Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter with the kids

Easter Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day here in Palm Springs; I woke up early to the sound of birds twittering, chatting away to each other about something or other. I had my morning tea and watched the early sun reflect on the mountains. It was a perfect Spring morning. I was grateful that I had already decided to attend the 11:00 am Easter service; the 7 and 9 am options seemed unnecessarily early for my taste. By the time I was heading to church, the sun was beaming and it was quite warm. Despite eventually getting up into the 90's it never felt too hot, although I was careful to keep my chocolate bunnies out of the sun! I am a bit traditional and made sure I had an Easter photo taken with the kids. Here I am (above) with Koshimi, my older boy. I love this photo, he was licking his lips, having just wolfed-down an Organix dog cookie. (Anything to get the pose).above: I was about to bite the ears off of my chocolate Easter rabbit but it was time for Owen's photo. He wasn't very cooperative so I just snatched him up with one hand and made him pose with the chocolate bunny. Despite the expression on his face, Owen LOVES to be picked up and held. I was so happy to get these photos taken and out of the way before the day got away from me. Later in the day, I treated both Shimi and Owen to their own Easter dinners, Halo "Spot's Stew" Lamb, which they both ate hungrily, as if they hadn't been fed in weeks. You can only imagine, that me being in the pet industry I spoil my kids to the very best there is. Believe me, they eat better than some people I know, but they are worth it! Anyway that was our Easter Sunday. Hope you have a good week.
-Rick Rockhill


Desert Songbird said...

I always think 9:00 is early when I wake up for mass on Sundays, but I sing at 9:00, so whaddya gonna do?

I remembered to take photos with my kids, too. Yours look great!

And, yes, it was warm today, but it seemed comfortable. I'm just not ready for 90s yet!!!

Jeni said...

I actually made it up and out to the Sunrise service followed by the Easter breakfast at our church and so did Mandy, Kate (the 16-year-old) and Maya! I haven't been to the Sunrise service in probably 20-25 years! Hurries me to make it there by 9:30 and I much preferred when we always had an 11 a.m. service. Much better to deal with for night owls like me! Maya did so well in church yesterday -relatively quiet, very well-behaved and even went up to the altar for the children's sermon too. It's so nice to see her learning more and more -gaining better behavior almost daily!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

lovely photos rick!!! and thanks, for everything!

smiles, bee

Tod said...

So cute!

and your little dogs too...

hee! hee!

Olivia said...

I'd love to go to a sunrise service one day. Oh what am I talking about? We went to the one at the Woodlands Pavilion some years ago. Mornings are still chilly in Houston this time of year, how refreshing.

Other than that I was a die-hard 11.00 devotee!

lime said...

sounds like you had a really beautiful easter. sorry i am late getting here but glad to hear it was so special. thanks for sharing pictures of the kids too. :) i forgot to take any since my family has taken to the habit of going to the sunrise service. i just dont' function well at that hour.

Mo said...

7am Easter service! Wow... now I really (NOT) feel guilty for sleeping in!
Great pics of you & the kids!

Biddie said...

I haven't been to an early church service in YEARS. Mind you, I don't get to church very often anymore.
Great photos with the kids :)

whimsical brainpan said...

You have beautiful kids!

Dave said...

Well I don't have any pets, but I spent Easter at the 11 o'clock service and then at Leslie Jordan's "My Trip Down the Pink Carpet." Now that was a hoot.



ANd you have beautiful children..they are so cooperative!!

Hope you enjoyed the service.
I too, love Easter, something about this time of year..

It was beautiful in chicago actually, blue skies and only in the 30's but still, the sky was blue.
Life was good!


Diane J Standiford said...

It didn't fit in your basket...but you have received an award. Pick it up off my blog. Congratulations!!!! Your blog always gives me such pleasure. (I know, "That's what they all say.")

Tea N. Crumpet said...

Your kids are so cute! Do they have cold noses?

Jimmi said...

Oh that cat ain't havin' it! ha ha

Cute kids. Happy Easter!

WAT said...

Aw! Tha pets are too cute.

Kerry and Rachel said...

Lovely Easter photos. It is such a pretty time of year. I thought it fell a bit early this year, not sure I liked it, our flowers aren't blooming yet.

Odat said...

I don't see any EAster bonnets!!!
Hope you had a "hoppy" day! ;-)
(ok, ok, enuf cornball)...

tt said...

Easter just wouldn't be Easter w/o a chocolate bunny!! We have to get the hollow my daughter says..." don't f**k with tradition Ma!" so I don't. Love your kids. it's nice of them to allow you to get the pics. :)
Umm, is that a totem pole in the background? I love totem poles! Is there a story there?
Thanks for sharing.


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