Friday, September 21, 2007

Welcome To The Parker: Part Four

Today is the fourth and final installment of my series: "Welcome To The Parker". We're heading through the grounds of this storied hotel to offer a glimpse into some of the ways guests can relax and let go. For those of you who watch "Welcome To The Parker" may recall some of these from scenes on the Bravo TV program. The Parker Palm Springs is casually elegant, but make no mistake, it offers many luxuries that are demanded by discerning hotel guests.
The Hardest Decision to Make

Do I want the hammock, the sofa or the chair? Above left: There are several hammocks tucked away under peaceful date palm trees. Above right: While this sitting area is quite cozy and private, it does offer full service if you should need a fresh pot of coffee or a fresh squeezed orange juice.
How About a Snack?

Above left: The outdoor patio of Norma's restaurant. They serve a wonderful breakfast,and some intriguing lunches as well. The menu includes The Zillion Dollar Lobster Fritatta, with 12 oz Sevruga Caviar for a mere $1,000. Can you imagine leaving a tip on that breakfast bill? Above right: This bar is tucked away in the back gardens, just off one of the pools and tennis courts. It has an array of refreshing items to quench ones thirst.

Above left: An example of the nice touches throughout The Parker. "This lemonade stand" is on several tables in an open grass area with a mini menu for ordering a refreshing drink during the day. Above right: One of the two pools on site.
Pools, Glorious Pools...
Above: Photos of my favorite pool on the property. It's oval shape is conducive to socializing. The black and white umbrellas have a retro feel to them. This is a very glam place to relax poolside.
THANKS for following along with my series on The Parker Palm Springs. I hope you enjoyed the view into this legendary hotel.
-Rick Rockhill


TWISI said...

I loved the show and appreciate the perspective you gave, now can you possibly hook me up with the Manager? He is a hottie!

Sheila said...

You covered the Parker much better than any travel writer could. You ought to be paid something. How about it Parker Palm's folks?

EBEZP said...

A brilliant insight Rick thanks!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

enjoyed it very much, thank you!!

smiles, bee

marlupe said...

oh gosh rick, I really enjoyed this series you did. Four days of posts, that's a lot of content you prepared! I can't wait to watch it on Bravo again, now that I know all about it!!!


This was a well put together piece..they should pay you for your free advertising...
I loved the pictures as usual!!! :)

Palm Springs Savant said...

Sheila/Crusty- hey I like that idea...I'd even settle for a free martini!

Thanks to everyone who has sent me e-mails as well. I appreciate the comments. This was a fun series to work on for the blog.


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