Sunday, August 19, 2007

Exploring Palm Springs: Movie Star Homes

Today is the second installment of my "Exploring Palm Springs" series (see last Saturday for part one). I am taking a few days off of work, so I'll have time to post a week long series on "Exploring Palm Springs".

There are a number of movie stars and celebrities who have (or had) a home here. In some cases it was the hideaway, for others, the primary home. Without a doubt its heyday was in the 50's and 60's, partly driven by the constraints of the old Hollywood studio system, which required them to be able to report to work at a moment's notice. In recent years, young celebrities have flocked to the desert, renting homes, or in some cases buying a second home as a refuge. In this installment, I went around Palm Springs taking photos of a few celebrity homes. I generally won't post photos of anyone's home I know personally, otherwise I'd never get invited back!

Above left: Bob Hope's House, above right: Elvis Presley House

Movie stars come to Palm Springs for privacy, and to escape, which is why there is such tall and thick shrubbery lining their estates.

Above left: Former home of Lily Tomlin & above right: this is the "desert hideaway" that was used by Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and George Clooney before they filmed the last Ocean's Thirteen movie.
Above: Many celebrities homes are tucked away, behind gates that lead up to a hillside estate, so it's difficult to see much. Above right: One of the early homes of Frank Sinatra. Look closely to see that the pool is shaped like a piano, and the overhead was designed to produce a shadow during the day to look like keys on a piano, alongside the pool.
Above: Liberace's home. Look closely in the first photo to see a giant candelabra in front, which is a light.

Above: Recently renovated, known as the Joan Crawford Estate
Stay tuned all week, more to come...
-Rick Rockhill


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

nice shots! i love the sinatra pool!

palm beach is the same way, the hedges are so high you can't see much from the road.

smiles, bee

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Wow! I love the landscaping in the fourth through sixth photos. And Sinatra's pool! Woo hoo!

Lewis said...

But wait! Where is the estate and fineries of the one, the only, Rick Rockhill? Of course, that should be included.
Pensive, Waiting, Pins and Needles

Desert Songbird said...

Echoing Bee's comments - it was always difficult to see the various estates in Palm Beach. One could easily see the servants' entrances, but the home fronts? Nah.

karma lennon said...

Very cool. Love your photos!

Sling said...

Wow...I've spent a lot of time in Palm, Springs,and never got to see many of those homes.
I especially like te Sinatra swimming pool shot!

Serena Joy said...

Lovely photos! It's nice to see how the rich and famous live.


I love the sinatra pool-so zen!
enjoy your next few days off and take some time for you mr PSS!!

TWISI said...

It is nice living in an area where "the other half lives" that is one of the things I like most about living in Palm Beach.

Jimmi said...

I think this is great! Elvis's house looks similar to Kathy Griffin's in LA, except on the ground! ha ha

EBEZP said...

Surprising lack of terraced brick houses there Rick?

Canadian flake said...

wowzers totally cool pics. My fav is the Sinatra piano pool. Very nice. Thanks for sharing. Loved the always.

Katie said...

Have you seen Sonny Bono's estate? I know the Palm Springs realtor from Patrick Stewart Properties that has it listed, too bad it isn't in my price range :(

Shannon Porter said...

The Elvis house that you show, is actually his honeymoon hideaway he rented with Priscilla Presley. However he did purchase a home much later after their divorce not far from this home.
Palm Springs Resident


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