Friday, June 8, 2007

Dr Wang Hosts Palm Springs Psychic Summit

Dr Sidney Wang, resident oracle of this site, has announced that he is hosting the Palm Springs Psychic Summit at the Convention Center in downtown Palm Springs. This unprecedented event assembles many of the world's leading psychics and fortune tellers for two days of closed door meetings and summit talks. Aside from an impressive line-up of gifted guests, perhaps more amazing is how Dr Wang organized this event. From his fish tank at home, Dr Wang sent telepathic messages to his peers, imploring them to attend the summit this weekend in the desert. Sources close to The Palm Springs Savant report that actress Shirley Mac Laine and singer Dionne Warwick are rumored to attend at least one of the two day sessions.

Speaking from his fish tank, while swimming around a mini-Booda figure, Dr Wang said: "I am quite pleased that so many distinguished peers have responded to my invitation. I predict this will be a highly productive summit".
Confirmed attendees of the Palm Springs Psychic Summit include:

Above left: Jambi: "Mekka-lekka hi mekka hiney ho!" Above right: Miss Solitaire

Above left: Mr Chang & above right: Mr. Gypsum
Above left: Professor Marvel & above right: Lady Charlene

Above left: Miss Cleo & above right: Madame Wanda

Above left: Madame Ruby & Above right Mr Fekkesh

Above left: Professor Trelawney & above right: Kenny Kingston

Above left: Even Madame Zora & above right: The Amazing Zoltar have decided to attend. Although they cannot leave their booths they intend to join their peers at the summit. Their free standing booths are being carefully shipped into the Palm Springs Convention Center today. Dr Wang's caretaker, Yod will be providing plenty of quarters to enable Madame Zora and Zoltar to actively paricipate in talks.
Dionne Warwick & Shirley MacLaine


Lexa Roséan said...

this is some convention. sign me up Wang. and please sit Witch Dr next to Shirley. I have a huge crush on her.
You're a hoot Rick!

Callie said...

I am astonished at Dr Wangs abilities to assemble such a crowd. Nice work, keep us posted with the outcome.

Dave said...

What, no Amazing Criswell?

marlupe said...

love this post! Wish I were there to enjoy the psychic summit conference~

Anonymous said...

so will there be an update on the big summit?

Palm Springs Savant said...

Yes! On Sunday June 10th there will be an update


Brandon said...

I so Love Shirley! Love to Dionne too!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I missed the psychic summit...I bet it was incredible.


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