Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Welcome To The Parker: Part Two

Today is the second installment of my "Welcome to The Parker" series. The Parker Palm Springs is relatively close to my home, so I decided to bring you my perspective of the fabled hotel made popular by the Bravo TV show. Today we journey further inside the hotel, past the front lobby and into the primary public areas within the main building.
This room screams: "Don't take life so seriously!"
Above left: A cozy sitting area with very 70's style furniture. The throw blankets and chenille pillows give you cues that "its OK to put your feet up and relax if you want to". The centerpiece "DRUGS" sign draws attention and never fails to get a smile from passersby. Above right: There is a delightful collection of colored glass bottles and vases on the ledge above the sitting area. It catches the light from the windows up high above.
The "Groovy Lounge" and "Swankified Bar"
Above left: The main lounge is quite cozy; with a retro round fireplace in the center of the room. The gas flames glisten through the clear blue glass and give the area a great feel. There are all sorts of interesting chairs in this room. It is probably the most authentic collection of retro furnishings I have seen in Palm Springs. Its great to relax here with coffee while reading The Desert Sun newspaper. Above right: While it looks somewhat out of place, there is a beautiful bar made out of green alabaster. The photo does not convey the beauty of this room. The room is framed by long silver bead drapes that you can part to enter. It's uber hip and swank.
Mister Parker's Restaurant
Above left: The entrance to the main restaurant is totally tongue-in-cheek. When Mister Parker's is serving, this door remains open, exposing the psychedelic artwork on the door. To enter, patrons must part a very heavy black-crush velvet curtain. It heightens the senses and adds a element of drama. It's as if you are "slipping in" for a meal. Above right: The dining room of Mister Parkers. (I admit I borrowed this photo from the hotel website, as mine was too dark). It looks formal, but like everything at The Parker Palm Springs, life is relaxed and easy-going, just like the '70's were. The walls have the most bizarre, eclectic collection of paintings and art. I think some of it is just rubbish, but that's the way art is...all in the eye of the beholder, isn't it? As a side note, I've dined here before, the food is delicious and the service is very good.
PSYC: Palm Springs Yacht Club

The hotel SPA is called the Palm Springs Yacht Club, or "PSYC", another play for the past. It is located on the ground of the hotel, just outside the groovy lounge. The SPA is actually quite nice and has been rated a world-class facility by elite travel publications.

The lobby of the PSYC is elegant, with a fun blue velvet round love seat in the center of the room. The staff are all dressed in white, from head to toe and are most attentive. The SPA offers a wide variety of standard and exotic massage and body treatments. There are private facilities for men and women, with an indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzis, steam and sauna rooms, as well as a 24-hour exercise facility. Now that I think about it, I could use a massage, after being hunched over this computer all night!
Some Shopping for the Ladies
Above: Relax ladies, yes there is shopping to be done at The Parker! There is a really cute boutique with all sorts of expensive retro clothing and accessories for women. Fellas, you'll want to hit the bar for a cocktail while she shops. Once again, it is designed to make you feel like you are slipping into a friend's room , and not a retail store. It's all so very relaxed, yet elegant.
On Thursday I return for the third installment of "Welcome To The Parker", where I will take you out through the beautiful grounds throughout one of the most unique hotels in Palm Springs, and certainly California. Thanks for stopping by today!
-Rick Rockhill


karma lennon said...

I like the first photos-kind of reminds me of my apartment. Practically everything I own is from the 70s, the "theme" of my kitchen is shrooms.

Did you u get the interview questions I sent? Were they too boring? ;)

Palm Springs Savant said...

Thanks Karma- Gosh I completely forgot about the interview questions, please forgive me. I'll send them over today! Its all so exciting!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

wonderful rick!

smiles, bee

Lewis said...

Seems like these days, and these sorts of beautiful places, are all but gone in our world. Drive-in movies, supper/dinner clubs, and bowling alleys are included in the missing list.

Suzie said...

ok not my style but i guess it's ok. what happened ever to the class and style?

Lilian said...

Thanks so much for this series you're doing and taking your reader into The Parker :o) So far, my favorite picutures/places are Mr, Parker's Restaurant [I would feel very comfortable there] and the spa... Greetings!

Canadian flake said...

ok I am totally adding this place to my list of places to visit once I will the lottery...

Looking forward to part 3...but of course tomorrow is Dr Wang wednesday...I live for that ya know..lmao.

snowelf said...

You really do visit the coolest places!!!

my love to Owen :)


captain corky said...

I want that Drugs sign for my living room! ;)


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