Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wisdom Wednesdays: Featuring Dr. Sidney Wang

Dear Readers,
Thank you for your patience while I was away on my retreat last week. I attended a Buddhist fish retreat, where I enjoyed soothing aloe treatments to my scales, and nibbled on fresh seaweed, while swimming in a special tank of cucumber infused water. Truly magnificent. I highly recommend it. But now it is time for me to answer another faithful reader. This week's letter comes from Sandy, in Braintree, Massachusetts. Sandy writes:
Dear Dr Wang,

I think I have finally reached my limit with "Doris", my mother-in-law. Doris has been meddling in my family affairs for the past 15 years and I have held my tongue all this time. Last week I discovered that Doris has been telling my own kids that their father loves them more than I ever will. These are my own children she is speaking to. I confronted my husband and he laughs it off and suggests I should tell off Doris. I'm at the point where I am ready to do exactly that, but I must say I am not sure how she will respond. What do you see in my future?

Meddled to death,

Dr Wang responds: Dear Sandy,

Let me start by saying that I am not a marriage counselor, and I think you should consider seeing one right away. Your husband needs to be more sensitive to your concerns. But in response to your specific question, I have consulted The Great Bubble Wall and indeed have clarity of what is in store for you with this situation. Your mother-in-law Doris is not to be trusted. She is a lecherous sea creature from "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" and will strike at any moment. You must confront Doris about what you learned she has been telling your children, and express your feelings bluntly. The truth will hit her heart like a harpoon, but it will set you free from her grip. After this confrontation, her tentacles will loosen their grip on your family. The best time for this confrontation with Doris is before the next full moon, otherwise the tides will cause more consternation than you bargained for. Best of luck!

Keep swimming upstream,

-Dr Wang

"Wisdom Wednesdays" features the sage advice of our resident oracle, Dr Sidney Wang. Believed to be a reincarnated descendant of King Rama II of Siam, Dr Wang responds to e-mail submissions with advice, predictions of the future and conveys ancient proverbs to provide guidance and support. Dr Sidney Wang's 24 Hour Wisdom, Advice and Inspiration service is also available from the left side navigation for this feature.


Canadian flake said...

awwwwwwww DR Wang I soooooo missed your "fishy" advice. You are so wise oh great one. Mother in laws can be SUCH a pain in the Welcome home dear Dr Wang.

Paradox Phillic said...

Yeah ....I waited for this wednesday hoping that Dr. Wang would pick me. Guess it was not to be :(

So if not Dr. Wang ,who else is going to help me?

Palm Springs Savant said...

Paradox- I asked Dr Wang about your letter, but he doesn't have anything from you. If you want to resubmit send your question to:

marlupe said...

what I wouldn't do for some of Dr Wang's advice on how to handle my monster-in-law...

Jimmi said...

This Dr. Wang is twisted but funny ;)


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