Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Saturday Seven: Favorite Creature Comforts

This was a busy and stressful week at work. Lots of really long days with a non-stop pace. I generally work well under pressure, because I stay focused on the end goal, keep a positive attitude, and always find just a little time for something to get me through the day. I started thinking of just what those things are, and it inspired me for this week's scintillating edition of
The Saturday Seven: Favorite Creature Comforts.

#1 My Extra Comfy Bed and Down Pillow...oh how I love my pillow!
#2 Big Full Bodied Red Wines..always do the trick to relax and get my mind off things
#3 An extra long shower under the "Rainwater" showerhead. (I know its not environmentally friendly, sorry)
#4 My favorite chocolates, Fannie May Dark Chocolate Vanilla Buttercreams..mmmm
#5 Tivo: Digital TV playback is cool Even after working a long day, I can go home and watch my favorite shows at whatever time I want...and fast forward through commercials. Love it!

#6 My iPod. I love this stupid thing. Music is so important to me, and having my entire music collection with me can be a nice source of relaxation.

#7 My Cell Phone. What can I say, I like to talk on the phone. It relieves stress, I catch up with family and friends, bla bla bla. Yep, its a creature comfort alright.
Bonus entry: My two favorite creatures themselves: Owen and Shimi. They are the ultimate stress-busters. I love them both! No matter how tough my day gets, when I get home, they are so happy to see me, I instantly feel better just being with them.
What are YOUR "creature comforts"? Things you like that get you through the day...go ahead, leave a comment. After all, its NO CHARGE!!!
-Rick Rockhill


marlupe said...

I have a foot massager that puts me over the top. great post rick!

EBEZP said...

Well it's my laptop and the communication with friends that it allows!

karma lennon said...

I`m usually okay as long as I have a good book on hand, a notebook, a heineken and my cell so I can email and blog!

Anonymous said...

Great list Rick. I like everything on it except I'm not big on chocolates(well cats shouldn't eat chocolate anyway so that's a good thing)lol
I have several synthesizers and some studio recording software so I will usually put the headphones on and try to write something or create some new sounds or textures for future use.
We have 3 cats and a dog and justhaving them around, sitting on my lap or laying around on the bed with them is great.
We like to listen to music on the weekend or watch a movie or concert on our new 50"DLP projection TV w/surround sound.
Last but not least is my wonderful wife who is also my best friend.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

first thanks for "visiting" my friend mags! i really appreciated that rick...

my creature comforts? hmmm...

big cruise ships
red hat gals
chocolate and....
diet coke

smiles, bee

Palm Springs Savant said...

Bee-I agree with the cruise ships! My next cruise is November to the Mexican Riviera. Can hardly wait

Desert Songbird said...

Favorite creature comforts? Anything that makes my life easier or more convenient: my laptop, my iPod, my cell phone, my Palm Pilot, my Maytag Ice2O fridge, my microwave...

lime said...

1. my favorite wooly blanket
2. chocolate, dark or milk
3. my iPod
4. my computer...i blog therefore i am
5. lemon water, nothing quite quenches my thirst like that
6. my favorite jeans
7. hugs and kisses

Anonymous said...

Owen and Shimi look so sweet, it looks like they get along well together too

Canadian flake said...

I am totally with you on the music. Music has always been an important part of my life and has saved my sanity on more than one occasion (and my kids lives')

Burfica said...

I love really crisp cool sheets and cool pillows. I'm a pillow flipper throughout the night. I also love a cup of coffee with french vanilla creamer. Makes me feel better when I don't feel my best in the morning.

Hugs from the family and the pets.

and my music, I go to sleep with headphones on.

David said...

Im with you on the red wine, ipod and chocs. I also can't exist without my macbook and my ticketmaster accout.
D x


Are you sure there's no charge?? :)

1-white chocolate mocha VENTI fat free with extra whipped cream

2-My 8 pillows and 1000 thread count egyptian cotton sheets that I bound out of on the weekend mornings around 6:30am

3-Quiet moments early in the morning while everyone still sleeps.

4-Little one Giggles-fully belly giggles from a toddler-ahh, peace!

5-my feet not getting dirty-I hate my feet getting that grimy feeling, and when they manage to not get crusty for one day,it's such a comfort to me

6-my routine with bigdogg at night with our favorite tv shows

7-The water pressure in our shower

Happy Labor day weekend!!
ARf arf, mew, meoooooowwwww!!

HoosierGirl5 said...

God, those chocolates look good, Rick. Way to torture me! My creature comforts are my cell phone, my computer, and my bed.


By the way, how does one get the number to that cell phone? Just wondered.....;)

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Um. Why aren't we roommates?

Ok, outside of the fact that I live in Sacramento and have a husband and two kids. Whatever. I NEED you in my life. ;)

Palm Springs Savant said...

Queen- well I can send you a box of chocolates and a bottleof wine if that will help!

Rhodent said...

calls from my 4 offspring, my two cats,my new mattress and bed, my two neighbors who like to float in my pool and watch the sky with me, my blogger friends, my favorite cup of tea, my favorite rodent stuff...


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