collection from my travels. I'm off to Italy on Thursday so will get some more from there! I also collect teddy bears (I like the Harrods special edition Xmas ones!) and also mugs. My current favourite is a Harry Potter mug. I love the Harry Potter books and films!

Anonymous said...

for some reason I collect shot glasses, even though I've been out of college for years now. I have over 50 different shot glasses now. Shots anyone?

Dayngr said...

I'm thinking you should provide an address so people can add to your collections... Just a thought. I'd send a fridge magnet or two.

Sunshine said...

I collect English bone china tea cups and saucers. I don't have room for much else since I've "collected" so many kids. lol

bunnygirl said...

My mom had a collection of postcards she had collected since the 1940s. When I was in 2nd grade, me and a friend found the card and some markers and lovingly ruined them.

I have few regrets about my adult life, but I sure did some dumb stuff as a kid that I wish someone would've stopped me from.

Guard your collections well!

Matt said...

We collect refrigerator magnets as well - in fact, we have at least one of the same as those in your picture.

We also (used to) collect Baccarat crystal. It began when we stayed near their Paris flagship showroom years ago. The wine goblets are unbeleivable - the weight and sound of them are exquisite. My partner even went so far as to buy me a set of knife rests one Christmas. Someday we'll have a pretentious dinner party and actually use them.

Cheryl said...

I had to really think about this. I've decided that I used to collect things. P.Buckley Moss prints, rubber stamps, containers to put stuff in, and miniatures for my display shelves. Oh, Beanie Babies years ago. Now I only collect coupons that I never use.

drew said...

I collect stamps, some are very valuable. I also collect hot wheels miniature cars. It's the kid in me still.

yellowdog granny said...


Sheila said...

I think postcards must be the ideal thing to collect. They don't take up much room, are easy to store, abound everywhere and remind us of where we've been and the good times we had.

To your question: rabbits, and they keep multiplying. Sorry for the bad joke. I really don't have many, 10 or so. My son started buying them for birthdays and Mother's Day and I can't just pack them away.

Interesting topic.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

hopefully friends!

smiles, bee

Palm Springs Savant said...

Yes, thanks Bee, friends are so important. I cherish the friends I have and love to make new ones as well!

Rhodent said...

I think I must collect collections! I have been collecting Hallmark mice ornaments since the 70s. In general I like cute rodent stuff. I also have an antique bell collection, a small collection of prints with birds, a basket collection and teapot collection (most of which I am currently ebaying) and a wonderful pottery collection. I often give the pottery as gifts... you know, share the love...
So, I am trying to declutter now and only keep those things that I treasure the most or at least give me a chance to chuckle!

Carmen said...

I have a big amount of the following:
Plates, Boxes, necklaces, fairies & mermaids figures, inspirational oracle deck of cards, crafts supplies and paper (biggest obsession of all)
Thank you for your visit!
I am enjoying your blog.

jillie said...

You know, if you love the BIG reds...try Jarvis...Lake William blend...DEEEELISH!!!!!

Also there is one from Consilience...the petit sooo yummy. They call it liquid ink because it is so dark that it looks like ink.

Big full bodied reds are my most ultimate favorite.

I have a bottle of Margeaux that I am saving for a special occasion...cheers to ya!

Canadian flake said...

Glad to see some Canadian money in there. I always sorta thought our bills were

Tom Hauck said...

Padres memorabilia, cozies (you know to keep my beer cold), and fond memories.


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