Thursday, April 5, 2007

American Idol: Farewell Gina Glocksen

Quick post today. I cannot BELIEVE that Gina Glocksen got voted off of American Idol last night. Are the American people CRAZY? There are so many others that should have gone before Gina. about Sanjaya??? I think Gina has a career ahead of her and deserves to make it big. Good Luck Gina!


Michael said...

I was shocked and infuriated by this as well--especially since her performance this week was one of her best to date. Unfortunately the whole voting this is completely screwed this year thanks to idiots like Howard Stern who are out to destroy the show for everyone.

Kerry and Rachel said...

HI Rick,
I just found your blog on Gina. just a small piece of trivia for you. The American Idol Style site
lists one of our necklaces as one of Gina's style items.

Small world! You found our windmill blog yesterday.



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