Thursday, September 20, 2007

Welcome To The Parker: Part Three

Today is my third installment of my "Welcome to the Parker" series. As always with my blog,I wish to reiterate that this is not a paid post, but is my own pick for a blog mini-series. In this post, join me for a peek into the beautiful grounds hidden behind the walls of the Parker Palm Springs. The hotel and its grounds were designed to allow guests to hide away, enjoying peace and quiet in a private corner somewhere. As you walk outside past what I referred to on Tuesday as "The Groovy Lounge", you find a series of paths that meander through the property. Most pathways will lead to guest rooms or villas, but they are the passage to the SPA, pool, tennis courts, and other on-site activities. More interesting perhaps are the carefully planned hidden areas to curl up with a good book, a Bloody Mary or a glass of champagne. The Parker is a place to forget your troubles and escape into the bliss of the beautiful desert.
The Path Less Chosen?

Above: Paths throughout the grounds of The Parker. They are a combination of compacted finely ground stone and dirt, which has a natural feel, yet firm enough for the staff to use when using bicycles to deliver room service.

Above left: this is the first path outside what I affectionately call "The Groovy Lounge". The bubbling water fountain provides a sense of tranquility as you gaze into the the lush gardens. Above right: One of the many hidden seating areas, designed to be informal and make you feel right at home.
Above left: The grounds of The Parker are laden with fun treasures such as this- it's a wooden door, within a door. It is the passage through a wall of thick ficus shrubs. It has that "secret garden" feel to it. Above right: An exterior view of one of the guest rooms. The wooden shutters, flowing bougainvillea and leafy banana trees provide a lush tropical aura, and the ultimate in privacy.

Above left: The patio at the Gene Autry House, located on the grounds of The Parker. It is available as part of the hotel, and is furnished in keeping with it's original design. It is very private and has it's own piece of history to it. Above right: One of several buildings on the property that add to the eclectic nature of The Parker.

THANK YOU for stopping by today. I'm leaving Las Vegas today, and then heading to Seattle tonight. Tomorrow is the fourth and final post in this series. I hope you can check back for the photos of the pools and other beautiful features at this legendary Palm Springs hotel.
-Rick Rockhill


karma lennon said...

So beautiful. I want to come visit now.

marlupe said...

I agree Karma.

Fun pics rick, that secret door is very cool

Canadian flake said...

wow pics were amazing as always...hope you have a safe trip...


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