Friday, September 14, 2007

Mid-Century Modern Palm Springs

If you appreciate Mid-Century Modern architecture, Palm Springs is a terrific place to visit and live. There are so many examples throughout the city; from business offices, civic buildings, and landmarks to private homes. If you ever drive into Palm Springs via Highway 111, you will encounter an excellent example as you approach Palm Springs proper. The former Tramway Gas Station, now our Visitor's Center, is a marvelous example of the work of the late modernist architect Albert Frey, who resided in Palm Springs for many years. The "Frey gas station" as it is sometimes called, is one of the most significant structures in the city and is now an historic site. It has nifty angles designed to mimic the San Jacinto Mountains. I am so captivated by it's simplicity that I wanted to share various views of this structure.

Two nifty angles. I borrowed the one on the left. But I took the color photos

Above right: This is a small photo, but it shows the two different angles of the roof, jetting out in opposite directions.

And the official placard...It reads:"Conceived by developer Culver Nichols as an entry statement to Palm Springs, the roof is a hyperbolic paraboloid of steel I-beams and corrugated metal roofing supported by steel tubular Pillars. Albert Frey was consulted in its 1998-1999 adaptive reuse as a sculpture gallery"
Happy Friday!
-Rick Rockhill


Steven said...

I have never been to PS, but the revelation of its architecture and history in not only this post, but previous posts as well, has intrigued this urban planner. Thanks for sharing!

marlupe said...

what an awesome building...and to think it was a gas station originally you said? Wow, pretty cool. love teh photos you take.

Nathan L. said...

I like the mixture of steel framing and Metal Roofing

Canadian flake said...

totally amazing pics as always...thanks so much for sharing.

That place looks nothing like what I think of as a gas station...totally cool.

Keep in mind I am Canadian...we pump gas outta igloos remember? lmao.


very cool pictures (as usual) The first one reminded me of the front of a church without the stained glass..
very're giving me the itch to get a trip somewhere with the bigdogg.
what's the best time to go to cali? When i visited San Fran it was September..but before the leaves and the beauty began..


Saboma said...

I have many fond memories of not only riding on the tram but having dinner there once we reached the top. Going there on a first date is very impressive as well as romantic.

Thanks for stirring up some of those fun memories, Rick. It's been decades since I've been down there but it took no time for those wonderful memories to stir. ^5

Lewis said...

Been away for a few days! but still enjoying your tours of PSP.

pastorsbride said...

Nice blog!


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