Thursday, August 16, 2007

Anaheim California Trade Show

Yesterday was another busy day at our trade show in Anaheim, California. I was on the go all day, doing the meet and greet with vendors, and trying to manage regular work "stuff" that needs to keep moving along, despite the fact that I'm out of the office all week.
While walking our trade show, I ran into the usual cast of characters, including a few interesting sights such as this one woman wearing her trademark "gold lame sparkle pants", and bejeweled vest. Oh yeah, and also a giant buffalo greeting people and posing for photos. Yep, the pet industry sure is interesting at times.
Sit down dinner for 2,000
Last night we hosted dinner for nearly 2,000 company associates and vendors. This is what 200 tables in a huge room look like. The stage screens in the distance were for the awards ceremony and evening entertainment, which was "dualing pianos"
It was a first class event; each table had these beautiful floral centerpieces with birds of paradise and other tropical flowers.
Hollywood Celebrities too!

Above left: Friends Dick and Jimmy Van Patten, who posed for a photo after dinner. Above right, Dick Van Patten was a natural up on stage. The crowd cheered enthusiastically for Dick, he is a popular figure across our company. Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance dog and cat food is a popular brand of natural food that we sell.
Even though most people still associate Dick with the 80's TV comedy "Eight in Enough", he has a long career on stage and in film, but even more recently, Dick continues to appear in a variety of TV shows, and on stage as well. I was chatting with Dick and he let me know he just finished filming six new episodes of a TV show. He loves to act, and it obviously agrees with him. Jimmy Van Patten is a talented actor in his own right, and has a variety of other projects in the works that keep him busy. Jimmy is a very funny guy, and is a lot of fun to hang around with too.
-Rick Rockhill


Burfica said...

That blue guy with the horns....I think I dated him once.

Or twice.

Ben Wu said...

Any awkward and possibly offensive DVP jokes this year?

TWISI said...

All trade shows have interesting characters, it seems like there is a gold lame pants lady in each group.

Canadian flake said...

awww you live such an amazing life. Have I mentioned I am jealous??? LOL. I loveedddd Eight is Enough. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

EBEZP said...

I've said it before rick, your lifestyle is (almost) out of this world!!

Palm Springs Savant said...

BenWu- Actually in a private side conversation, Dick told me his "offensive jokes"-he still has it!


looks like fun!


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