Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Saturday Seven: Corny Expressions I Still Use

Yesterday I overheard an older gentleman's conversation who used the expression "well I'll be". This made me smile, because I often say "Well I'll be a monkey's uncle". I'm full of strange old expressions and often use them in my daily conversations. Admittedly, most of these I use more casually-certainly not in the board room at the office. This was the inspiration for another scintillating edition of The Saturday Seven: Corny Expressions I Still Use. Several of these definitions came from Urban Legends website.

#1 Goody Gumdrops: Intended as an expression of joy, happiness or delight usually with an expression of sarcasm in response to a small gain or reward etc. Oh Goody Gumdrops, we can all have ice cream tonight.

#2 Fiddle-sticks: An expression used to show an upsetting emotion. "Oh fiddle-sticks, I broke my new mechanical pencil."

#3 Doris Day Parking: Any parking spot that seems as though it was meant to be. Whenever Doris Day would arrive at her destination, a parking space would be available right in front of it so she could drive her convertible right in. No valets necessary. Marvelous, we found (a) Doris Day Parking (space).

#4 Golly Gee Wilikers: Expression used to show amazement. Golly Gee Willikers, I had no idea Mildred was so talented.

#5 Mortified: Being beyond embarrassed or ashamed. Oh my gosh my neighbor heard me singing this morning, I am so mortified.

#6 Curses: An old-time non-offensive swear word, much like gosh, sugar. Used in frustration. Curses! My telephone is ringing again. Of course, a variation of this expression was also popularized by "Snidely Whiplash", the Arch Villain on Rocky and Bullwinkle: "Curses, foiled again!"

#7 Dagnabit: a rather nice alternative to "Damn!" Dagnabit, I forgot about that appointment with the astrologer today!

What corny or old-fashioned expressions do you still use? Go ahead, leave a comment. After all, it's the last Saturday before Thanksgiving.
-Rick Rockhill


© Karelian Blonde said...

I suppose the only one I use (quite frequently!) is:

"Stick me with a fork, I'm done!"

Anonymous said...

I love the Doris Day parking one. Can I borrow that? I use some of those, too!

kenju said...

I have used all of those except the Doris Day parking spot. Instead of dagnabit, I am more likely to say dadgummit, which is bound to be a close relative of the former.

Odat said...

I've heard of almost all of these...except the "Doris Day" parking spot.....interesting.....
I can't believe you use "golly gee willikers"
This was fun....Oh, I use "for Pete's sake"...a lot....I wonder who Pete is???? :-)

snowelf said...

haha! This is hilarious! I say "Crumbs" "holy cow" "For Crying out loud" and "Gads/Egads" and I also say "flippin'" a lot too.
My dad say so many of the same ones as you, but his favorite is "Jimminey Christmas!" and he says "Gosh Darn" so much that when he was in the navy they put it on the back of his t-shirt.

Happy Saturday!


jackie said...

Similar to Odat I uses "Oh for god's sakes"! a bunch. I also use "for cryin out loud". what a fun post today.

Palm Springs Savant said...

I just remembered another one I still use- it's Jeepers Crow!

Lois- Yes, feel free to use the Doris Day one anytime!

Sheila said...

Hadn't heard the Doris Day one. Cute though and true about the car thing.

I say "Holy Cow" a lot now that I'm back in Chicagoland. We southerners have lots of expressions and they don't always translate to the Yankees. My boss is always looking at me with a raised eyebrow like what the heck is she talking about.

Scooter said...

I love "mortified" and "curses."
I also use "Hell's Bells" and said with my best Paul Lynde voice, "Oh, my goodness."

lime said...

groovy, howdy, and rats are all a part of my regular lexicon. :)

fun post!

Tea N. Crumpet said...



Well that's just ducky!

Rhodester said...

Great big old pet food company like yours, and you guys only have a proverbial board room? Ours is real, with a big, long table and huge executive chairs with headrests. The lighting is like all ambient and stuff, making it quite formal and intimidating while cozy at the same time.

You should get a real board room.

Olivia said...

Hehe, this was funny!

I sometimes say:
Heavens to Betsy.
Oopsie daisy.

That's all I can think of right now.

Desert Songbird said...

I surprises me NOT that a man who wears a cravat would use these expressions.

W.O.T.E. said...

Peachy or Peachy Keen.
When a foul word word is needed I am truly foul mouthed.

Jeni said...

Although my vocabulary often includes some choice curse words, I do have a lot of other little sayings for numerous occasions. Holy rip, Holy Buckets, freaking, frigging -some of my favorites. If I am really ticked off at someone (usually one of my kids) it might be "Piss up a rope" or "Eat sh*t and bark at the moon." I know, doesn't make sense but I guess that's the beauty of 'em. But the ones I tend to use the most are two I learned early in life from my Grandparents -"Goodness, Agnes" Land sakes alive, child!" Both of those generally used when totally exasperated. (Again, usually directed at my kids -or the grandkids!)

Ben Wu said...

"Curses" is my favorite Rick expression. Oh...It may not technically be an expression, but I also like the evil laugh and use it quite frequently myself...


This of course must be done while wringing your hands.

texas_fan said...

My favorite saying is "Beats Me Cora". It's an old southern saying passed down from my Great Aunt to me. It reminds me of her everytime I use it.


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