Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wisdom Wednesdays: Featuring Dr Sidney Wang

This week's letter comes from MaryAnne in Lynhurst, Indiana. MaryAnne writes:

Dear Dr Wang,

Six months ago I started catering and baking cupcakes for extra money and saved over $5,000 so far just from small jobs. There has been a steady flow of catering work that I mainly do nights and weekends around my full time job. I am at the point where I have to turn down some catering projects because they interfere with my day job. I'd like to quit my regular job and go into catering full time. I want to know what the future holds for me, and if I'll be able to support myself at some point.

Regards, MaryAnne

Lynhurst, IN

Dr Wang responds: Dear MaryAnne,

First of all, I must congratulate you on the success of your part time career so far. The Great Bubble Wall indicates that you clearly have a knack for the baking, but you are not yet skilled enough as a chef. I suggest you enroll in a culinary arts school to gain more specific culinary skills. In the meantime continue making cupcakes as a side business. You will begin making X-rated cupcakes for a premium price. There is great potential for bachelorette parties and more. You will need to find extra tall bakery boxes for these x-rated cupcakes, which will be hard (to find).

Starting your own catering business requires a significant investment. In addition to The Great Bubble Wall, I consulted a deck of Tarot cards to be certain. Your "significator card" is The Wheel of Fortune (see my photo above, behind the plant). The Tarot indicates that you are about to inherit a small sum of money from a distant relative. This will provide you with seed money to start your catering business. Be sure to write a full business plan and present it to a local commercial banker. You have exceptionally good luck in your future, follow your instincts with this catering business.

Keep swimming upstream,

-Dr Wang
"Wisdom Wednesdays" features the sage advice of our resident oracle, psychic betta fish "Dr Sidney Wang". Believed to be a reincarnated descendant of King Rama II of Siam, Dr Wang responds to e-mail submissions with advice, predictions of the future and conveys ancient proverbs to provide guidance and support. Dr Sidney Wang's 24 Hour Wisdom, Advice and Inspiration service is also available from the left side navigation for this feature


garynewtown said...

thanks for visiting my blog.

MaryAnne said...

Dr Wang- thanks for the quick reply and posting suc good advice. You have me speechless about the xrated cupcakes, but you may well be right!

P.L. Frederick said...

Dr Wang,

Aren't cupcakes on the cusp of being a delicious nation-wide trend? Might MaryAnne be missing the wave if she enters culinary school now? Should she submit her business plan to any and all relatives, posthaste?

Have to run, my dog is throwing up on the carpet.

P.L. Frederick
SMALL & big

Canadian flake said...

hmmmmmmmm not sure about this advice Dr Wang...but I trust your wisdom..lmao.


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