Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Halloween Is Just Around the Corner

Many of you know that I work in the retail pet supply industry, and love animals. I'm always a little leery of people who don't like animals. I'm not saying everyone has to LOVE animals, but when someone says they dislike animals I have a hard time warming up to them. I happen to have two dogs, a cat and of course a world-famous betta fish. My pets are a big part of my life, in many ways they are our "kids". In my position I meet a lot of pet parents who are crazy about their four legged-friends too. One of the more interesting examples of people having fun with their pets is around Halloween. There are retailers like us who sell fantastic costumes for dogs and cats. Now before I come across like a complete shill for my company, I wish to reinforce that this is not a paid post, it is just me writing my little old blog, about my personal opinions, with no affiliation to my employer. That being said, we sure have some stinkin' cute Halloween costumes this year! I was thinking of sending a costume to my mom for her Shitzu, "Abbie", but I can't make up my mind which one. I think Sheldon may be the caveman or construction worker, but I have not decided yet. Last year I waited too long to buy a costume for Koshimi and we were sold out of the good ones. For the sake of making this a little more fun, I borrowed a few images from our website, just to show you how much fun it is to dress up your dog at Halloween.
above: The Pirate...where is Johnny Depp- I mean, Captain Jack Sparrow?

above left: Fire-Dog & above right: Police-Dog. I love a dog in a uniform!

above left: Bumble-bee & above right: "Witch-on-a-broomstick" (I love witches)
Which one is your favorite? or are there others you like better?

-Rick Rockhill


Tea N. Crumpet said...

You need to dress your pets as The Village People! S-P-C-A! Everybody's at the SPCA! You can catch or you heel, you can do whatever you feeeel!

Too much excitement this late at night!

Tea N. Crumpet said...

I like the BumbleBee! My dog would bite my leg if I put him in one of these. He's a ranch dog.

Oh-- I got a new cat! My old cat is in happy retirement here. A few weeks ago a mouse ran over my foot in the kitchen and I jumped and the cat sat there eating and looking at me, "I've got my food. Why are you looking at me?"

I went to the pound and someone had just brought in a live trap full of voles! They had them allover their yard. (The pound didn't take them.)

We have a kitten we call Tache-- it's short for mustache of which she only has half of one. Nothing real or imagined gets past her. We may dress her up as the Grimm Reaper to scare the mousies.


I'm all for the bumblebee--*But that's because we call my mom MOMBEE and GrandmaB (no reference to it being about the queen, more so on my maiden name_ anyhoo--I love pup costumes--I remember dressing up my cat Bailey in a clown costume-boy do I miss her and Athena my lab mix was a Clown and Zeus my cockerspaniel was a mouse

Halloween with pets is so much fun..

Side note: I always think of your kiddies when I'm at our town's french market--they have the greatest dog stand display of organic snacks and desserts and well, if I lived by you, I'd buy you some and drop them off. :)

Have a great Tuesday!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well of course i am partial to the bee!

smiles, bee

kenju said...

I heartily agree with you about people who say they don't like animals. I can never trust them, for some reason.

We will have to disagree on costumes for animals. I don't like to see them dressed.

Rhea said...

These are great! I like the firefighter. I have to get one for my boy. In my Boston neighborhood we have a costume parade for dogs. I have a sweet Lhasa apso.

Anonymous said...

www.ihasahotdog.com has a picture of a pug in a cardboard box costume that has "iPug" written on the side that is just too cute.

captain corky said...

I agree with you. I never trust anyone who dislikes kids, pets or Star Trek.

whimsical brainpan said...

I agree with you about people who don't like animals. I feel the same way about people who say they don't like music too.

Please don't take this the wrong way but I think it is weird to dress up animals. I mean they have no say. What if they hate what they are wearing?

I think if I were a dog or a cat I'd hate it if my owner put a costume on me.

Desert Songbird said...

I'll take Johnny Depp. Oh wait...you were talking about costumes, weren't you?


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