Monday, August 20, 2007

Exploring Palm Springs: A Walk Downtown

I thought I'd just wander around downtown and capture some of the sights to give you a flavor of what you'd see if you walked around. Basically, this is some if the stuff you'd see if you were visiting. My camera isn't the best but you'll get the idea.

Above: The Mercado Plaza, a nice area downtown with lots of restaurants. & Above right: The McCallum Adobe area fountains..
Above: The Plaza Theatre sort of has has an art deco look to it, and is home to the Fabulous Palm Springs Follies
Interesting buildings: Check out the detailed carvings in the above left building. Above right: I love this retro mid-century architecture with the giant swoops.

Above: Cornelia White (early settler) & Above right: Sonny Bono (former Mayor and Congressman, and also of course of Sonny & Cher fame)
Above left: Everybody's favorite, Lucielle Ball & above right: "Mary", of Hamburger Mary's
Today I'm going to the top of the San Jacinto Mountain, which is 10,000 feet high. I'll report on that tomorrow!
-Rick Rockhill


Burfica said...

wow Mary has had a boob job. hehehehe

Steven said...

The best types of photos I enjoy. Being in urban design it's great to get ideas from other communities and seeing what "works" and "fits." Thanks for sharing!

marlupe said...

"I Love Lucy" is still one of my favorite TV shows. Lucy was sp funny, I didn't know she lived in Palm Springs, its cool that they have a statue of her there.

Anonymous said...

Hello Rick,

My name is Omi Vaidya and I'm the director of "The Desert Rose",
a local film that is screening at the Palm Springs International Festival of Shorts next week.

As the films deals with issues surrounding the Coachella Valley,
I thought it be great if I could get the word out about the film and the festival as a whole.

"The Desert Rose"
USA, 2007, 24 Minute Running Time
Language: English and Spanish w/ English Sub-Titles

Academy Award Nominee, Terry Moore, stars as a well-to-do ‘lady who lunches’ that transcends the class and ethnic divide separating the Hispanic and white communities in the Desert, through a series of unanticipated encounters with her Mexican American gardener in this stunning local film shot in Palm Desert and Indio.

Saturday, August 25 - 12:00 pm - Camelot Theatres
as part of the Love & Marriage program

Tuesday, August 28 - 1:30 pm - Camelot Theatres
as part of the Local Color program

For more info go to:

Please contact me if you need any more info.
I will be in Palm Springs from Aug 23rd to Aug 29th.


Omi Vaidya
310 699 0565 (Pic Attached)

Jimmi said...

I've never been to P.S. but it does look charming. I need to get out there sometime since it's so close to Phoenix.

I am shocked that you still have a Hamburger Mary's, I thought all of those closed. The one in Phoenix did and it was probably a good thing, because the food was horrid! ha ha

lime said...

oh, tell us more about cornelia. she looks like a formidable lady. i'd love to knwo more.

EBEZP said...

I love these looks you let us all have of your 'town'
Nice one Rick!

bunnygirl said...

Hearing Sonny and Cher on the radio as a tyke, I would've never imagined Sonny to get his own statue!

Wizened Wizard said...

Quite a quartet of statues! I once spent a couple of days in Desert Springs but never made it "next door" to your fair city.

Looking forward to the view from San Jacinto ~

Canadian flake said...

OK I have never heard of Hamburger mary..leave it to burfica to notice her boobs...lmao...Loved these pics. Gonna have to put palm springs on my list of places to visit when I win the lottery..


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