Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Saturday Seven: Most Interesting New Pet Products

Please note: This post is NOT a paid advertisement.
As you may have noticed by yesterday's post, I am very excited about a line of pet products that have just been re-launched with the help of Ellen DeGeneres. Before I go any further, please remember that I am writing from my personal opinion, with no affiliation to my employer. And no one has asked me to write this or given me anything either. Halo, Purely for Pets is a reputable company that has made holistic pet products for well over 20 years and has been a quiet but quality player in the pet industry. Back in 1999 I met the founder of Halo, a woman named Andi Brown, who had a passion for helping animals live healthier lives. I helped bring the Halo line into some of our stores and online. It's an interesting company that I've gotten to know quite well over the years. I've been working on the re-launch of the Halo line at PETCO for many months and am excited that it is finally here and I can talk about it. This brings me to another scintillating edition of The Saturday Seven: Most Interesting New Pet Products. Since I know this post will be picked up by people who are not familiar with my blog, I want to say: "Howdy, and welcome to my blog". The Saturday Seven is a weekly feature about 7 things around a common theme or topic. It is usually light-hearted fun stuff but this week I am so energized by what I am doing at work I decided to break my own rule and dedicate a Saturday Seven post to Halo. I am doing this not as an advertisement, or to pitch for my own company but I really think this is an interesting collection of products that will help animals live longer, healthier lives. If you have a pet, check out these items. So there you have it, and if this does seem like a shameless plug, I sincerely apologize. Do I hope people buy some? well yes of course! Now onto The Saturday Seven: Most Interesting New Pet Products
#1 Dream Coat- It's simply pure, natural oils that supply all the essential fatty acids to give your dog or cat a full, shiny coat, smooth skin and a strong immune system.

#2 Spot's Stew Dry Food- It's natural. It's holistic. It's made with butcher-quality chicken and feeds really well. Oh and it doesn't have any by-products or other things picky pet people don't want in their pet food.

#3 Spot's Stew Canned Food- This is human grade food that humans can eat. It's made with fresh human-grade quality ingredients in a USDA kitchen, with USDA-approved chicken, carrots, zucchini, squash, green beans and celery. Honestly, you can eat this. And it's pretty good too! All sorts of flavors like Chicken, Lamb, Beef and Salmon. Have a finicky cat or fussy dog? Trust me they will LOVE this canned food.

#4 Liv-A-Littles- As Ellen says, they should be called Live a Lot, they are so good. It's just freeze dried chicken, lamb, beef or salmon. Both Shimi and Owen love them as a snack.

#5 Cloud Nine Herbal Shampoo- It's hypoallergenic & biodegradable. It has an infusion of botanical oils and extracts, yet gentle and safe for all types of pets.

#6 Dinner Party- This is such a fun item. It's a protein sprinkle that will help a fussy dog or cat eat. It's made from either beef, chicken or salmon, with vegetables and herbs.

#7 Cloud Nine Herbal Ear Wash- Sometimes my dog's ears smell funny. This stuff is a liquid made from natural herbs, to reduce earwax and will clean a dog or cat's ears gently to keep them healthy.

So there you have it, the seven most interesting items for pets that I've seen lately. There are other products from Halo but these are distinctive and a great way to provide holistic care for your dog or cat. I hope this didn't come across like a sales pitch. But after all this is what I do for a living...bring brands to market. I just don't usually get excited enough to put them on my blog. Now, just to keep everyone happy, here is the fine print (literally): This site is about my personal opinions, experiences and stuff I am interested in. From time to time I express a personal opinion about natural, holistic and organic dog and cat food brands. As the author, I am writing this with no affiliation to my employer, although I am a dog food merchandise manager and have an excellent knowledge of pet foods. There are many kinds of natural, holistic, organic and super premium dog and cat foods available. When looking for a natural, holistic or organic pet food it is important to first consider the needs of your pet. What are you feeding now? Are there any issues that your pet is having? How is your pet's skin and coat? healthy? Shiny? Does you pet have any digestion issues? Always consult your vet if you notice any serious problems. In my personal opinion, if you want some of the best natural and holistic pet foods available, try brands such as Halo, Natural Balance, Natural Ultramix , Organix, and Pet Promise.
-Rick Rockhill


Anonymous said...

what a cool list of stuff. what do you suggest for cats that vomit all the time?

zen wizard said...

Do they have any hallal dishes?

I think my dog is Islamic.

(He faces east with a contemplative look on his face a lot...and when there is a full moon, he sounds like one of those guys that sing on the minarets.)

Seamus said...

We'll certainly give it a try when our new Bernese comes!

Lilian said...

I just LOVE your blog... I can say it a million times [I have said it before too ;oD ] I can't visit everyday as I would like, and when I stopby I always find very interesting and/or very funny, and/or just very beautiful photos. In this case, you just brought up a subject: good pet food I have been meaning to research for a while because someone told me that the brand I feed my pets now, is not as good as I thought. I don't want you to get in trouble asking you for an opinion on this subject, but I just wanted you to know that what you just wrote about, is very important to me.

Lilian said...

Just to thank you for the visit Mr. Celebrity ;o)

Mona said...

My sister living in LA has adopted three cats and I will refer your blog to her about these pet products.

I will be looking in the front rows of the visitor's seats in case I get to see you there, when i watch the Ellen DeGeneres show :)

Sheila said...

I've been spending some time with the granddog and that ear wash is something a Springer would definitely need. Is there a product that could make them actually tolerate the cleaning? He hates the ear maintenance.

The designer in me also loves the package designs for the Halo line.

Thanks for your comments on my blog.

Lucy Stern said...

Thanks for the good information on pet foods. What do you have to help combat fleas? We live in the south and every year we have to fight the fleas and our cat and dog seem to suffer with them. I do prefer to go organic and have used essential oils to wash their bedding in. I'm glad I found your blog on Naomis friend list.

WAT said...

#6 Dinner Party!

Thanks for this recommendation! I know this one specific doggy whom I adore and he is sooooo fussy indeed!

Marlupe said...

what an interesting idea. I love Ellen and think it's great she is doing this. Are you in business with her on this?


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