Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Saturday Seven: Celebrities Who Bore Me

While standing in the checkout lane at a store yesterday, I was passing time by glancing at the covers of the gossip ragsheets and celebrity magazines. It felt like a case of dejavu...hadn't I seen this celebrity on the covers last week? And the week before that? And last year too? Why is it, I pondered, that the same group of celebrities are on the covers week after week, month after month. Isn't there anyone else to write about? They must continue to sell magazines but my gosh- how frightfully boring it all must be. It got me thinking of the handful of celebrities who not only seem overexposed, but who really bore me to tears (hence the photo of the sleeping dog). This brings us to another scintillating edition of The Saturday Seven: Celebrities Who Bore Me
#1 Lindsay Lohan- there is no question that she is over-exposed. I really don't get the public fascination with her. This most recent story about a sex tape surfacing with her fellating some guy is more than I want to know about her, yet again.
left: lindsay lohan
#2 Britney Spears- It seems like she has some real problems; I'm not looking to unnecessarily tear her down, but would someone save her from herself..PLEASE. Send her to a far-away land with no cameras, TV or reporters.

left: Britney Spears
#3 David Spade- I just don't think he is funny at all. In my opinion he is a boring little weasel who plays the same bad role over and over.
left: David Spade
#4 Paris Hilton- What is left to say about Paris? Just that she is the ultimate bore. I mean brat. I mean...ah, whatever.

left: Paris Hilton with Britney Spears
#5 Jennifer Aniston- She was cute when she was on Friends, but now she comes across as weak, co-dependent and a whiner. Lucky for her she is super rich, so it doesn't matter what people think of her.
left: Jennifer Aniston
#6 Pam Anderson- Sure, she is a sexpot, but how is it that one person can have so many things happen to them?
left: Pam Pamela Anderson
#7 Tom Cruise- This guy is just down-right weird. I get a bad vibe from him, like someday the truth will come out about Tom Cruise and it will scare everyone. I'm just sayin'...
left: Tom Cruise Katie Holmes
What celebrities bore YOU? Go ahead leave a comment with your two-cents. In the spirit of the Easter season I have waived all comment fees once again.
-Rick Rockhill lindsay lohan, britney spears, david spade, Paris Hilton, jennifer aniston, pam anderson, tom cruise lindsay lohan, britney spears, david spade, Paris Hilton, jennifer aniston, pam anderson, tom cruise


Canadian flake said...

Yup I think your list is bang on...I think I would add Brad Pitt to that list...maybe Mel Gibson too

I totally agree with Tom Cruise...I have ranted to my hubby about him more than once...

Loganator's Mom said...

All I can say is... AMEN! I have to agree with everyone of those comments!

lime said...

i agree with your list completely. i would also add brangelina with a great big YAWN and 'who cares."

Michael said...

I'm right on board with this list too! Funny thing tho--if you and every commenter so far is bored with these celebs, why does the press keep covering them ad nauseum?

Mo said...

I agree with your list, too!
The only thing I might tweak is replacing David Spade (really, does anyone CARE about what that weasel is doing?) with David Has-been Hasselhoff.

Palm Springs Savant said...

So true Michael...I suppose my brief rant just adds to the covereage, n'est pas?

Marlupe said...

hee hee good list rick. I think I'll throw in Lil Kim & Nicole Kidman. blech!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

sooooo true! and why does ANYONE care??? i have no answers but love this post!

smiles, bee

ps: happy easter rick!

Seamus said...

I have to agree with you on all 7 of these! We have an official Tom Cruise boycott going on in this house!

Casdok said...

All of them!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I feel sorry for many celebrity's because they have no control over the made up crap that is written about them...And The Paps keep writing about these people because it pays the rent. It sells papers and magazines, and so called TV "Entertainment" shows....That is what I find boring...NOT the Celebrity's themselves. Plus, I really find it offensive, since almost all the stuff written is lies or semi-lies....So, off hand, I cannot think of anyone who actually bores me....I am kind of indifferent to many of the people you mentioned, Rick, escept for the fact that, as I said, I feel sorr for them.

gab said...

You've pretty much got everyone pinned down and your right sorry fell asleep there.
My neice is a celeb of sorts but thankfully she hasnt done much to warrent much attention.....well at least not since she posed in Playboy! She had a show on WE for awhile. She saves dogs. so thats good. I guess because you got all the ones who are just plain "trouble" with a capital T. I cant think of another.

WAT said...

Paris Hilton is the worst of the worst of the worst. I give the rest of them credit for at least working for their boring fame/success/money, but PARIS?

Pam Anderson is very much for animal rights so I dig her a lot because of that.

And you have 46 more years to go of this fabulous martini life, so keep enjoying! ;)


1. Nicole Kidman-Perhaps because I NEVER see her with her children and being a mom, well, you know..

2. Tom Cruise-So THAT's why NK's never with her kids...because of the fog he has them in

3. Paris Hilton- she needs to be put in the same spot as Britney..away from cameras and plastic

4. Hannah Montana-Why does it need such press that she changed her name? She's such a young girl, do they want a future Bs on their hands? BS meaning Britney Spears.

5. Marc Anthony-he's just creepy looking and seems very controlling, is he donating the baby pics of his twins from People magazine to the islands of........?

6. Joe Simpson-if I see that chin one more time grinning down on his daughter's breasts,..ewwwwww
7. Jessica Simpson -come on, really? Have you looked at Tony Roma? He's the shadow version of her Former ex husband..selfish young girl.

Happy Easter Rick!

I'm off to Fannie mae!! thanks for the wonderful advice! :)

Jimmi said...

I totally agree with you. I am so tired of hearing about Lindsay Lohan and honestly don't see what the big fascination is with her. She is a trampy,drug addict ginger,and she actually kind of seems dirty! She probably walks around barefoot.
People they need to stop writing about:

Linday Lohan
Britney Spears
Victoria Bekcham & David Bekcham.
Brad and Angena
Do you think Brad really wants to have ALL those kids? Seems weird.
I'm just sayin...

tt said...

What about the gloved one?? He hasn't been in the media as much in the last few years since he moved off to...where.ever.the.he**-he is. But I don't think they come any stranger than they?? If we never hear about him again it'll be too soon in my humble opinion... :)
Love your site! Thanks for letting me visit.

kenju said...

I agree with you on all of them. If I never had to hear about or see a picture of any of them again, I would be ecstatic!

Joshua said...

yeah that's a nice lil list you got there. Not a whole lot to change.

Olivia said...

Bleugh, yes, your list is spot on. I can't stand either Tom Cruise or Katy Holmes toegether or apart. They are so darned SMUG and spooky. Like aliens who maybe take off their masks and unzip out of their human forms when they get home.

Let's see, who else...?
David and Victoria Beckham. They are the gods of chav and I am disappointed that they are a success in America.

Courtney Cox Arquette, Cameron Diaz, Christina Aguilera = annoying and slappable.

Scooter said...

I agree with your list, but let's add Paris Hilton, J-Lo, and (dare I say) Mariah Carey.

whimsical brainpan said...

I am with you on all seven.

LouLou! said...

I have to rant here about how Anna Nicole Smith is STILL getting press and yet - SHE'S BEEN DEAD FOR A YEAR.

Enough already.

Brittney is next. I'm sorry, at some point, one must acknowledge that help is necessary....

There are my two cents.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

David Spade looks liek that guy in ABBA.

Anne said...

Isn't it interesting all the entertainers we never hear about? I agree with your list.


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