Friday, August 3, 2007

Dr Wang Presents: A Trip to the Pet Store

Dr Sidney Wang, (pictured left) is pleased as punch to present this pictoral program of his pelagic pals, presently presiding at a proximate pet place.

Following fish for fun is fairly felicitous and fulfilling too. So take the time to pay tribute to this tableau of tidal treasures.

Dr Wang wanted these photos to have a continuous uninterrupted flow, void of my usual identifiers. So sit back, relax and explore the fabulous world of fish. Oh, and Happy Friday folks!

Thanks for visiting today, I appreciate it, and I hope you enjoyed these "phish photos".
Do you have any fish at home? What size tank? What kind of fish? Do you name them? Go ahead, leave a comment or question, it's FREE FRIDAY!
-Rick Rockhill


marlupe said...

I like the blue fish with the yellow tail. the colors are beautiful. I enjoy snorkelling and seeing all the beautiful tropical fish. great pictures rick.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

beautiful rick! no, i don't have any pets at all, unless you count sarge, sometimes he's as much trouble as one, ha ha...

smiles, bee

bunnygirl said...

They're lovely! We used to have a betta, but it died. :-(

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Your alliteration is making me dizzy!

I have three tanks. One with a single attitude-ridden damsel named Harvey. A 55 gallon reef setup with my yellow tang, another damsel, and royal gramma, shrimp, several grumpy hermits and a couple of ditzy guppies in a desktop setup.

Is that a trigger you have? How big is your tank that you are keeping so many damsels with the others? (I love the background by the way)

captain corky said...

Cool pics. I've had Oscars before, but I wont get any fish until I'm living in my dream house. Have a good weekend Rick.

Annette said...

These photos are beautiful.
So clear you can see all the beautiful colours.

Skittles said...

We have an aquarium with some fishies. We forgot to see what They were when we bought them. Oops!

Canadian flake said...

Beautiful pics....I thought about getting some fish but I think my cat would like them more than I would..lmao.


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