Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wisdom Wednesdays: Featuring Dr Sidney Wang

ASK DR WANG, the psychic betta fish
This week's e-mail is from Lolly in Grand Junction, CO. Lolly writes:

Dear Dr Wang,

I have crush on a guy named Slim who works as a cashier at the Western Convenience store nearby. He is at the store no matter what time I go in; I've remarked that he is always working but he seems quite nervous or defensive about it. I have reason to believe he likes me, but I am not completely certain yet. Sometimes he gives me a 10% discount off my coffee, and he always asks me if I want a beef jerky to go too, which is my favorite. Do you think I should wait for him to ask me out, or should I take the first step? What does he future hold Dr Wang?

Smitten, Lolly

Dr Wang responds: Dear Lolly,

I sensed there is a secret lurking within Slim, so I have consulted The Great Bubble Wall in my tank for deeper insights. I have learned that Slim is working a lot of overtime at the Western Convenience store for good reason. He is saving up money to help pay off a secret gambling debt of his sister, who is a one-legged nun. Because he is ashamed of his sister's gambling problem, he will never openly mention this to you.

You will be pleased to know that Slim does have a crush on you, but he is shy and not going to make the first move. You must learn patience and control in the meantime. Wait until the next month or so and you will find that Slim is more receptive to your advances. The next time you are in the store, take a closer look at Slim, he has a club-foot which rules out two-stepping as a first date option. In the meantime, Lolly, just stick to Slim Jim's jerky and your coffee, you'll be a hot item by mid-summer.

keep swimming upstream,

-Dr Wang

"Wisdom Wednesdays" features the sage advice of our resident oracle, psychic betta fish "Dr Sidney Wang". Believed to be a reincarnated descendant of King Rama II of Siam, Dr Wang responds to e-mail submissions with advice, predictions of the future and conveys ancient proverbs to provide guidance and support. Dr Sidney Wang's 24 Hour Wisdom, Advice and Inspiration service is also available from the left side navigation for this feature.


Diane J Standiford said...

The deeper we go; the wiser we get.

Desert Songbird said...

I think Slim must be related to Billy Bob who works at my corner Circle K.

Marlupe said...

There sure are some interesting people writing to dr wang. Good advice to Lolly.

Jimmi said...

Any way to get one of those bubble walls? lol

Club foot? I hope that doesn't turn off our Lolly...

karma lennon said...

I haven't been by in 8,000 years. Horrible, I know. Looks like you are doing well though!!! :)

Cheryl said...

I may just post a question one of these days. Dr. Wang is so wise and I could use some advice.


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