Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Take Me out to the Ball Game....

Last night I went to a San Diego Padres game at PETCO Park. The Padres were playing the San Francisco Giants. We lost 5-6. I missed most of the game because I worked late to meet a few deadlines that were looming. Most notably, dealing with the continuing saga that is the pet food recall on certain wet foods. With the exception of Easter weekend, this recall has literally consumed all of my work time and has overflowed into my personal time ever since it started on March 16th. But I'm not bitter. However, our most important objective is for the safety of animals, so it's time well spent. Anyway that's my "mini-rant" for the day.

Aside from naming it PETCO Park, we also have a suite, which is quite nice, I must say. We usually have plenty of food and beverages, and all kinds of snacks. This photo doesn't show the entire suite, but it has comfy sofas, bar tables, a kitchen, a restroom, and plenty of "private" stadium seating to watch the game. We had great weather in San Diego last night for an evening game and we all had a good time. I usually go to a lot of Padres games in the suite each year for business functions, and believe me, it's easy to get used to.

Since I'm writing about Major League Baseball, what a convenient time for me to mention that last summer I had the honor of throwing out the first pitch at PETCO Park at a Padres Game. It was very cool (see photo left). I'm quite modest about it. I only keep this photo on my blog year round and have the framed photo in my office at work. So you see I really am very low key about it. If you ever need a Major League pitcher, let me know- apparently I have quite the arm.
Below: I love being at the ball park... it's such a rush

Below left: "Red Ruff" and "Blue Mews", our mascots who stopped by the suite to say hello to the PETCO gang. Below right: PETCO Park at night...

-Rick Rockhill


Michael said...

OMG! I would be totally self conscious about throwing out the first pitch in front a stadium full of people! But then I throw like a big ol' girl, so there ya go.

The Sundins said...

I remember when they let me hit the ceremonial first home run. It was tough to knock it over the right field wall but I handled it with aplomb. Good times.


rawlins said...

wow...livin' rich there at the ballpark suite. But how was the view?


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