Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Saturday Seven: Random Things Found At Home

Sometimes I look around the house and wonder where some of the stuff came from. Over the years I've acquired some unusual things from travels, friendships or just plain old stuff I bought. Without a doubt, these are things that remind me of a point in time, or a place I've been. I wouldn't classify any as necessarily valuable or rare, but they somehow "made it" to be displayed in various nooks and crannies in the Palm Springs house. Take this Ancient Roman stone sun face, for instance. I bought this in the city of Bath, England back in 1988. Wow I've had that a long time now. Amazingly it still seems interesting to me. This was the inspiration for another scintillating edition of The Saturday Seven: Random Things Found at Home

#1 Bronze Griffin: I bought this from a mail order catalog and it's one of my favorites. But I have a secret: its really a door stop. But I like it on the mantle over the fireplace.

#2 Scary Hawaiian Mask- I watched this being hand carved by an artist on the beach at a Luau in Maui. Every so often it scares me when I am home alone and i catch a glimpse of it mistaking it for a person, or monster.

#3 Golden Statuette- I especially like this, but it still seems strange to have one.

#4 Two Frogs Hugging- What?

#5 Ceramic Piggy- This cheapo thingy is so cute I just can't throw it away.

#6 Hand Carved Pineapple
- Made from wood, it is the symbol of friendship in our home. It just seems out of place for some reason.
#7 Volcanic Lava Rock- with a psychedelic fire-blasted ceramic core.
What strange things lurk in your home? Ever wonder why you keep some of them? C'mon, leave a comment, tell me about some of your more interesting stuff.
-Rick Rockhill


snowelf said...

I have always thought about doing a post like this! Thank you for sharing with us. I love the griffin and the scary Hawaiian mask is cool! (and yes a little frightening)


Anonymous said...

I've been to Bath... loved that place. So quaint and charming....

lime said...

oh i do love the stone sun face. seems like a wonderful piece for a garden wall or something.

and the hand carved pineapple i like an awful lot too. well and the hawaiian mask. things you've seen someone make are just so special.

i have all sorts of artwork by the kids. i even have a piece my husband did when he was 4, lol. i shall have to go looking for the weird things.

Desert Songbird said...

I have way too much "stuff," and none of it is interesting. What I do have quite a bit of in my home though is photographs. I have lots and lots of photos of loved ones around.

Casdok said...

Im off to Bath next weekend!
I love your volcanic rock and have many such pieces in my house.

Sheila said...

My favorite item is the Roman sun, easily explained by several years of high school Latin and several trips to Italy.

At my home, I love a framed Walter Anderson (Mississippi artist) print of two flying geese friends gave as a housewarming present. And the second item, which is decidedly less sophisticated, is a wooden sign that says "Home is where you hang your heart."

And Rick, thank you so much for your response and donation for the Humanitarian Service Project. That is wonderful and truly appreciated.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

This is a great idea for a Post Rick....I may have to do one like it, at some point...It's like, everything that one has on display has a story that goes with it, doesn't it? These are ALL very interesting things, from interesting places!

kenju said...

I like your griffin, and I like using things in ways that aren't their usual purpose.

I'll have to think about some of my things and post them.

Olivia said...

I like your volcanic lava rock! But the Hawaiian faces would scare me too, I have a thing about scary faces in dark corners...!

Wish I had photos, but here are the things I hope my parents are keeping in storage for me:

1) a coronation cup and saucer from 1953 in honor of Queen Elizabeth II, the only one remaining in my father's family

2) an eggshell-thin dragon cup and saucer "Made in Occupied Japan" given to us by our first neighbors in Texas, because the husband had served there in WWII

3) a big clear quartz sphere given to my father by an oil company he visited in Brazil...or Colombia...or Venezuela (?)

4) an acrylic barrel-shaped paperweight containing an ampoule of some of the first oil produced on one of the North Sea rigs, also a gift to my father

5) An original sketch of a still life from a hunting lodge by my uncle the artist, a wedding gift for my parents.

6) DESMOND - a Digital Electronic System Made of Nifty Devices from the 80s which teaches digital logic and machine applications, and kept me occupied for hours, if not days at a time

7) a filligree brooch made of Icelandic gold which belonged to my grandmother's half sister in Reykjavik

Biddie said...

I have way too much stuff in my house. Just today we got a pile of Great Grandma's furniture and other treasures. So many little itty bitty things.
This was a great idea for a post. You're right about the pig. He reminds me of Wilbur.

Todd said...

Tow Frogs Hugging is a great store in Kauai! I bought two of these statues and had them shipped back to the states, which cost more than the statues! Anyway, I put a water sealer on one and keep it outside makes it a great centerpiece. Good posting! Todd

Rhodester said...

"it scares me when I am home alone and i catch a glimpse of it mistaking it for a person, or monster."

Rick, haven't we discussed the importance of staying on your meds when nobody is around?

Odat said...

I just love the frogs!!! It so different is why......Love the pig too! (I used to collect them). LMAO that you have a golden statuette.....wish I did!!!! :-)

(I see from your side pics that you met Tillman!!! I Just love him....I watched the entire show ...didn't like his owner tho).



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