Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Saturday Seven: Funny Double Entendres

I thought it was about time for a bit of levity (def: lightness of mind, character, or behavior; lack of appropriate seriousness or earnestness). And why not? After all, sometimes the blogsphere can get a bit heavy at times. I've always been rather amused by the double entendre, which according to our good friends at Wikipedia is: "a figure of speech similar to the pun, in which a spoken phrase can be understood in either of two ways. The first, literal meaning is an innocent one, while the second meaning is often ironic or risqué and requires the hearer to have some additional knowledge. The risqué, often sexual, element is central to most people's understanding of what a double entendre is." This brings me to this week's Saturday Seven: Funny Double Entendres

#1 "Shave Your Beaver" Even though this has been around awhile, it still makes me giggle.

#2 Everyone's favorite Bond girl "Miss Pussy Galore" No further comment necessary.

#3 The Pearl Necklace: Even Archie and Betty joke about it. Isn't anything sacred anymore? (click the image for a close-up)

#4 Diamonds Are Forever Bond girl: "...Hi I'm Plenty. Plenty O'Toole..." to which Bond replies: "Named after your father, perhaps"

#5 Master Bait & Tacle. This smacks of college

#6 Church Humor: With friends like these....

#7 "Eat Here and Get Gas" I wonder if they sell Beeno also?
...and in the true Saturday Seven tradition, a bonus entry:

Bonus entry: "I Love Dick", -Van Dyke, that is. Nice play on I Love Lucy and the Dick Van Dyke Show. Nobody noticed. Especially here in Palm Sprrings.
-Rick Rockhill

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Hale McKay said...

Don't forget June Cleaver saying to her husband, "Ward, you sure were tough on the Beaver last night."


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