Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Art Review: Ceilings of the Vatican and Beyond

Today is the third installment in a series on art in and around Rome. After spending several weeks touring Europe I had a stiff neck from staring up at ceilings in The Vatican Museum, Cathedrals, Palaces and Basilicas. This was the inspiration for this week's Sunday Art Review: Ceilings of the Vatican and Beyond. These photos are mainly from the Vatican Museum, but others are from Monaco, Montenegro, Croatia and Malta. Sadly I didn't catalog these photos, so I have very few details to share. So I beg your forgiveness for being a total Philistine, and will ask you to just enjoy the photos without any credits or notations. (Maybe Olivia will come to my rescue once again). These are truly works of art:

To think that all the work was done by hand, in painstaking detail, it is mesmerizing and truly an inspiration. Thanks for stopping by this week's Sunday Art Review.
-Rick Rockhill


kenju said...

I wrote a long comment and lost it. Ouch.

I recognize the ones in the Vatican. There is so much beauty there; every where you look there is some breath-taking ornamentation. I wonder why the artisans have all disappeared? Surely we would benefit from having gorgeous ceilings like that in our buildings today, although the cost of it would be staggering.

jackie said...

the first time I was in Europe and saw the churches I was struck by how inspirational they were. I can only imagine what the artists felt like as they were creating them.

Anonymous said...

We all truly appreciate you literally risking your neck to bring us these pictures. Thank you!

Casdok said...

They really are incredible and i didnt get neck ache!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous... simply gorgeous... and all for the glory of God.


Terri said...

Fantastic pictures, would love a trip like that one day. Thanks for stopping by my blog, enjoying yours and will be around.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

These are all BREATHTAKING! It is truly Awesome, in every way. Thanks fr this Rick....What a treat and what a treasure that you have in pictures and in memories!


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