Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Art Review: Kimberly Nichols

Today's installment of The Sunday Art Review focuses on the paintings of the highly talented Palm Springs artist Kimberly Nichols. I met with Kimberly yesterday and requested her permission to feature her work on my blog. Ms Nichols' work is both thoughtful and deep. These paintings seem to speak from beyond the canvas; you can almost feel the emotion of the subject. (above: "Girl on the Verge")

Following is an excerpt from The Artist's Statement from her website: "...I wanted to take away the pseudo-stances in any given pose and present the emotional scene behind the eyes and the purse of the lips. The eyes and the lips became my trademark, a place where all the signals of the truth were held no matter how deceiving the appearance otherwise. These psychological portraits of women became what I termed "hundred proof bordello"--a place where honesty is stronger than the urge to lie, a place where authenticity is bared and no mood denied due to its un-ladylike contortions. In my perpetual gallery, all girls could bare their most gnashing teeth, their most needy lust, their most haughty pretensions and their most primal hunt for love."
The Work of Kimberly Nichols

above: "Piety"
above: "Art of Loneliness"
above: "Bloom"
above: "Amoeba"

above: "Submission Queen on Couch"
above: "Money Shot"
I hope you enjoyed this week's Sunday Art Review as much as I enjoyed presenting it. Which painting do you like best? Go ahead, leave a comment, it's the last Sunday in March, so ALL COMMENTS ARE FREE TODAY!
-Rick Rockhill


Cheryl said...

Well, since they're free.... this art speaks to me. Like a singer with a memorable voice, this artist is unique and primitive. Thanks for the introduction.

Christa said...

Well, since all comments are free and everything I thought I'd stop by and say thank you for visiting my not so main

My regular blog is going up and down and that post was old. The server keep coming and going.

I'll attach my "real" url to this comment in case you want to stop by :)

Nice art btw :D

Casdok said...

Free comments! Love it.
Also love Kimberlys paintings, especially the first one.

Linda said...

Hi Rick,

Just wanted to stop by and leave a free comment saying thank for stopping by my blog earlier!

As for the artwork, I think I like "Money Shot" the best. Not sure why!

jackie said...

these are gorgeous works of art. You are really stepping things up in your sunday art reviews lately. I'm impressed

buffalodickdy said...

Haunting art... Always about women?

ANNA-LYS said...

Hello Rick,
Thanks for the visit!
First time I am here and I am pleased it is for free :-)

Of Kimberly Nichols "emotions in motion" *lol* I think that "Girl on the Verge" and "Art of Loneliness" are those that I at the present moment would favourite.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I appreciate yoi featuring "ARTISTS" on Sunday, Rick....(Being an ;artist' myself...)
I'm afraid this work is just not my cup of tea....I see that the Artist has lots of ideas and skills, too, and I appreciate that. Art is such a personal thing. What one likes and does not likw, so very subjective....So, that's why I say it is not MY cup of tea...
Again, dear Rick, I think it is great that you feature Artists on Sunday!

BTW: Gail Kobe got her STAR today on The Palm Springs Walk...I so wish I could have been there...But...Well, you know why I was not able to....Did yoi go to the Ceremony?

Mags said...

Oh they are beautiful! I love how colorful these are. ya think she'd donate a few to a rising chef in Boston who's got empty walls and no money?


Lewis said...

Fantastic! Reminds me of my neighbor lady who is from Argentina and an upper-level Spanish teacher in high school. She's also a water color artist and does amazing work.

kenju said...

Rick, thanks for the visit. I am glad to know that you appreciated the video. I think it is fantastic!

Kimberly Nichols art is interesting, but I can't imagine living with it, except for "The Art of Lonliness". That one appeals to me.

Marlupe said...

Ooooo I like this artist, she has a definite style of her own. Its bold, and I like that very much.

snowelf said...

Oh VERY Cool! I like Amoeba the best. :)


Biddie said...

I think that I liked 'Money Shot' the best :)

Diane J Standiford said...

Always nice when you share that which I would never see otherwise.
Interesting topic for her exhibit.

Lilian said...

I always appreciate your effort to bring up Art in your blog... I like the bold colors and shapes; they are happy, sensual, and very feminine. I can see that the artist is trying to send a message about the modern woman, and I like that :o)

Lilian said...

I forgot to tell you that on your upcoming trip to Nuremberg in May, please, visit The Church of Our Lady... on my behalf [because I have never been there] :o)

captain corky said...

Amazing work.

Biddie said...

Oh, btw, there is an award for you at my place :)

tt said...

I love art work of any kind. it amazes me that people have a theme to their work. Not sure why it just does. I usued to do some drawings and paintings but I never had a theme. Guess that's why I dont do it anymore.
I like the 'money shot' and 'art of loneliness..... although I couldn't tell you exactly why. 'cept, on A of L the wall art and the electric plug made me smile...and on m/s..the hair hiding half the face was were the eyes and the not-so-perfect face.
Ha...i crack myself up...I guess I do know why I liked them. ha

whimsical brainpan said...

I love "Art of Loneliness" but "Money Shot" is really good too.

There is an award for you at my place.

B said...

great art! I wish I could do that

Joshua said...

Hummm....I don't see a painting of a 1969 Camaro there.

So the second place pick would be Money Shot.

Bee said...

WoW! Those painting are beautiful!
My favorite is "Bloom"

elasticwaistbandlady said...

The last picture looks like it was inspired by Gloria Estefan.

Anonymous said...

My fave is her Piety piece...It has a groovy retro feel to it.

I also like how she repeats the main subject figure throughout the composition.


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