Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Visit with The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with Cesar Millan, also known as "The Dog Whisperer". For those of you who have been living in an underground bunker, (or perhaps a foreign country), Cesar is known for his very popular TV program on the National Geographic Channel. Sometimes controversial, but always effective, Cesar has written books, conducts seminars, webinars and trains celebrities & their dogs. Cesar's "power of the pack" methodology rehabilitates dogs and re-trains people. He believes that there no vicious dogs- only people who make them that way. I had a meeting with Cesar yesterday at my company and spent some time with him one on one. We chatted over lunch- he has tremendous charisma and passion. Overall I found him to be a very genuine, personable guy. But what struck me was the calming effect he seemed to have on people-including me. I was not star struck, because I really don't watch his TV show. But he does seem to have a way about him. His eyes are piercing, in a way that makes you feel he is looking directly into your soul, figuring out who you are inside. I think I might buy one of his books and learn what I'm doing wrong with my dog. Oh, and I must say, his signature "TSST" is very effective in person- it stopped me in my tracks!

A Night at the Ball Park

Later that night, I went to see the San Diego Padres take on the Arizona Diamondbacks, in what turned out to be another bad night for our Padres. I am really far too busy at work to be going to a baseball game, but I was invited for a work function and needed to make an appearance. For those of you who may be newer readers, I pitched at the park last season (see my photo lower left on this page, near the "hit counter"). I'm so modest about that too.

Above: The view of the field from our company suite at the park

Above left: I like the way the park looks at night. It's always cool to see my company's name on the park! Above right: Although it's hard to tell, this wall is actually a water fall, with a light projection of the Padre's logo on the wall itself, as water flows over it.

Above: The inside of our company suite at the ball park. There are two large plasma TVs so you can watch the game while inside from the sofas...or while snacking in the kitchen!
Most of us usually watch the game live and not from inside the suite, but if you happen to duck inside for some food, it's nice not to miss any of the game.
-Rick Rockhill


Canadian flake said...

Ok will I be forgiven for having NO idea who the dog whisperer is if I remind y'all I am Canadian?? I have never heard of him.

Love the pics from the ballgame. I have always wanted to go to a MLB game..and the blue jays are only about a 5 hr drive from me...of course they SUCK!!! Thanks for sharing the pics..the company suite looks amazing.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

rick, honey, i have a question. doesn't watching the game inside at the game sort of defeat the purpose of actually going to the game? or is that just me? ha ha...

smiles, bee

leslie said...

May I be the first to claim "envious" status for your having had lunch with Cesar Milan?
For not having watched his show, or seen him in action with dogs, you described his abilities so very well. He is remarkable.
I am still amazed that once people have seen him work with dogs, that they ever doubt or find fault with him.
You lucky dog!

Mags said...

The suite is very lovely, but why would you watch the game on TV and not from the stands? To me, that's the best part...though I don't have a suite so I suppose I can't really say for sure!


Palm Springs Savant said...

Oh I totally agree with you Mags and Bee- I never watch the game from INSIDE the suite, but those plasmas sure are pretty sweet~

marlupe said...

YOU ARE SO LUCKY TO HAVE MET THE DOG WHISPERER!!!!! I watch him all the time and think he is great.

Annette said...

Oh yes, I love Cesar, the dog whisperer. He was on t.v. last night.
What I love is the way he justs walks into a room and the dog knows he is the boss!
He has a very calming, relaxed attitude and the dogs pick that up.
I would love to meet him.

Skittles said...

You were with the Dog Whisperer??? Dang.. you need to ask him to do some stuff in other states, like Michigan. Maybe he can get my dog to stop barking at every little thing.

Arcturus said...

Hi there, Mr. Savant,

How is it that you had the opportunity to have lunch with the Dog Whisperer guy??


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