Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Art Review: A Brief Study in Marc Chagall

Last night we went to the Inaugural Exhibition of a well respected fine art gallery in the area. I plan to feature it in a future Sunday Art Review, so I'll avoid any specifics on the exhibit here today. There was a Marc Chagall painting in the exhibit, which was captivating to say the least. I stood for 5-7 minutes or so and enjoyed the huge piece of art, trying to "soak it all up". Marc Chagall was a pioneer of modernism and one of the great figurative artists of our time. He worked with oils and canvas, stained glass, tapestries, theatre sets, etchings, and large scale public works of art as well. His work is known for using vivid colors and with an optimistic interpretation. Seeing his work brought back some strong memories of art history courses in college. This became the inspiration for this week's edition of the Sunday Art Review: A Brief Study in Marc Chagall. The first piece above left is called "Bay of Angels".

above: "Birthday"
above: "The Blue House"

above: "Flowers and Lovers"

above: "I and the Village"

above: "The Juggler"

above: "The View"

above: "Woman and The Roses"
Thanks for stopping by the Sunday Art Review. What do you think of Marc Chagall? Which are your favorites and why? Go ahead, leave a comment, it's the last day in November (er, thanks for the correction Bee) and this day can never be relived again, so leave your mark!
-Rick Rockhill


Anonymous said...

I own a Chagall print. I like the dreaminess of his style...

kenju said...

Flowers and Lovers and the Blue House are my faves. I love Chagall.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

sweetie it's the last day in november! did you see the tini shot?

smiles, bee

snowelf said...

Wow!! I love the first one, Birthday, I and the Village, The Juggler, and the The View. I am in love with the colors and the style is so funky and cool! I am gathering up decorating ideas for my apartment (finally as it's totally naked in here) and I would love to have a print of his as my dining room art--gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!! :)


p.s. Snickers was so cute, she saw the village one and thought it was Picasso. :D

jackie said...

These are WONDEREFUL! It's a perfect way to start the day, seeing these. I like Flowers and Lovers best of these.

Catch said...

I love birthday....I dont know why.....but I do. Hope you had a nice holiday!

Nina said...

The Blue House is the only one I have the least understanding of at this hour of the evening. I do like the colors of the others, but for the most part I don't care for modern art although it does make you think, but it's too late here in TN and I'm too tired to think anymore today. But you have a lovely blog.

Nina from Nashville

Olivia said...

The more I look at them, the harder the choice becomes.

The Blue House, The View, and Woman and Roses.

Mags said...

He is my favorite artist. :)


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