Monday, November 3, 2008

A Palm Springs Wedding

This past weekend I attended a wedding held at a private home here in Palm Springs. The ceremony was a celebration of love between two people who have been together for a very long time, witnessed by a large group of friends and family. For this couple, and many others in California, the opportunity to marry could be taken away after Tuesday, so the ceremony had deeper meaning to all in attendance. The reception was elegant and festive with Chinese lanterns overhead, floating candles in the pool, and exotic flower arrangements.
above: A band was setup under the large awning, providing shade from the sun. Despite the presence of some clouds it was a warm day, and a gentle breeze kept temperatures quite pleasant. As dusk approached, the Chinese lanterns strung across the property glowed merrily; their reflection on the surface of the pool added to the ambiance and joyful mood of the evening. As I gazed across the estate, the majestic San Jacinto mountains were the perfect backdrop for the setting. Palm trees dotting the landscape, served as a constant reminder of the city's namesake. It's tough to see from this photo, but I was wearing one of my new blue and white ascots, a recent birthday gift from a friend. One of these days I need to do a post showing of all the different ones I have accumulated. Ascots have become my "signature accessory", as I single-handily attempt to bring them back in style. But I digress. Anyway, I was snapping photos all evening, trying to capture the mood, this was an ideal setting for a wedding reception.
above left: There were beautiful tables of cheeses, fruit, breads and crackers before dinner was served. The wedding cake was deeo chocolate, which was uber delicious! Above right: For most of the evening the band played a wonderful blend of standards, soft jazz. After dinner they transitioned to dance tunes which filled the dance floor with guests. Even I was drawn in by a "Kool and the Gang" song covered by the band.

above: I took these two photos trying to capture the moon in the sky, at dusk and early evening. There was a huge cloud mass hung up on the mountains, which had floated over from LA, I suppose but it never threatened our evening. (Our mountains usually shield us from most inclement weather from the coast.) If you look closely you can see the moon in the same position in the left photo as in the right. It was actually quite pretty.

above: I love these two photos. You can see how captivating the setting was.

above: As we left the house, I looked back at the front walk way and took this photo. These two palm trees seemed to symbolically represent the couple that had just celebrated their nuptials. I never stopped to think what sex each of these palm trees were (yes palm trees are either male or female). These two trees just looked happy together and that was all that mattered to me. It was a fitting way to end this post.

-Rick Rockhill


lime said...

looks like it was a gorgeous setting and a lovely time. congratulations to your friends.:)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

here it is the opposite, the amendment is to make it legal, now it is not. there were lots of votes going the yes way yesterday!

smiles, bee

Anonymous said...

I love a good celebration!

kenju said...

It was a beautiful setting.

Biddie said...

I don't understand the big deal about gay marriage. You love who you love, same sex or different, I don't think that it is something that we can change. Why should anyone change for someone else?
I hope that you're friends have a long and happy union. I agree with you 100% - happiness is what matters.

Cheryl said...

How beautiful. Thanks for sharing your Palm Springs life with us.

anne moore said...

Rick, I have a friend whose blog you might be interested in because she does foster care for animals among other things. I am going to be out in San Diego in December and will be driving through Palm Springs on the way to Las Vegas (all because of your blog I am dying to see P.S.)..we might stay over night. Do you have any recommendations for places/neighborhoods to see or stay? on limited time ...might do an overnite. The wedding sounded really nice. Those are the best kind of parties.

Olivia said...

Not a day too soon, California approved the ban - how did that happen? I thought Cali was supposed to be a pioneer state!

Are the current same sex marriages legally recognized though?

BGarmon said...

I am so saddened that given the chance to choose equality and love Californians chose bigotry and hate. Hopefully there are no retroactive actions taken on those that have already sworn their vows.

Todd said...

Again, you watched the returns on FOX? I just don't get it!

Palm Springs Savant said...

Todd- I just don't watch that much tv to care. everything I watch is on tivo, so it doesn't matter to me. I'm not bothered by seeing differing points of view, its interesting to see how other people think.

Todd said...

Thanks for the reply. All I am trying to say is their point is bigoted and it harms our community! I,nor would my circle of friends, give FOX News a moment of our time. It's great that you seek different points of view...just make sure the points don't have sharp daggers on the end of them aimed at the heart of our community!



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