Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted...Did You?

At long last, Election Day in the USA has arrived. In some ways this seems like it has been the longest election season in my lifetime. But then again, I look at the voting roster and think, how did this happen? Somehow, these are the options we have, and its all a blur how they got here. Being the patriot that I am, I never miss an opportunity to exercise my right to vote, especially in a Presidential Election. Regular readers of this blog know that I try to avoid politics here, but it is sooo tough for me...I'm a political animal and love to banter and debate. But this is not the forum I choose to go toe to toe with folks. If you have not voted yet, PLEASE VOTE. It is your civic duty to do so. Well that's all I have to say about it really. Oh, and whoever wins, I hope they don't raise taxes. I'm tired of paying taxes and the government wasting our money all the time! I thought I'd end with a few retro posters to get you in the voting mood.

OK I'm not done yet. I know what we'll be doing tonight. We'll be glued to the television set, watching the returns roll in on FOX News. Of course I'll switch back and forth between NBC, CNN, CBS, and FOX all night, assuming there will be some scrap of election coverage I'm missing by just watching one network. I miss the old days when Tom Brokaw covered the major news stories. He was a great anchor, maybe he'll make a guest appearance tomorrow night. I think I'll stop and buy a pint of ice cream on the way home, so I can drown my sorrows as I watch the election results. Or maybe I can bake some chocolate chip cookies, that might be even better. I'll let you know tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by today. now GO VOTE!
-Rick Rockhill


Anonymous said...

Yep, I voted!

Rhodester said...

Ohhh, I like that 2nd poster.. *yum*!

Why am I surprised that you favor Fox? Should I be? Would I be surprised to know your choice of Presidential candidates?

Will I find out in the next post?

Todd said...

I thought I would try your site one more time. But then I see you watched the election results come in on FOX?? What? What gay man in Palm Springs would watch election results on FOX? Most of us in Palm Springs were happy to see Perez get in, did you vote for good ole Gary? Get a real new station!

Palm Springs Savant said...

Todd- I honestly watch so little tv to begin with that I have no idea. I watch about 4 hours a week total, and most of it is all tivo'd.

Mark said...

THIS gay man ONLY watches Fox news. No cheer leading, just reporting the stories.


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