Monday, March 3, 2008

An Elegant Dinner Party in the Desert

Over the weekend some close friends hosted a dinner party at their estate in the historic Twin Palms area of Palm Springs. It was a beautiful evening in the desert; mild temperatures, a star-filled sky, and just enough moonlight to illuminate the gorgeous palm trees along the streets. As we passed through the main gates of their home, we could see straight through to an outdoor fire pit that was glowing seductively, luring guests like some kind of mysterious all-powerful force. I half expected the face of the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz to appear and hover above the flames. Inside I was greeted by the lady of house, Miss BabyCakes, (see photo right). Miss BabyCakes is the heiress to the estate and is a very gracious hostess. After exchanging the appropriate social pleasantries (rubbing her ears and exchanging kisses), I made my way outside to the fire pit which was still beckoning. The fire was captivating, the flames danced happily and provided entertainment in between social chats with other guests. Naturally I saw this as a photo opportunity for the blog:

above: Here I sit, at the edge of the fire pit, enjoying a glass of Cabernet under the desert sky...

above: The stately palm trees on the grounds of their estate provided an elegant yet cozy atmosphere.
Bring on the food!

above: Chilled jumbo shrimp cocktail were a perfect way to start the evening. Meanwhile, the server passed hot hors' d'ouevres that were oh-so-delicious.

above: A work of art. This was the starter salad, with poached pear, candied pecans, heart of romaine topped with a slice of bleu cheese and a mild dressing. The fresh orchid garnish and cheese bread stick was a nice touch.

above: The Main Entree was a fabulous beef filet, served with steamed green and wax beans, Carrots Vichy, and a delicious tart of potato, onion and cheese. The plate was garnished with a tiny bunch of fresh herbs that were incredibly fragrant from their flower blossoms. This was a dinner to remember. Lucky for me, I was among friends who didn't think I was too tacky for snapping photos throughout the evening!

above: The finale: hot molten chocolate cake, drizzled with a white chocolate vanilla sauce, garnished with beautiful fresh strawberries.

Above: Showing my gratitude to our gracious hostess Miss BabyCakes, the heiress to the estate. Indeed it was an evening to remember, even for The Palm Springs Savant.
-Rick Rockhill


Jeni said...

Holy Rip, Man! How do you manage to consume food like that without gaining weight? I feel like I just added at least 5 pounds from looking at your pictures and drooling all over the place from seeing such yummy food!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Miss BabyCakes is sweet and that`s a dashing pic of you by the fire Rick.
The food sure does look exquisite!


Odat said...

I can't believe that!!! Wow...BabyCakes is one lucky dog!!
(so to speak,hehe.)
I'm glad you got to break bread with her....(or did she have bones?) No I bet she had some fillet mignon.
Thanks for sharing that..the pics are fabulous....

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fab dinner. Wonderful photo of you by the firepit....

Oh, that salad looks totally delish!

Lewis said...

you've given me more amazing ideas for dinner! it's only 7:30 in the morning and I'm already ready for the evening meal!

Jimmi said...

Wow very nice... Nothing like a good night with friends and a good meal. Add a few glasses of wine and it makes it that much better :)

Seamus said...

I love that fire pit! Is it a gas pit???

Anne said...

You could write travelogues. Sounds like a wonderful evening. Nice pictures. The fire looks fantastic.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Wow! Miss BabyCakes knows how to throw a party!

Mags said...

Mmmm....all of it looks so good! I really enjoy your party posts. It makes me dream about a more glamorous life. ;)

You're my hero Rick. :)

Cheryl said...

You know everyone! It must be so fun to attend all the social functions you write about. Once again, thanks for the ride.

BTW, loved the palm series!


it looked like a wonderful evening! The little hostess bow balanced your shirt perfectly!
The food looked incredible!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Miss Baby Cakes is adorable! And if she is the Hostess...Well, she was the Hostess With The Mostess!
GREAT Dinner! You do get around Rick....!

Marlupe said...

She is adorable, I'd love to have a dog like her. Great dinner, wow you have some nice friends


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