Sunday, September 23, 2007

Backstage at Monty Python's SPAMALOT

Last Wednesday, while in Las Vegas I went to see the Broadway musical comedy Spamalot, from the Monty Python gang. The show has a permanent home at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, but is also running in London, New York, Melbourne and a traveling show across the US.
I've been a Monty Python fan for a long time, and the stage show was quite funny; it kept me laughing continuously. It helps if you are familiar with the MP films The Holy Grail and Life of Brian, as well as the TV show itself. There are many familiar sketches and characters, all centered around King Arthur and his quest for the Holy Grail. It is cleverly written and presented, making hilarious jibes at everyone from the French, the English, Jews, Gays, Germans and many other groups. I laughed out loud throughout, it was lighthearted and fun. After the show I met some of the cast for a VIP back stage visit and tour.

Above left: Guards at the French castle, & above right: King Arthur's knights of the round table. The Vegas version of the show has the round table that looks like a roulette wheel, which was fun.
The Back Stage VIP Tour

Above left: Me clowning around with actor Justin Brill, who plays the role of "Patsy". He is holds the "vicious bunny" prop, with its bloodied fangs, feigning an attack on me. Oh yes, I was a natural on stage as I gave a dramatic shriek in horror. Above right: Me standing inside a giant tin of Spam, with friends Tim and Tim.

Above left: You can see, I was meant for the stage, posing on the set of the castle doors, & above right: Back stage in front of some costumes.

Above: Show props, & above right: One of three sections of shelves with Wigs used for the production. They are all custom made in London for each actor.

Above: Backs tage props and signs for the show.
The tour was really cool, and Justin Brill was a really nice guy. Aside from seeing how things on stage work, we saw the entire back production process, history of the show and met several actors. I highly recommend Spamalot, particularly if you were a fan of this super silly British comedy team.
-Rick Rockhill


MONA said...

Cool! I love Vegas shows. I saw one at Stratosphere!

This one sounds really good and all those costumes are awesome!

I am glad you had so much fun! :)

Anonymous said...

monty python rocks.

Stephen Rader said...

I didn't see SPAMALOT when it was here pre-Broadway, but I SO wish that I had.

I've heard that these sit-down Las Vegas shows are shorter, 90-ish minutes with no intermission. Is that true?

Guess they want to get you back to the gambling tables. :)

snowelf said...

Pss, you are DEFINITELY meant for the stage!! :)


bunnygirl said...

How totally cool! I would definitely pay good money to see that show, although I don't think I have the right kind of connections to get a backstage pass. Good thing I've got my own "vicious" white rabbit at home!

Sheila said...

Cool Spam photo.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Stephen- Ys, it was just under 2 hours. There are some really good shows in Vegas, but usually the broadway ones don't do as well because the audience isn't in town for anything too heavy. Since Spamalot is so fun it does well. I think the best shows in Vegas are the Cirque ones. We should go sometime!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

and yet, you were the cutest one!!

smiles, bee

lime said...

i so want to see spamalot. thanks for taking us backstage!

Biddie said...

Not sure that I want to see Spamalot, but I know that Hubby would love to. Mind you, I never even leave the house so a trip to Vegas isn't really in teh cards right now, annyway.
Looks like you had fun, though!

EBEZP said...

I'm a big Pythons fan but you know when it was first on British TV it was said, Americans will never understand it!
I guess some still don't but they don't put shows on in Vegas unless they are sure of the audiences.
The backstage experience looked great fun too.

Anonymous said...

I've been hoping spamalot comes to my town so I can catch it. I don't travel as much as you do!


You take beautiful photos...
Sorry this is brief-I'm watching the bears game..REX Grossman sucks!

Mags said...

Spam, Tim & doesn't get any better than that. ;)

Thanks for the advice with my cat Zoe-I put treats on his litter box like you suggested and they are still there. 8( He's not a treat kind of guy I far so good though with the calming spray!

I linked you too!

Desert Songbird said...

I've heard nothing but good things about this show. I gotta catch it somehow, some place.

Thanks again for the note to my nephew. You're awesome.

karma lennon said...

Jealous....I so want to see this show! I love MP! :)

Lilian said...

I saw this show last year at the Hippodrome Theater in Baltimore during its US tour. To say that I LOVED IT it still isn't a fair statement :o) I laughed from beginning to end ... Do you remember at the beginning of the show the fake Finish dancing and singing? hahaha ... But my favorite scene was the the battle of insults by the French; defending the castle: parody in its finest.
Warm Regards!

Canadian flake said...

Thanks for sharing the pics were meant for a life on the "stage" weren't ya?? LOL.


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