Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Saturday Seven: Retro Toys I Liked as a Kid

The blog has taken on a life of it's own of late...friends and readers have begun suggesting topics for "The Saturday Seven". This week's topic was a suggestion by my friend Mark T. who has taken to reading my ridiculous blog each week. Mark has young sons through whom he is reliving his childhood. Over sushi one day we discussed toys we liked as kids. Some of them are still around, and others have faded in popularity as video games and TV takes over the lives (and imagination) of kids. In an effort to avoid sounding like a crotchety-old-man, I'll just accept the new-fangled video game revolution as "progress". This brings me to yet another scintillating edition of
The Saturday Seven: Retro Toys I Liked as a Kid
#1 Evil Kenievel Stunt Action Set

#2 "It's Slinky, it's slinky..."

#3 Stretch Armstrong

#4 Rock'em Sock'em Robots

#5 The Six Million Dollar Man Action Figure

#6 METAL Tonka Trucks (not those wimpy plastics ones today)

#7 Lincoln Logs

Bonus item: Merry Go Round Boats

So what were YOUR favorite toys as a kid? Go ahead, leave a comment, its FREE!
-Rick Rockhill



baby beans, barbies, cabbage patch kids, rainbow bright, strawberry shortcake, smurfs, lincoln logs, lego's,
this post just brought me back to my childhood days.
thanks!! :)

Canadian flake said...

I still remember hours and hours spent playing with our Barbies. We had a Barbie corvette and Barbie pool. Barbie was such a cool chick and she didn't need Ken to make her happy...she could have pool parties whenever she wanted and she didn't have to work for a We had a pretty cool house for her We also had a doll that you could feed to make her cry real tears and pee. Somehow it wasn't as much fun when I had kids...lmao.

marlupe said...

Cabbage Patch kids for sure. Oh and silly putty too.

lime said...

i loved barbies and legos and the game of life. fun stuff, great topic there.

Lewis said...

I remember the day that Evil K. jumped the Snake River Canyon near our house.....he was all the rage! And i would stretch that little guy out until he was all skinny.....(the Armstrong dude, that is). But i did have a set of Lincoln Logs that I wore out. I played with them all of the time.

TWISI said...

Big Jim with the Winnebago!

Also, my Lite Brite

Stephen Rader said...

I loved the Steve Austin doll when I was a kid!!!! The skin on his right are that rolled up to reveal his bionics!!! And how you could look through the hole in the back of his head and "see" through his bionic eye!!! Brilliant!!!

Sheila said...

Loved the Lincoln Logs and Slinky like you and the Barbies like some fellow posters, but my favorite "toy" was an old Royal typewriter.

Morgen said...

Most of your top 7 were some of my favorites, too!
But, I never had #1
so I'll substitute the USS Enterprise playset (with my Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock action figures -- let's just say that "beam me up" took on a whole new meaning...)

And I never had a Merry Go Round Boat, so I'll substitute Ants In The Pants. I loved that game!


snowelf said...

Oh lemme think...I usually was out building forts and riding bikes with my seven boy neighbors of various ages, but indoors I played with:

Strawberry Shortcakes
My Little Pony
Cabbage Patch Kids


karma lennon said...

Hmmm.....I loved my Star Wars action figures, Legos, Matchbox cars, and My Little Pony. And Rainbow Brite too.

bunnygirl said...

I remember the ads for a lot of those! I enjoyed my Slinky and Silly Putty, and of course my Barbie.

For the most part, though, I was a books and jigsaw puzzles girl. And crayons and colored pencils! And skates. And "Chinese" jump rope. Sometimes I wonder if I imagined that game, since it seems I'm the only person who knows what it was! :-)

Anonymous said...

losing my shoes in the mud - GI Joes - FLASH GORDON - (Plays- I played MING? - I don't even remember who he was anymore) - LEGOS - but the BEST was was the new refridgerator box - HUGE - that we rolled down the hills by my house - and pretended it was a spaceship.

Burfica said...

I had a stretch armstrong. I also had Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys. Remember them. I had the original Creepy Crawlers maker. I played with barbies too.

I had these one's though, they weren't barbie, but I also collected like the Bryer Horses. But this one was a big plastic horse you could buy, and you could buy Indians (not slurpie indians, but casino indians) that went with the horse. I always had them go kidnap the barbies. hehehehe

I can't remember what they were called, would like to find the name of them again so I can tell people.

Guilty Secret said...

Great post! I loved play-people :)

Canadian flake said...

I sorta borrowed your saturday seven idea yesterday...hope ya don't mind. I linked you so if someone comes and says I sent them...I did..lmao.


a few more:
Holly Hobby
Raggedy Ann and Andy

sigh...I wanna be a kid again instead of being this stuck at home stay at home mom with three boys all under the age of 6.

Steven said...

Just think if Tonka made those toys today. They'd have so many lawsuits on their hands. We were taught to just grin and bear any injuries/cuts from sharp corners and the like back then. My lincoln log sets grew for years.


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