Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Painted Poodles at Superzoo

This week I'm attending the Superzoo Show in Las Vegas for a few days. Superzoo is a national trade show for the pet industry and includes a significant presence of dog groomers. Trade shows in Vegas are always interesting because they rarely start early. Attendees often sleep late after a long, late night out on the town. Anyway, at the show yesterday I couldn't help but notice all the Poodles that were there, particularly those that had their hair dyed. It was a bizarre scene, but after awhile it started to look normal! This one to the left, with just pink accents seemed wild and over-the-top, until I ran into these others below. And after these, I stopped taking photos of them. Ah yes, the pet industry sure is interesting.

Above right: Well these three weren't painted, but were polite so I just had to take their picture.
-Rick Rockhill


Anonymous said...

For what reason does one need a parti-colored dog? Nevermind, I think I just answered my own question.

marlupe said...

oh my gosh, I've seen it all!!!

her indoors said...

they look hideous, poor dogs, just a thought do the owners have colour matching hair!

bunnygirl said...

The top one actually looks kind of tasteful after seeing some of the others.

My bunny would be very unhappy if I did something similar to her.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

and here i thought the oddest thing to look at in vegas today was oj!!

smiles, bee

Jimmi said...

There is something just not right about that. Just because you are bringing your dog to Vegas doesn't mean they have to look like a poker chip! I think these people need to invest in some Barbie dolls and leave the dogs alone!

Anonymous said...

poor poodles always getting dressed up, try doing that to a german shephard or
Have fun in Vegas and remember what happens in Vegas winds up on the Smoking Gun.:)

Ben Wu said...

Vegas baby.

Kerry and Rachel said...

How bizarre! I'm speechless.

EBEZP said...

Love the multi coloured poodles Rick!

Thank you for all your comments on mine while I was away, they meant a lot!

Horrible first day back at work today and those pics cheered me up no end

Cheers mate!

Burfica said...

those poor poor dogs.

Cheryl said...

I guess it's like the big hair shows. Over the top. Lots of artistry. Nothing you'd wear in real life. It must have been more than a bit surreal.

Desert Songbird said...


I'm so NOT a poodle fan, and this just justified my distaste.

Odd, odd, odd.

(Sorry if there are poodle fans among your readers, but I'm more of a Labrador, Golden, German Shepherd fan.)


I agree 100% with Desert Songbird...
I'm hoping the paint isn't toxic..naturally..the cutest pups in this pic were the well behaved black poodles...I'll stick with my love for the labs, g. shepards, english springer spaniels, goldens... :)

Canadian flake said...

omg who would do that to a poor dog...they look ridiculous...poor things


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